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Throughout 72 Hour Mode, Otis will call you on your transceiver to notify Frank of Scoops - potentially newsworthy items which usually result in the rescue of one or more Survivors, or the defeat of a Psychopath.

If you're in the area of the mall where the Scoop takes place, you won't get the call until you leave it; take too long and you'll lose the chance of the scoop.

Cut From The Same Cloth[edit]

DeadRising Artiste.jpg
  • Call: September 19, 2:00pm
  • Psychopath: None
  • Survivor(s): None
  • Location: Columbian Roastmasters, Paradise Plaza

Another photographer has made his way to Willamette, and reckons his skill with a camera far outstrips Frank's experience.

Take photos of Kent when he's taking a picture, scoring over 600PP, and another of him striking his signature pose (shaking his fist) with over 700PP to succeed, and unlock the Photo Challenge scoop later.

Barricade Pair[edit]

DeadRising ItemSmasher.jpg
Dead rising aaron.png
  • Call: September 19, 4:00pm
  • Psychopath: None
  • Survivor(s): Aaron Swoop and Burt Thompson
  • Location: Webers Garments, Al Fresca Plaza

You will need to hit Burt a few times to get him and Aaron to join you. Aaron will join automatically after Burt. Once you get both boys to join, block the door back up and wait until 5:00 PM. At that time, unblock the door go over to the jewelry store where you will find Leah. You will have to carry Leah on your back, so give Aaron and Burt a weapon to help clear you a path.

A Mother's Lament[edit]

Dead rising leah.png
  • Call: September 19, 5:00pm
  • Psychopath: None
  • Survivor(s): Leah Stein
  • Location: Riverfield Jewellers, Al Fresca Plaza

Leah is in a jeweller's shop in Al Fresca Plaza, wailing about her lost baby. You'll have to talk to her a few times to get her to join you.

Leah is injured and cannot walk. You will have to carry her. While you cannot do anything but run while you're carrying a Survivor, it is easier as you don't have to deal with the AI and the Survivor won't get attacked unless you do.

Out Of Control[edit]

Dead rising greg.png

The Wonderland Plaza Space Ride is running out of control, so Otis sends you over to check it out. When you examine the ride's control panel, a cut scene will play introducing Adam MacIntyre. Kill Adam, then stop the ride and lead Greg to safety.

Japanese Tourists[edit]

Dead rising yuu.png
Dead rising shinji.png
  • Call: September 19, 10:00pm
  • Psychopath: None
  • Survivor(s): Yuu Tanaka and Shinji Kitano
  • Location: Sir Books-a-Lot, Wonderland Plaza

You'll need to pick up the Japanese Conversation book from the bookstore before you can talk to these survivors to get them to join you.

Shadow Of The North Plaza[edit]

Dead rising david.png
  • Call: September 19, 11:00pm
  • Psychopath: None
  • Survivor(s): David Bailey
  • Location: Empty store, North Plaza


DeadRising CensusTaker.jpg
Dead rising tonya.png
  • Call: September 20, 7:00am
  • Psychopath: None
  • Survivor(s): Tonya Waters and Ross Folk
  • Location: Run Like The Wind, Wonderland Plaza

Whatever you do, DO NOT give Ross a gun if you want to take either of the pair back. However, handing over a gun will give you the opportunity to get a high-scoring Horror photograph for the Photo Challenge scoop.

The Hatchet Man[edit]

DeadRising RainingZombies.jpg
Dead rising josh.png
Dead rising barbara.png

The Coward[edit]

Dead rising gordon.png
  • Call: September 20, 9:00am
  • Psychopath: None
  • Survivor(s): Gordon Stalworth
  • Location: McHandy's Hardware, Al Fresca Plaza

Restaurant Man[edit]

DeadRising Gourmet.jpg
  • Call: September 20, 11:00am
  • Psychopath: None
  • Survivor(s): Ronald Shiner
  • Location: Jill's Sandwiches, Paradise Plaza

Give Ronald some food to get him to join you.

During and after this scoop, Jill's Sandwiches will no longer have food items there.

Photo Challenge[edit]

DeadRising Artiste.jpg
  • Call: N/A
  • Psychopath: None
  • Survivor(s): None
  • Location: Columbian Roastmasters, Paradise Plaza

If you completed Cut From The Same Cloth, this should have automatically been added to your tasks list. Go to the Columbian Roastmasters in Paradise Plaza to find Kent again, and present him with an Erotic photo scoring over 700PP.

An easy way to get these points is to complete case 2-2. Brad will get shot and require first aid, with Jessie sitting at his bedside. If Frank puts his back against the Security Room door, he will be able to get a photo of her cleavage and a little up her skirt, netting you a photo of up to 1,000PP.

Above The Law[edit]

Dead rising kay.png
Dead rising lilly.png
Dead rising kelly.png
Dead rising janet.png

Fight Jo to get the Handcuff Key. If you don't, you will not be able to free them. If are late and the bar is yellow, Jo will have killed off one of her survivors. When it is red, she will kill off another. When it is about to go out, she will kill one more. If you are lucky you can still save Kay, who happens to be the only one that will wield a weapon. At least three of these girls are necessary for the Saint Achievement, all are necessary if you have lost two other survivors.

Mark Of The Sniper[edit]

Dead rising wayne.png

The Woman Who Didn't Make It[edit]

Dead rising jolie.png
Dead rising rachel.png
  • Call: September 20, 5:00pm
  • Psychopath: None
  • Survivor(s): Jolie Wu and Rachel Decker
  • Location: Gramma's Kids, Entrance Plaza

Antique Lover[edit]

Dead rising floyd.png
  • Call: September 20, 5:00pm
  • Psychopath: None
  • Survivor(s): Floyd Sanders
  • Location: Ned's Knick-Knackery, Entrance Plaza

Ronald's Appetite[edit]

DeadRising Gourmet.jpg
  • Call: September 20, 6:00pm
  • Psychopath: None
  • Survivor(s): None
  • Location: Security Room

Ronald is annoyed about how little food there is in the Security Room, after Frank promised him they had plenty. Bring him any food item to avert a mutiny; fail to do this Scoop once you get it, and you'll lose some Survivors: Bill, Burt, Aaron, Sophie, Heather, and Pamela.

A Strange Group[edit]

DeadRising Portraiture.jpg
Dead rising nathan.png
Dead rising ray.png
Dead rising michelle.png
Dead rising beth.png

Floyd The Sommelier[edit]

Dead rising floyd.png
  • Call: September 21, 2:00am
  • Psychopath: None
  • Survivor(s): None
  • Location: Security Room

Floyd asks for a bottle of wine in order to calm the nerves of the other survivors. Activating this scoop requires having at least three survivors from the following list saved: Tonya, Ross, Sally, Nick, Jolie, Rachel.

Long Haired Punk[edit]

DeadRising PPCollector.jpg
Dead rising mindy.png
Dead rising debbie.png

A Sick Man[edit]

DeadRising ZombieRoad.jpg
  • Call: September 21, 11:00am
  • Psychopath: None
  • Survivor(s): Leroy McKenna
  • Location: Fine Lady Cosmetics, Wonderland Plaza

Photographer's Pride[edit]

DeadRising Artiste.jpg
DeadRising StuntRider.jpg

This will have been added to your mission list automatically if you completed Photo Challenge earlier.

Determined to prove once and for all that his skills and commitment are greater than Frank's, he's planning to infect poor Tad with a zombie queen to record the transformation process.

Make it to the Columbian Roastmasters in Paradise Plaza at 12:00, or else Tad will be killed.

If you get there late not only will Tad be killed, but Kent will tie Frank up, put a collar around his neck with a chain attached from high above. Kent will remove Franks weapons and clothing which Frank loses. Frank will basically be turned into Kent's photo slave. Frank then has to fight Kent barehanded.

Frank will only have access to the items around the fountain area outside of Jill's Sandwiches. Frank cannot move any further because of the chain.

There are two snacks hidden among the flowers.

There are zombies also to contend with, which Kent will take pictures of Frank if a zombie attacks you.

Use Frank's double lariat and the potted plants along the sides of the fountain to defeat Kent.

Wait until after Kent's jumping kick then hit him with a potted plant.

Kindell's Betrayal[edit]

DeadRising SharpDresser.jpg
  • Call: September 21, 12:00pm
  • Psychopath: None
  • Survivor(s): None
  • Location: Security Room

Kindell's not convinced that Frank will be able to lead the Survivors out of the Mall, and is organizing a group of survivors to attempt a separate escape. Speak with and convince him to wait at least until Frank's helicopter is supposed to show up, and you'll avert a mutiny.

If you don't talk to Kindell, Kindell will leave with several survivors: Jeff, Natalie, Leah, Josh, Barbara, Rich, Gordon, Jennifer, and Wayne.

A Woman In Despair[edit]

DeadRising TourGuide.jpg
  • Call: September 21st, 5:00pm
  • Psychopath: None
  • Survivor(s): Simone Ravendark
  • Location: Players, Paradise Plaza

You must have completed Case 6-1: Santa Cabeza, learning that Isabela is a medical technician, in order for Simone to join you. It's essential to bring her back for the Transmissionary achievement; the Simone The Gunslinger scoop will come through from Otis later in the game.

Paul's Present[edit]

DeadRising PPCollector.jpg
  • Call: September 21st, 5:00pm
  • Psychopath: None
  • Survivor(s): None
  • Location: Security Room

After being saved, Paul thanks Frank for putting him on the right track again and offers him an unlimited supply of molotov cocktails.

Simone The Gunslinger[edit]

DeadRising TourGuide.jpg
  • Call: September 21, 7:00pm
  • Psychopath: None
  • Survivor(s): None
  • Location: Security Room

She asks Frank for a handgun.

Cheryl's Request[edit]

DeadRising Portraiture.jpg
  • Call: September 21, 8:00pm
  • Psychopath: None
  • Survivor(s): None
  • Location: Security Room

She wants you to take pics of her as she models for you.