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A return to the forest, but it is very different from the first time round. Now the Enchinda has filled many of the exits and entrances between the different parts of the forest with a black fog, which leads somewhere completly different. Choosing the wrong fog means a lot of repetition and backtracking through the forest so be careful.

The Forest[edit]

Ancient Training Ground[edit]

Head across the bridge and leave via the eastern exit. Any other exit, including those on the bottom level will only lead back to the beginning of this screen.

Forgotten Ruins[edit]

Jump off of the balcony down to the lower level. There is a blitz down here on Son of Sparda difficulty but lesser enemies on easier modes. Kill them if you want, but as the exit is not sealed it is possible to just run past them. The exit the black fog on the narrow bridge, heading towards the Den of the She-Viper where Nero fought the Enchinda. It is south-east on the minimap.

Windswept Valley[edit]

This area is now infested with chimera assaults and the exits are all sealed. Battle through them all and then turn east and up the stairs behind the place where the metal walls were when Nero ran through here.

Ancient Plaza[edit]

More assualts here, but at least they are not infected by chimera seeds. Smash all of the red orb eggs in this area, clinging on the walls and at the base of the tree trunks. The exit is on the other side of the arena.

Lapis River[edit]

There are red orbs under the bridge and in two of the corners of this area as well as the large egg on top of one of the small pillars across the bridge. There are two mephistos on the bridge and after they are dead, there is faust to deal with. However, killing these is optional as the exit, the black fog under the bridge, is not sealed.

Ruined Church[edit]

Blue Orb Fragment
Inside the combat adjudicator, an A rank is needed to obtain the fragment.

The fog will leave you in the windswept valley, just outside the ruined church but on the other side of the fog that prevented access earlier. There is an orb egg on the far side of the old fountain. Once inside the church head for the orbs in the eggs which were behind the large mirrors with the combat adjudicator. Leave through the exit under the stairs on the lower floor.

Lost Woods[edit]

There is a pair of chimera assaults hanging about in the entrance but killing them is not essential. The mechanics of this section are the same as before, the sunlight still shines from the exit so your shadow falls behind you. The sequence however is different than before and has an extra step. Using the minimap, the exits are east, west, south and finally south again. Or they are straight ahead, then backwards where you enter, then right twice.

Forgotten Ruins[edit]

Not much here. There are a few eggs containing a green orb and a few red and a divinity statue but that is all. Go up towards the Den of the She-Viper.

Boss Fight: Enchinda 2[edit]

The Enchinda has gained nothing new since the last time, the only difference is that you are Dante instead of Nero. The Devil Bringer combo was never very powerful during this fight anyway so it makes little difference. The Enchinda will dive into the grown tail first, so only the woman part will stick out and bring up tentacles to whip you. Hit her head with the sword until she leaves. Next she will enter the egg laying phase, during this activate the Devil Trigger and hit her with aerial swordmaster combos. At about half health she will turn yellow, speeding up and gain things that shoot out during the charging attack. There are a small number of red orbs and occasionally some green hidden in three clusters of eggs around the side of arena but only go for them if you are desperate. Kill the Enchinda and you will receive the Gilgamesh weapon as a reward.