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Soldiers Graveyard[edit]

Secret Mission 3: Non-Violent Resistance
The goal here is to raise your stylish rank without using attacks. This actually only needs you to get a C rank, normally no problem but here is slightly harder. There are several strategies that can employed here. First of all is Taunt but this doesn't work multiple times. Nero can also use the table hopper skill if you have it which raises the rank if it is a close call. Returning to this area after the first play through grants Nero the power of the Aegis Shield. This can let Nero use a scarecrow as a shield from the frost attacks. If this mission is accessed on mission 15 as Dante he can use the royal guard style.

A short video will introduce a new enemy, the ghost like mephisto. There are two of them in the area. After killing them it is time to unravel the many secrets of this area. All of the statues, including the big one at the centre, and the gravestones can be smashed. Red orbs are hidden on the pillars on the left. There is a gold orb and a large red one on top of the pillars but these take considerable luck to get with Nero and much easier to pick up on mission 15 as Dante. There is also a secret mission behind the stairs. Smash the fences and run round the back to find the scroll. The Devil Bringer will glow brightly nearby, an example of the new powers from the rusulka corpse gained on the last level.

Fortuna Castle[edit]

Master's Chamber[edit]

Secret Mission 10: Puppet Master
Smash all of the statues using the gyro blade within 30 seconds. There is one statue down the end of the corridor where you start, one in the centre and three at the far end.

There are some bianco angelos in here but the door isn't sealed so they can just be skipped quite easily. There are a few orbs in some chairs but little else. However there is a second secret mission hidden behind the big mirror, use aerial Red Queen combos to smash it open.

Torture Chamber[edit]

Hit the blue switch to activate the walkway then use the gyro blade to shatter the statue and break the floor.

Spiral Well[edit]

Lying in wait at the bottom of the well are two mephistos. Defeat them and claim the Wing Talisman from the tower. This turns on the platforms all the way up the well allowing you to escape. On the way up there are there are three platforms sticking out of the side. The first two contain red orbs and the third holds a Vital Star S.

Road the to Grand Hall[edit]

The well leads back up to the torture chamber. Defeat the enemies within and head back out to the large hall. More demons here but the exit isn't sealed so they are not mandatory. Head back into the Grand Hall.

Grand Hall[edit]

In here smash all the furniture again to pick up the red orbs then head to the wing jump under the coffin in the centre. Smash it with a gyro blade if you didn't on the previous mission. Land on the chandelier and attack the rope that attaches it to the ceiling. It will swing into the giant picture of Sanctus and knock a hole in the wall. Head through the hole, down the stairs and through the door at the bottom. There is a Vitality Star S in the final area here, hidden behind the railings. Snatch it with the devil bringer to claim it.

Underground Laboratory[edit]

Just run down the passageway to finish the level.