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Surmount the Stairs of Tribulation

The Stairs of Tribulation[edit]

Dante's missions are now over and Nero is back in the fray. Make sure to upgrade Nero with all the proud souls earned as Dante, and buy as many Vital Stars and Gold Orbs as possible because they will be needed. This level is a huge game like the one in the underground labs. There are five boards to pass through this time, each time separated by a boss battle. The key to the game is the same as before:

  • Red: Enemy squares; will drop in random enemies for Nero to fight.
  • Blue: Orb squares; red orbs and a few green orbs will drop in from the roof for ten seconds. Collect as many of possible.
  • Purple: Advances to the next boss fight.
  • Yellow: Sends the silver avatar to the purple square and up to the next level.
  • White: Neutral; there is one of these on each level, at the starting location.

Boss Fight 1: Angelos[edit]

Not truly a boss, but can be tricky if it drags. There are four biancos and one alto. Concentrate on the golden alto first to make this a lot easier.

Boss Fight 2: Berial[edit]

A third encounter against Berial. There are no green orb giving houses and no further complications. Knock his flames down and hit him with the buster to make short work of this fight.

Boss Fight 3: Dagon[edit]

This is the guy from Dante's mission and is actually the first time Nero fights him. He spends a lot of time hiding behind the red rusulka and using the ice shards, so this fight can be lengthy but not too challenging.

Boss Fight 4: Enchinda[edit]

You probably will have guessed it by now, but it's the Enchinda again. Exactly the same as the two other times, hit her when she is laying the eggs and stunned for the most damage. She still turns yellow at about halfway and gets faster.

Boss Fight 5: Angelo Agnus[edit]

One final fight against this guy as well before this mission is over. Use Vital Stars when needed, as to die here is a serious pain. After Agnus is finally gone for good, smash through the red glowing area to exit the mission.