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Ancient Training Ground[edit]

Ruined Lowlands
If at any point during this level you are swallowed by a fault then you will be transported to the ruined lowlands. Similarly to other areas like the hidden pit, all that is here is a fight against a collection of creatures. To exit, simply kill them all and leave via the teleport pad.

With the Enchinda dead, all of the black fog has cleared from the forest allowing the normal form of travel to resume. This area contains three red orb eggs and a new enemy, the fault. Faults will pop up underneath you and swallow you. They are easy enough to kill or just avoid.

Lapis River[edit]

There are two mephistos and a faust haunting this area now. Use Gilgamesh on them after removing their cloaks as it is a good opportunity to experiment with it without a risk of taking too much damage.

Ancient Plaza[edit]

Another red sealed fight. The opposition this time is handful of assaults and a blitz. There are multiple stashes of red orbs hidden in the chimera eggs scattered about this area.

Windswept Valley[edit]

A third successive fight, this time against five chimera, two scarecrows and three assaults. There is nothing else to do here except collect the red orbs.

Forest Entrance[edit]

Secret Mission 8: Royal Blocker
The scroll is in the small structure here. The objective is to execute a royal block 5 times in a row without being hit. The enemies here are a trio of mephistos. The best attack to attempt to block is the laser finger, as the attack has an obvious build up and is easy to block. This mission is very hard and will probably require the royal guard style to be fully upgraded.

This area is bursting with red orbs. There is a large cluster next to the log, use the Devil Trigger and the Gilgamesh combo Kick 13 to maximise the orbs received. The log itself is full of red orbs and there are some more at the side of the pathway. Leave the forest now and go back along the bridge.