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Overtime Mode is significantly more difficult than 72 Hour Mode because of the Special Forces troops around, and the much tighter time restriction on your activities. The Real Mega Blaster (awarded for getting the Zombie Genocider achievement) and making it all the way to level 50 as well may help.

Overtime Mode[edit]


Just when all hope seems lost, Isabela appears on the roof. She kills the zombies around Frank, but as she approaches him, Frank collapses and passes out.

Several hours later, he wakes up back in Carlito's Hideout. His fainting is a bad sign - it means he's been infected and will soon turn into a zombie. Isabela is hopeful, suggesting that he seems to have a high level of resistance to the virus, but Frank doesn't seem so optimistic. With Ed's helicopter having crashed, he's just about ready to give up.

Isabela has a plan though, and thinks she might be able to postpone the zombification process even more than Frank's immune system can on its own. She'll need you to collect a number of supplies in order to create a serum that will slow the virus down.

You've got 24 hours to get everything she needs for the serum before Frank becomes a zombie.

Method to Prevent Infection[edit]

There are eight items that she needs you to gather, but the order they appear in your mission select list isn't the most efficient. The route below requires you to have rescued Greg on the first day and have picked up the maintenance tunnel key at some point; the shortcuts offered by these optional items make crossing the mall much easier - especially since the Special Forces are back again, and this time they have a fancy new toy.

Leave the hideout and head up to the main area of North Plaza to get a glimpse of it: a small helicopter with a mean gun and a loud alarm. If one catches site of you, it'll call in a lot of backup from the Special Forces, as well as taking its own pot-shots at you. Luckily, their rotors are fairly noisy, so you can hear them before they spot Frank. They tend to move pretty slowly as well, so if you've got a sniper rifle then they're pretty easy to take out - and you'll get a 500PP bonus for each one.

Isabela's List[edit]

The things Isabela has asked for, as listed in the game, are:

  • Cold Spray - SporTrance, Paradise Plaza
  • First Aid Kit - Seon's Food and Stuff, North Plaza
  • Blender - Food Court, or Columbian Roastmasters, Paradise Plaza
  • Coffee Filters - Security Room
  • Magnifying Glass - Wonder Jewels, Wonderland Plaza
  • Camp Stove - Sports High, Entrance Plaza
  • Developing Solution - Cam's Camera, Paradise Plaza
  • Perfume Bottle - Estelle's Fine-lady Cosmetics, Entrance Plaza

She's also asked for an unspecified number of Zombie Queens, but you've got enough to worry about with this lot for now.

The first item on the list to get is the First Aid Kit, which you'll find the Pharmacy in Seon's. It's on the shelves next to where the medicine was in Medicine Run. The supermarket is crawling with Special Forces though, so be careful. You should also take the opportunity to stock up on health items; wine, located next to the pharmacy counter, is the best option.

Once you've picked up the First Aid Kit, don't go back into Seon's; instead, take the stairs down to the maintenance tunnels and hop into the van down there. From here, drive down to the Entrance Plaza - you'll come out between Children's Castle and Everyone Luvs Books. Head over to the other side and down to the left to find Sports High; the Camp Stove is on a set of stand-alone shelving units near the door.

Head back out into the Entrance Plaza and up the stairs nearest you, then follow the upper walkway along to the north end of the Entrance Plaza. Use the stores for cover, and keep an ear out for the mini-choppers; there's usually one floating around each end of the Plaza. At the top end, you'll find the Perfume Bottle in Estelle's Fine-lady Cosmetics, on the rear corner of the central pillar.

Stay on the top level of the Entrance Plaza and go back down the opposite side than the one you came up on, and then head through the side door to the Security Room, which will now let you through. If you've got the Real Mega Blaster or the Real Energy Sword, you should drop them just before leaving the Entrance Plaza so you can pick up fresh weapons in the Security Room.

The Coffee Filters are on the desk in front of the security monitors - and while you're here it's a good time to save, since you're halfway through Isabela's list.

Take the airvents out onto the Rooftop and then head into the Warehouse. Taking the door onto the shelves is a little easier since the Special Forces on the ground won't be able to shoot up at you, but there are a couple of them on the shelves themselves that you'll have to contend with. Go out into Paradise Plaza and into Cam's Camera right beside the Warehouse door, where you'll pick up the Developing Solution behind the counter.

Head upstairs and pick up the Cold Spray just inside the door of SporTrance, then go across the corridor and into Colombian Roastmasters for health and the Blender Isabela's asked for.

The final item on the list is in Wonderland Plaza, so head down the stairs between SporTrance and Lady About Town and into the ladies' bathrooms to take the shortcut across, and another opportunity to save.

Wonder Gems is directly across from the bathrooms in Wonderland Plaza, and the Magnifying Glass is on a counter near the back of the store.

With everything now in your possession, head into North Plaza and back to Carlito's Hideout - you can use Isabela's motorcycle, parked outside Seon's, if you need to hurry.

Back at the hideout, speak to Isabela to hand over the goodies.


She's made the serum before, although in lab conditions and with a synthesized version of the zombie hormone she's planning to extract from queens, but confesses that she can't guarantee how long this stop-gap measure will hold off Frank's infection.

Despairing at his future as a zombie timebomb, Frank reminds Isabela about a chilling idea: Carlito may have used a war orphan charity he was involved with to send infected children across America, with a version of Isabela's serum holding the zombie virus in check temporarily. However, since they're currently stuck in Wilamette with no way out, the best option at the moment is to deal with Frank's infection, and worry about the outside world when they get to it.

Generator and Queens[edit]

When the cutscene ends, speak to Isabela again. This time, the generator's stopped working, and she'll need a replacement. Carlito used the clock tower in the Leisure Park as storage, so there might be a replacement in that area.

Back in North Plaza, head towards Crislips and out into the Leisure Park to see that the zombies have started to make their return. You've also got the Special Forces attack helicopter buzzing overhead, but so long as you keep moving, it shouldn't be too much trouble. It's worth keeping an eye on the zombies though - you'll want to collect any Queens you spot.

Approach the wreckage of Ed's helicopter by the clock tower, and Frank will discover that it's actually hollow, and there appears to be a tunnel underneath it, that could lead outside. The problem is, it's full of zombies - which will provide a major problem to the escape plan.

Examine the maintenance panel on the opposite side of the tower from the zombie hole to find a replacement generator, and go back to Carlito's Hideout to hand it over.

Isabela will then tell you that she'll need ten Queens to get enough of the hormone she needs to make the serum.

Hand over any you're carrying - you'll have to equip them in your inventory to do so - then head back into the mall to pick up some more. While you're here, it's a good idea to save before venturing out again.

The zombies have made it inside again, but there's not many of them and Queens can be difficult to find. You've also got to watch out for the Special Forces and their mini-choppers. It's not advisable to try to collect all the Queens you need in one go - for a start, you're better to leave North Plaza to let them respawn, and secondly you should keep as much of your inventory for food items and weapons as you can. Keep in mind the bottom floor the parking garage are still crawling with zombies, just use a car and run them over and listen for the queens. Finally, you've got to hand the Queens over one at a time, and it's irritating having to do ten in a row.

Once all the Queens have been handed over, Isabela makes the serum and injects Frank, which goes a long way to calming him down. Not only that, but Isabela has more good news - during the process of creating the drug, she also found a pheromone that will repel the zombies. That reminds Frank of the tunnel he found under the clock tower - if Isabela's anti-zombie perfume works as well as she's implying, they might be able to use it to get through the undead hordes and escape.


When you start this section, you'll be standing on a save point - take advantage of it.

You'll need to keep Isabela close for this bit - she's the one holding the pheromone, so if you get to far apart then Frank will be set upon by zombies. Take her hand and go down the corridor slowly - move too fast and you run the risk of Isabela getting caught on a zombie and losing her grip on your hand.

When you come to the first big gate, open the grate on the left-hand side and let Isabela go through. You'll have to fight off zombies for a few seconds while she's throwing the lever; the double lariat move is the most effective for keeping the zombies at bay until you can rejoin Isabela and take her hand again.

Further down the tunnel you'll come to another big gate, but this one has a smaller door built into it which will let you both through without having to split up.

You'll eventually reach a third gate, which you'll again have to open by letting Isabella through a smaller grate to the side. Again, the double lariat is your friend while you wait; once the gate's opened take Isabela's hand and go down the slope.

Things have been going a little too smoothly so far, though - Frank spots guards here too. The zombies might prove to be an advantage, though - if the main gate ahead is opened, the Special Forces should be distracted enough to let Frank and Isabela slip through.

To get the lever to open the gate, go down the path to the left of the gate and double back up the stairs. You'll have to set Isabela down to throw the lever, so make sure to pick her up again before you head back down the stairs. There's a small side gate here that you can go through, but watch out for the soldiers - you can still get hit by their fire, even if they don't spot you.

Make it to the jeep and get in, and you'll be one step closer to freedom - but Frank's not going to escape without a fight.

XM3 Experimental Tank

Yes, that's right - a tank. You won't be getting out of this without taking damage from something - the best advice for this face-off is to never stop firing. Frank's busy driving the jeep, so the task of actually shooting it falls to Isabela, who you'll control temporarily in a first-person view.

There are three weak points on the XM3 - two rows of glowing lights above the front treads, and a small targeting device that pops up before the main cannon fires.

If you see the targeting device appear, concentrate your fire on that. Cause it enough damage and it'll pull back into the main body of the tank, cancelling the main cannon's firing sequence and sparing you some damage. Otherwise, keep shooting the areas above the treads and you'll wear its health meter down pretty steadily.

After a while, the XM3 will begin releasing mini-choppers, in squads of four. They won't do much damage in small numbers, but with more than a couple flying around you'll be in trouble. The targeting device on the tank should still take priority, however.

As the fight nears the end, the tank will start shooting missiles at you, in groups of four. They're easy enough to shoot down, and in some parts of the arena they'll hit obstacles before they even get to you.


The tank grinds to a halt, and Brock, the commander of the Special Forces climbs out of it to see who's been causing him so much touble. He's sort of impressed with Frank's tenacity, but not enough to let him and Isabela get away. Brock was also the commander of the operation in Santa Cabeza, and is taking the Willamette incident as a personal insult to his abilities. Just as he's about to fire the tank's main cannon at Frank however, the XM3 reprioritizes the target - choosing instead to point at the swarm of zombies that are advancing towards it.

Seeing that Brock is distracted, Frank jumps onto the tank, determined to take out this last hurdle in their escape from Willamette Parkview Mall.
DeadRising Infinity.jpg Brock Mason

For some reason, none of the weapons you might have had in your inventory before this fight will be available to you against Brock - you've got to rely on Frank's hand-to-hand combat skills to get you through.

Brock has a nasty habit of getting you in holds, however; if he does, you'll take a couple of units damage before you'll be back in control of Frank. The military man is also very adept at blocking your attacks, which can make him an extremely frustrating opponent.

The most effective move in your repertoire is the backflip kick; if you're Level 50, four or five of these will take Brock's health down extremely quickly.

What Was Solved?[edit]

Brock falls backwards into the zombie hordes, while Isabela struggles to stay on top of the overturned jeep. On top of the XM3, Frank shouts in frustration, and the credits roll.
Infinity Mode
20 Gamerscore points
Infinity Mode
Complete Overtime Mode

You'll also have unlocked Infinity Mode.