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Case 6-1: Santa Cabeza[edit]

  • Starts: September 21, 3.00am in the Security Room

Isabela's awake, and not too pleased to be facing Brad's interrogation. She insists that there was no drug trade in Santa Cabeza, but that it was an American governmental cover-up of experiments gone horribly wrong. Dr. Barnaby was the head of a research facility in the town that created an insect that turned living creatures into zombies.

Unfortunately for him, Barnaby doesn't appear to be immune to the zombie effects, and has started to turn into one of the undead himself, attacking Jessie. Before he actually turns completely, Frank manages to get some answers out of the old man: the Santa Cabeza facility was an attempt to create cheaper breeding methods for cattle, to meet the rising demand for meat in America.

Case 7-1: The Last Resort begins on September 21 at 11.00am in the Security Room.