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Frank The Pimp
20 Gamerscore points
Frank The Pimp
In 72 Hour Mode, escort eight female survivors at the same time.

In order to acquire the Frank The Pimp achievement you must escort 8 female survivors at the same time to the security room. This will also count for the Tour Guide achievement.

Start the game as normal (helps if you have the Mega Man blaster). Complete all cases presented and answer all calls from Otis for scoops. After completing case 1-4, you should have a few hours to kill. Make sure you complete Out of Control, killing Adam the clown and letting Greg show you the shortcut between Paradise and Wonderland Plaza, this is essential. Also helps if can find a couple of queens for use later, I'll explain why later. Last point, whenever you enter the shortcut between Paradise and Wonderland Plaza, always make sure ALL ladies are visible in the room with you before you go. If you use the shortcut with a few outside, they will not be there when you go back for them, instead they'll wander off into the mall.

Use this time to go round killing all survivors, including the three locked in the empty store next to Crislips where you meet the Vietnam veteran (he leaves a store key, go in and kill the survivors). You have to kill all survivors as you can only have 8 active survivors in the mall, and we need all spaces free. Make sure you are outside the Paradise Plaza entrance at 11am on day 2, take the call from Otis called Restaurant Man. As soon as you do, go into Paradise Plaza into Jills Sandwiches to the left and kill Ronald. Now we start to get the ladies!!

Head out and right towards the Security room hallway and you'll pass a toyshop with Pamela and Heather nearby. Throw down a queen and clear the zombies from Pamela, get her to join and go inside to get Heather as well. Two down, six to go. Take both ladies out of the main door of the shop and set a waypoint opposite, near to the toilets. Clear a path and take the two ladies to the bathroom with the Wonderland shortcut and wait until 12pm (midday, shouldn't be far away).

At 12pm Otis will call you with the Above The Law scoop, however, wait until 1pm before taking the shortcut. Set a waypoint in the bathroom and let Pamela and Heather stay in the bathroom. We're going to take a trip to the stuffed bunny at the far end of Wonderland Plaza. there are two people hanging up here. Shoot the man down, we can't save him, but throw that second queen I told you to get below the zombies underneath the woman. Throw a hunk of meat off the floor at her to get her down and she'll join. That's three. Now take her back to the bathroom and have all three follow you to Above the Law.

Defeat Jo the cop with your Mega Man blaster and untie the four girls. We now have 7 out of 8. Arm up the girls that will take weapons if you can spare anything and head back to the shortcut in the ladies restroom.

Back in Paradise Plaza, you will now meet the Raincoat cult. Skip the cutscene but before killing them, quickly run back to the restroom because the custcene will leave the girls in the restroom but you in the middle of Paradise Plaza. Get to the restroom quickly and have all 7 girls placed safely back in the restroom using a waypoint. Then go and finish off the cult and free Jennifer from the box. As soon as she joins, that's all 8, and 40 achievement points for Frank the Pimp and Tourguide (if you didn't get it from the main game playthrough). Well done.