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Fortuna Castle Exterior[edit]

Foris Falls[edit]

Blue Orb Fragment
Inside the combat adjudicator, a SS rank is needed to break it open.

Welcome back to Fortuna! There is nothing outside here, bar a combat adjudicator and a Vital Star if Nero didn't have air hike last time round. Exit through either door as they both lead to the next area.

Central Courtyard[edit]

Once the middle of this area is reached a cut scene will play introducing one final enemy, although if you are playing on Son of Sparda or higher you will already have dealt with plenty of these. The Blitz is strong and will teleport around and hitting it when it is coated in electricity will only result in you getting hurt. There is only one of these demons here, so kill it quickly and move on.

Fortuna Castle Interior[edit]

Grand Hall[edit]

This area is now full of ice, which now blocks all of the exits bar one to the north east.


Secret Mission 9: Unbreakable
Defeat all of the enemies without getting hit once. This is a lot harder than it sounds as there are chimera, scarecrows, assaults and chimera infected scarecrows and assaults. Keep moving and use Dante's ranged weapons to knock down the chimera before attempting to melee attack them as one hit and the mission is failed.

The gallery is the same as it was the last time round but there is a blitz lurking here now. Almost everything in the room can be smashed for red orbs. Beat them all to unseal the room. Head outside to the snowy corridor and jump up on the third pillar for a secret red orb stash but it is harder to locate without the Devil Bringer and the Rusulka Corpse. Enter the library and fight the angelos awaiting within. The door on the side of the wall has opened now, opposite the room that contained the Anima Mercury. There is a red orb cluster within atop a staircase. Go down the stairs.

Large Hall and surrounding rooms[edit]

The stairs lead down to the large hall. This area is also filled with the ice that was in the Grand Hall. This makes this section much longer than it otherwise would be. The only path open will lead into the dining room. In here is a trio of mega scarecrows to kill. Pass back into Large hall and go along to the other side and into the Torture Chamber. As usual the torture chamber will be full of enemies so kill them to move on.

Spiral Well[edit]

Free fall to the bottom of the chamber. The gates that were obstructing the blue switch are gone, so hit that to activate the blue jump pad. Jump on that to shoot up to the top, but first take the red wing talisman pads to collect the red orbs. On the three ledges on the side of the wall are a red orb cluster, a hidden red stash and a vital star if Nero didn't pick it up. Underneath one of them is a holy water, but again it was possible to grab it earlier.

Masters Chambers[edit]

Defeat all of the enemies in here. Red orbs are hidden in most of the chairs and small tables near the mirror and also by the bed. Do not attempt the secret mission as it is difficult to complete without Nero and the Anima Mercury to move the Gyro Blades.

Soldiers Graveyard[edit]

Secret Mission 3: Nonviolent Resistance
This mission was accessible to Nero earlier but Dante is maybe better suited. With the royal guard style, it is easier to raise the stylish rank than with taunts alone. Only a C rank is needed to pass the mission.

This place is full of red orbs, as every gravestone, statue and icicle can be smashed for orbs. There are two hidden stashes on the other side of the fence on the raised areas. Using the trickster style (or the pandora missile turret if replaying the level) you can get a large red orb and a gold orb by smashing the big statue of the horse on the plinth then jumping up on it and dashing across.

Boss Fight: Dagon[edit]

Dagon is exactly like Bael; the only difference between the two is that the woman-shaped parts of Dagon's feelers are red as opposed to blue. He has exactly the same attacks as Bael, but uses the ability to shoot shards of ice out of his back a lot more. If Dagon grabs you in his mouth, activate the Devil Trigger or use a Holy Water if it is depleted. To defeat Dagon, just hit his sides with Rebellion or Gilgamesh. After his health bar is gone, Dante will use the new weapon Pandora to vanquish all of Dagon, but in doing so breaks the floor and drops into the secret labs.