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Confront the Savior!

Boss Fight: The Savior[edit]

Phase One[edit]

Sky Under Fortuna
The area that this boss battle takes place in is the Sky Above Fortuna, but Dante will only visit this unlucky place if he is swallowed by a Fault on the large platforms by the arms. Like before, it consists only of a battle against some enemies to activate the teleport pad, but it is a tremendous waste of time and Vital Stars.

The goal here is destroy all of the blue crystals that are located on the Savior's body. They are located on each of its elbows and shoulders, one on each leg, one on the back and the final one in the centre of its head. The one on the centre of its chest that Nero disappeared into is not part of this part, so ignore that one for now. The Savior has a few attacks, either physical ones or energy projectiles. The platforms of this area constantly change, depending on what phase you are on and how many the Savior has destroyed, but they are generally always round.

To start, leave the starting platform by the blue jumps and head to any other one. Wait for the Savior to try to hit you and his hand will lay on the platform for a short time. Jump onto his arm and run up it, getting two crystals. Coyote is good at hitting these for large amounts of damage. Afterwards it will throw Dante off, but aim for the one in the centre of his head. Falling out of this area at any time will not hurt, but will return Dante to the start of the sequence and restore any destroyed platforms. After this two weapons will appear on the platforms. To activate either just hit the blue switch.

The first is an electric ray which disables its hand, allowing it to be jumped on. Hitting the Savior when he is like this will knock it down completely, allowing the leg crystals to be gotten. The second is a cannon that will fire a series of orange balls at the Savior and knock him down completely straight away. When he is down, head to either side to take out the arm cystals, then further around for the back and the other arm or down for its legs. All the platforms that allow its crystals to be struck have either biancos or altos, but ignore these as much as possible. There are also Faults that swallow Dante, but these are a colossal waste of time and health, so avoid them at all costs. When all the crystals are down get ready to run.

A Brief Intermission[edit]

The Savior will lean forward and charge an orange light behind his wings. Whenever you see this, RUN! This attack can take down almost three quarters of your Health bar and will likely end in a painful death. Hop around all of the platforms until a divinity statue is reached. Buy as many health potions as you can afford and leap one more time.

Phase Two[edit]

The Savior will use the huge laser attack at the beginning of this phase and frequently throughout this phase. Its physical attacks are now more vicious and can destroy the platforms. If you get stuck on a platform with no jumps, deliberately fall off to regenerate the platforms. Once again, all attacks can be avoided using the trickster dash, bar a spinning kick. This phase is all about that chest crystal. Equip either of the three firearms and shoot it. If using Pandora, use the machine gun form whilst jumping and not the others, as they are too slow and do not have enough range.

When enough damage is done, he will fall over and Dante will be placed in front of a single jump pad. Use this to travel in front of the chest crystal and hit it with devil trigger combos until he gets back up. To do more damage, head for the long rectangular platform just left of the starting one. The Savior will come close and slowly rise upwards, allowing Dante to hit the smashed crystal on its head and the one on its chest. This will do a lot of damage and knock it down quicker, but it will only do it once before destroying the platform. Once the health bar is depleted the mission is completed but the Savior is far from dead.