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A foul gas permeates the air here. This green smog wil slowly drain your health bar whilst in the lab so keep moving quickly to avoid choking to death. Being hit by this smog doesn't count as a hit if playing in Hell and Hell mode, but once the health bar is depleted you will lose an orb.

Underground Labs[edit]

Leave the starting area. Hit the combat adjudicator for a blue orb fragment but make sure to leave the green orbs for afterwards as the longer it takes, the more your health will be drained.

R&D Access[edit]

Just like before there are Cutlasses in this corridor. Without the devil bringer and the Blue Rose these are a lot harder to deal with. Use the Coyote charge shot to knock them out of the walls and do not let them get back in. There is a trail of green orbs throughout this corridor to offset the damage caused by the green gas.

Game Room[edit]

A cutscene will show the silver avatar of Dante rising from the floor to initiate the game, but when the die drops down Dante will slice it in half. Instead of having to play the game there will be some Gladiuses to fight. Use the aerial Rebellion combo in swordmaster style or the Coyote combo in Gunslinger to kill them off quickly.

Containment Chamber[edit]

More Gladiuses and some angelos in here. Concentrate on the Gladius first as they have green orbs and are harder to keep track of than the angelos. The gladius and the biancos will fight each other. Jump through the window and grab the large red orb hidden in the column of light.

Angel Creation[edit]

Skip through Foris Falls, making sure to destroy all of the barrels along the way. As soon as you enter the Angel Creation room you will be ambushed by a pair of white angelos. Kill both of these and pass through into the other section. There are two waves of angels here, both biancos and altos. Kill all of these to break the seal over the exit door. There is a hidden stash of red orbs next to the drop into the final section. Next go along the corridor and use the wing talisman pads to jump to the top of the labs and back up to the castle.

Fortuna Castle[edit]

Go up the stairs and into the Grand Hall. Grab all of the orbs in the chairs before leaving the castle forever.

Fortuna Castle Exterior[edit]

Secret Mission 11: Point of Impact
Half the challenge of this mission is finding it in the first place. As you ascend the stairs, there will be a ledge with three hard-to-see mini Red Orbs floating near the mountain wall. Approach the stairway going up and then do an Air Hike and then a Trickster Air Dash in the opposite way followed by a Lucifer attack to find the scroll. To complete the mission, Pandora must be fully upgraded and have the Revenge form. Hitting the two statues with the laser is the only way to hit them within the time limit. It will probably take a few attempts to pass this mission.

After crossing the bridge, a cutscene will introduce a new enemy, the Basilisk. The basilisks are weak enemies, but they are quick so be careful. Smash through all of the ones at the bottom and climb up to the upper level. Two of the four large pillars have hidden red orb stashes on the top. More basilisks are up here, as well as a very well hidden secret mission.

Second Mining Area[edit]

Nothing here so hurry through towards the Ferrum Hills.

Boss Battle: Berial[edit]

Berial hasn't changed since the last encounter and neither has the best strategy. Hit his body and head with combos and use a combination of air hikes and trickster dashes to avoid his attacks. There is no devil bringer to hit him with when his flames are exhausted, so be wary when he re-enflames and does damage over the area next to him. All of the buildings that contained the green orbs last time around are destroyed, so there is no free health. Defeating him gives a new melee weapon: Lucifer.