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The Forest[edit]

Ancient Training Ground[edit]

Blue Orb Fragment
In the roofed section of this area, air hike underneath it to claim the fragment.

Follow the path ahead, making sure to collect all of the red orbs out of the chimera eggs at the side of the path and the blue orb fragment under the bridge. It is also possible to head back one screen to the den of the she-viper for a few more orbs and some chimera seeds but this is optional.

Ancient Plaza[edit]

A cut scene will play introducing a new enemy, the reptilian assaults. These enemies have a range of close quarters and ranged attacks so are quite dangerous foes. there are about five in this area and killing them will unseal the exit. There are also a number of the chimera eggs holding red orbs clinging to the outer walls and onto the tree trunks near the centre.

Ruined Church[edit]

Head through the windswept valley back up to the ruined church where the chimera were on the previous mission. The orbs behind the mirrors will have respawned, as have the ones in the corners of the valley outside. This time, approach the mass of red tentacles that block the exit on the lower floor which will open now the sephorcic fruit is possessed.

Lost Woods[edit]

Blue Orb Fragment
It is located in the hidden pit floating above the ground. Either Air Hike or Enemy Step is needed to be able to reach it.

Initially this section seems quite confusing. The lost woods consists of a 4 way crossroads with a statue in the centre. Heading in the right direction will bring up an identical screen, giving the impression of no progress being made. Heading in the wrong direction will drop nero down into the hidden pit. After choosing the wrong path, the central pillar will light a coloured fire which provides a clue about darkness and light. To pass this section, look at the shadows cast by the arches that light each exit. The correct path will always have the sunlight shining from it, so the shadows will point back towards the centre. Also the centre statue will cast a shadow which points the direction opposite the correct one. The sequence to pass the woods is to go straight ahead the first time, then left and finally right. Or using the mini map, it is east, north and then south. There is occasionally some more orbs hidden in eggs at the side of the paths here.

The Hidden Pit
Heading the wrong way at the lost woods crossroads will drop Nero into the Hidden Pit. This area is full of enemies and killing them all will activate the teleport pad to get back up to the start of the lost woods. The enemies encountered here depend on the difficulty level and the number of times the pit is fallen into but can range from chimera seeds, chimera, scarecrows, assaults and mephistos. A blue orb fragment is floating in the air.

Forgotten Ruins/Ancient Training Ground[edit]

This is now the upper level of the Forgotten Ruins which led to the Den of She-Viper in the last mission. There is nothing here so move on to the Ancient Training Ground. Here there are some minor enemies to deal with and a divinity statue to stock up on Vital Stars. The eggs opposite the statue contain a large green orb to restore your health.

Gran Album Bridge[edit]

Dash across the bridge up to the large circular area to trigger a cut scene which leads to the boss fight.

Boss Fight: Angelo Credo[edit]

The toughest fight of the game so far. Credo stands apart from the other bosses by being incredibly hard to buster, with or without the devil trigger activated. He has a shield, similar to the ones carried by the gold angels, but a lot stronger. Hit Credo a few times and he will fall to the ground stunned. When this happens, rush up to him and buster his shield to weaken it. It has three stages to its health bar, starting gold and shiny, then going redder before becoming broken and burnt. when the shield is down, grab Credo with the Devil Trigger Buster to deal the most damage. After knocking his health bar down enough he will speed up his attacks greatly with no time in between to hit him. Credo has a number of little weak attacks which are easy to avoid using the table hopper and air hike, but the ones to watch out for is when he summons floating golden swords that surround Nero and when flies into the air and hits with a curved wave into the flor. If you try to grab him too early, he will strike back with a powerful two-handed smash with his sword.