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Order of the Sword HQ[edit]

The Gauntlet[edit]

Leave Agnus' Chamber and return to The Gauntlet. A video will introduce the faust, a more powerful version of the mephisto. Defeat this and its two mephisto allies and the lift will drop. Hit the Cronus pedestal to slow time and run through both sets of lasers. Hit the blue switch to break the seal on the hole in the wall, then slow time again and dash back through the lasers to jump out the hole and drop back to the ground floor. Go back to the Key Chamber.

Key Chamber[edit]

The lasers will activate once again and there will be an alto and some bianco angelos to deal with. It is possible to use the Key of Chronos to slow time and grab the knights without knocking their shields down which will speed up the battle. Once they are all dead, hit the pedestal and go through the lasers.

Grand Hall[edit]

The lasers will still be up in this room so jump them. The combat adjudicator contains orbs if the blue orb fragment wasn't collected on the previous mission. Go up the small stairs and smash the urns. The bridge will have descended now so cross it and go through the door on the other side.

Security Corridor[edit]

Secret Mission 6:Vermifuge
The goal here is to kill all of the chimera seed before they can possess the scarecrow. At first this may seem impossible as whatever you do, there are too many chimera seed and they are too quick. The key is to use the enemy shield technique gained from the Aegis Shield received for beating Credo. Pick up the scarecrow and carry it into the corner then rip the seeds to shreds with devil bringer.

There are a lot of lasers in this corridor. Hit the time slow pedestal and run through the lasers, jumping over the low ones and the medium level ones. The air hike abilities is priceless in this area. There are red orbs in the benches. Once through the lasers drop down into the room with the giant spinning fan. At the bottom there will be some mephistos waiting. Defeat them and use the Key of Cronus at the pillar. This will slow down the fan blades to a crawl allowing them to be climbed. Jump to the top and off of the fan at the side with the door and not the gate.

Experiment Disposal[edit]

Secret Mission 7:Free Running
This section is similar to the floating tile section in the lost forest during mission 6, but more complex and with more mephistos. This is more a test of memory and speed than anything else. It is easier to complete as Dante later on.

Kill off all of the angelos lurking in here. A red orb cluster is situated in one of the corners. There are green and white orbs near the divinity statue at the end of the corridor, by the exit.

Boss Fight:Dante[edit]

Another confrontation with Dante, who is seeking the Yamato katana that Nero collected earlier. Dante is an incredibly frustrating boss to fight. He doesn't possess the full range of his abilities, even in DMD mode but he doesn't really need any of them. He can block or dodge almost all of your attacks and counter them with his own. The blue rose is practically useless in this fight and the red queen is usually blocked. The best way to strike him is with the buster. Trying to do this will normally cause him to dodge then hit you with a stinger, but he cannot dodge or block it when he is jumping or firing any of his guns. The best strategy is to stand on the central dais and wait for Dante to jump up then snatch and buster him. If he gets up, jump back down until he gets off and then jump back up again. This method doesn't earn a fistful of stylish points but will get the job done.