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At this point in the game Sanctus has brought the Saviour to life using Nero, who is trapped inside it and unable to anything really. So control is handed over to series veteran Dante. Dante gets to keep of Neros items and receives the total amount of proud souls earned up until this point, but none of his abilities will be purchased. Take the opputunity to power up before the start of the level.

Order of the Sword HQ[edit]

Ascention Chamber[edit]

This room is full of scarecrows. These are to give an introduction to Dantes different fighting style. There are red orbs concealed in the jars and the candlesticks at the ends of this room. Once all of the scarecrows are dead, go through the door.

Meeting Room[edit]

Blue Orb Fragment
On the second tier of the stonework around the lift. Wall jump or Air hike to the first tier then go roughly under the fragment and Air hike upwards. This one can be fiddly due to the camera.

In this room there are a trio of mega-scarecrows. These enemies look a lot harder than they actually are, just do not let them charge up any of there powerful attacks. Take the Wing Talisman from the lift and descend and exit at the bottom.

Experiment Disposal[edit]

A message will pop up upon reaching this room saying "The power of God has left this place. You have only 10 minutes to escape. A timer will begin, counting down from 10 minutes to zero. If the clock runs out then it is game over. There is a red orb cluster in the corner and more in the statues. Drop down to the bottom and pick up the gold orb in the corner. Hit the blue switch to drop the Gauntlet lift down. Enter this and you will be attacked by frosts, kill them off and leave through the other side.

Security Corridor[edit]

There are some mephistos at the bottom of the fan blades and a red seal blocking a pillar. Kill the mephistos and break the seal and reclaim the Key of Cronus. This will cause the fan blades to overheat and completely shut down, allowing Dante to make it up to top and the security lasers. Hit the pedalstal and slow time and jump back through the lasers. There are red orbs in the benches at either side.

Grand Hall[edit]

Blue Orb Fragment
To get this fragment you need to have at least four minutes on the clock. After killinjg the algelos head back up to the Key Chamber, which is now full of Gladius'. Smash through these and go out to the Gauntlet and there is a red combat adjudicator at the bottom. A B rank is needed to break it open.

The lasers in this room are off now, but it is now full of angelos, three biancos and an alto. Kill them as quickly as possible as the clock is still running. After they are all dead, leave through the main doors.

Gran Album Bridge[edit]

Head out across the bridge as the headquarters collapses behind you. There are some final red orbs in the chairs and the dividers in the small room, after grabbing them run across the bridge and end the level.