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The Forest[edit]

Forest Entrance[edit]

Head through this area and collect all the red orbs. They are hidden in the eggs in the log and in the red orb fragment. There is a Vital Star M in the glowing hole in the top of the log. It is impossible to complete the secret mission in the stone structure at the moment so ignore it.

Windswept Valley[edit]

There are more red orbs to be found in the eggs in the corners and around the cliff. A Holy Water can be obtained on the left side of the upper area as you enter. Dropping off the cliff will introduce the Chimera Seeds but they are easy to dispatch alone. There is one final orb egg around the side of the fountain before the entrance to the church.

Ruined Church[edit]

The true potential of the chimera seed is seen here. They latch onto the scarecrows and make them more powerful. Once all are killed, smash the huge windows to find a lot of red orbs and a combat adjudicator for Dante. Head up the stairs and hit the blue switch. This activates a glowing platform to the door on the other side. Hurry across as when the tiles start to change colour they disappear.

Ruined Valley[edit]

Blue Orb Fragment
It is floating above the area with the platforms. The Air Hike ability is a requirement to collect this.

Swing across the grim grips and hit the switch to activate more glowing platforms. Three mephistos will pop up with them, but the exit is not sealed so they can be ignored. Head across the platforms to the door.

Ruined Lowlands
If you fall off any of the platforms or are knocked down by the mephistos then you will wind up in the Ruined Lowlands. This tiny area will be filled by a selection of enemies. These are usually chimera seeds, scarecrows, assaults, mephistos or a combination of the above. Wipe them out to activate the warp pad which leads back to the Ruined Valley. There are sometimes red orb eggs down here as well.

Lapis River[edit]

Secret Mission 5:Skyscraper
Head left once over the bridge and the scroll is pinned to the wall. To complete this mission and earn a blue orb fragment just get to the top in the time limit.

Swing across the grim grips and hit the switch to activate more glowing platforms. Three mephistos will pop up with them, but the exit is not sealed so they can be ignored. Head across the platforms to the door. Run across the bridge and to the other side of the river. There are a great number of red orb eggs in this area, with a large one on top of one of the pillars on the side opposite where you begin.

Ancient Plaza[edit]

There are more chimera here. There are also about eight red orb eggs scattered around the area, mostly on the edges. There is little of note in this area, so run through it.

Windswept Valley[edit]

Power up the gyro blade and smash through the metal walls. The enemies in this area have respawned but are not vital. Once both sets of walls have been smashed, proceed through the door.

Ruined Valley[edit]

The She Viper will finally make an appearance here. She will chase after Nero and smash the bridge and all the eggs. Don't worry about the orbs as if you have the Get More Orbs ability you will pick them all up anyway. Break any that get in the way and just get across the bridge.

Forgotten Ruins[edit]

Blue Orb Fragment
It is hidden inside the Combat Adjudicator. An A rank is needed to break it open.

There are a pair of scarecrows and chimera seed here, followed by a chimera. Once they are all dead, run up past the Divinity Statue and prepare to fight the boss

Boss Battle: Enchinda[edit]

The Enchinda has a range of attacks. When it is floating around it will spin around and charge across the arena at Nero. This can easily be avoided with Table Hopper. When the Enchinda is in the ground she can summon tentacles up from below to whip you with. The Enchinda also possesses a few close range attacks by spinning the tentacles on her head. Use the Devil Trigger and Snatch up to attack her head to hurt her quire a bit. Her weakest spot is the pink glowing area she rarely exposes to lay eggs. During this phase she cannot attack you and it is possible to do 3 health bars worth of damage to her, even on Dante Must Die. If you are out of healing items there is a small amount of health orbs available in the eggs scattered around the outside of the area. The Enchinda powers up and changes colour at about the halfway stage. Once the Enchinda is defeated grab the Serophic Fruit and use it to get past the roots next to the entrance and finish the level.