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Destroy the Evil Sanctus!

Boss Fight: Evil Sanctus[edit]

The final showdown against Sanctus. He has some new moves since last time round, but is essiently the same boss that was defeated in mission 11. The death sentence attack can be avoided by running, the fireballs by standing under him, the ground fire bu jumping and the laser beam by a good table hopper. He now has the ability to surround Nero with those annoying floating orbs that float in front of him and can block your attacks with the Sparda sword. At about halfway, he gets another new attack, he will charge up red energy about his sword and then lunge at you up to six times. To defeat him, knock down his protective magic bubble and when he is down use the buster. If he blocks your attacks with Sparda, keep hitting him until he is about to reraise his bubble then shoot him a few times and he will be knocked down. Towards the end of the fight when the shield is down he will use the lunging attack and then immediatly raise the shield again. This can be incredibly frustrating and take a long time but eventually he will die. It is also possible to hit him with an aerial buster during the lunge attack but it takes perfect timing and failure carries a heavy penalty.

The False Savior[edit]

With Sanctus dead and Kyrie and Nero outside again, the Savior is reduced to its knees and will try to squash Nero. To hit, wait for it attack you and dodge the attack, then hit the Saviors hand with the buster. The hand will be knocked back and the second will swing at you. Jump and use the aerial buster at the moment when the arm is at its furthest back to hit it, or activate the devil trigger and hit it with the sphere to knock this back to. Finally, buster its head and a video will play showing Nero imploding the things head for once and for all.


Whilst not technichally being part of the mission, there is soomething to do as the credits play. Scarecrows will appear an try to attck Kyrie. Your job is to protect her. If any of them touch her, the screen will black out and this section is failed. If you succeed in holding off the scarecrows for a full 90 seconds, you will be rewarded with a bonus cut scene afterwards. If you cannot do this and really wanted to see it, it is easiest to play it on Heaven or Hell, as all of the scarecrows can be killed in one hit.