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Advent Chamber[edit]

Lower Level[edit]

Take down the combat adjudicator to get orbs or a blue orb fragment. After this, hit the blue switch to activate the grim grips to climb to the next platform. Here the are a pair of Mephisots and a Faust. Dispatch these and ride the elevator the next level

Upper Level[edit]

A teleport pad will activate to take you back to the bottom of the chamber. The way forward is blocked by a gate which says to open it, you must not be alone. To open it, grab one of the scarecrows from the other side onto the opposite plate and it will open. Kill both of the scarecrows and go up the stairs. there is a hidden red orb stash at the foot of the lift shaft. Beyond this is two gaps that require Nero the swing across the grim grips and then air hike up to higher platform. The air hike ability is vital here, so make sure to purchase it at the divinity statue if you do not already have it. At the foot of one of these depressions is a Vital Star, but falling down to collect it will get you attacked by knights (one alto and two biancos). Further along there is an alto gaurding another blue switch, hit this to activate the grim grips to reach to top platform. Up here there is a button summons the lift to the big platform with the shop on it. However, as soon you attempt to, there will be an attack by some angels, three biancos and two altos. Go back to the lift. There are some enemies here now, scarecrows then biancos, more scarecrows and finally a pair of altos. these enemies will respawn if you leave the lift platform. Ride the lift up to top level to confront Sanctus.

Boss Fight:Sanctus and the Saviour[edit]

Sanctus will be waiting for Nero here. Nero refuses to back down so Sanctus attacks him. Sanctus is protected by a magic bubble shield which surrounds him completely. To actually hurt him this needs to be knocked down. Air hike up in front of him and hit him with aerial combos to knock down the shield. Sanctus will continue to float around, but can now be hurt. Hit him agian and he will fall to the ground and become stunned. Attack now with your strongest combos, making sure to get in a devil trigger buster. After a short period of time he will get back up and regenerate his shield. Follow this pattern until he is down to about half health. Then a video will play showing Sanctus entering the Saviour. Now he gains a new attack, he will retreat into the savior and the Saviour will punch you. This attack is easily avoided using the table hopper. The problem now is that this becomes a long frustrating fight as when his shield is down, Sanctus will float around so you can't hit him and then go into the Saviour, which will also regenerate his shield. The key to avoiding Sanctus' attacks is listening to his threats. The orbs he summons in will block him from gunshots and will charge you and explode.His other attacks are laser beam that shoots from his arms, a series of lightning strikes that hit the area around him, a series of fireballs and a rend attack that hits acroos the ground. The key is to learn the attacks assoiacated with the chants and pre-empt them.