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Gran Album Bridge[edit]

Carry on towards the HQ of the Order of the Sword. In the small room there are red orbs located in the chairs and in the dividers. Through this room there is a cut scene introducing the alto angelo, where it kills a pair of assaults. There will be one of these a pair of biancos. Aim for these first before aimed at the new guy. In the presence of the alto, the biancos gain increased attacks, all of whcih are powerful so take them out quickly. When they are defeated, go through the doors.

Order of the Sword HQ[edit]

Grand Hall[edit]

Blue Orb Fragment
Inside the combat adjudicator, a S rank is needed to break it open.

Smash all six benches for red orbs. On the left side there is a combat adjudicator and on the right is a Devil Star S. Go up the small stairs, smash both of the urns and activate the small red pedastal. The bridge will not come down but it will activate the lasers in the first room and open the second exit. The lasers can be jumped over without too many problems.

Key Chamber[edit]

There are more biancos and an alto in this room. After entering the doors will be blocked by fast moving lasers so be careful not to hit these during the fight. When thry are vanquished the seal will break allowing the Key of Chronos to be taken. A pillar will rise in the centre of the room. Hitting this will temporarily slow down time, allowing the lasers to be passed.

The Gauntlet[edit]

Blue Orb Fragment
At the third level instead of going through the second lasers look for an open exit in the wall. Jump out here to collect the fragment. It is possible to see the fragment after oing up the first lift but it is unnattainable from this position.

There is a hidden orb stash in the centre of the room which will make the devil bringer glow. Hit the blue switch and a rather large lift will drop down. Enter here and defeat the scarecrows to rise to the next level. Hit the chronos pedastal to slow time and dash through the lasers to a second lift. Defeat the Frosts to rise up to the next level. A second set of chronos lasers are waiting here. proceed through these again and head up the third lift, killing off the army of assaults that are waiting within. At the top, there four candlesticks that hold red, green and white orns and a divintity statue. Go through the doors to Agnus' Chamber.

Boss Fight: Angelo Agnus[edit]

Snatch 3 and air hike are incredibly useful abilities to have during this fight. During the fight Agnus can summon in Gladius', Cutlusses and Basilisks at the cost of a small amonunt of his own health. When he does this, grab them with Snatch and through them back at him. He also has a fireball attack, firing out multiple balls which are best avioded and can summon two gladius' in and then spin round with them before throwing them. His worst attacks are by far the health sapping ones. The first of which he will indicate by yelling 'Your Strength will be Mine" and grabbing you, draining a few bars. The second he uses when his health is low and is indicated by a shout of "Time to Die!". He will go to the centre of the room and charge up a wave that can take up to 9 of your own helath bars. The attack is unnavoidable when unleashed but can be stopped in the build up by throwing a gladius or hitting him with the devil trigger on. The cages at the side of the area contain white orbs to boost the devil trigger. Just keep hitting him until he is down and then use the devil trigger buster combo to impale him on his own gladius'.