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The SNES version's location of the well that is the entrance to Medal King Mansion.

Medals are a bonus feature added in the SNES and GBC versions of the game that provide players with a way to get unique equipment. Medals in the GBC version are called Tiny Medals whereas in the SNES version they are called Small Medals. These medals are not to be confused with the GBC exclusive Monster Medals.

The Medal King Mansion is found in a cave underneath Aliahan. If you inspect the well in the southeast corner you can climb down a rope to find it.


The cost of the rewards are cumulative. For example, if you give 5 Dragon Warrior 3 TinyMedal.png Tiny (GBC) Dragon Warrior 3 SNES Small Medal.png / Small (SNES) medals to Medal King and receive the Spiny Whip, then you only need 5 more to get the Garter Belt. The names here are listed twice to denote the GBC/SNES version differences.

Reward Total number of
Small Medals required
Spiny DW3 whip.png
Spiny Whip
Garter Belt
Blade DW3 rang.png
Strength DW3 ring.png
Strength Ring
Smart Glasses
Ninja DW3 shirt.png
Ninja Suit
Justice DW3 abacus.png
Justice Abacus
Gale Bandana
Dragon DW3 claw.png
Dragon Claw
Vivify DW3 staff.png
Vivify Staff
Sacred DW3 bikini.png
Sacred Bikini
Gold Pass 100

Medal locations[edit]

You only need 100 Tiny/Small Medals to get all of the rewards, but there are over 110 Medals in the Game. So it doesn't matter if you miss a few.

Number Location
1 Aliahan Castle (Barrel)
2 Aliahan (Cupboard, Night)
3 Reeve (Under the Stone)
4 Tower of Najima (Chest)
5 Aliahan Castle (Cupboard, Thief Key)
6 Small Shrine (Pot, Thief Key)
7 Romaly (Pot)
8 Romaly (Ground)
9 Romaly Castle (Bush)
10 Kazave (Grave)
11 Elves Village (Grass)
12 Cave of Dreams (Chest)
13 2. Pachisi Track (Ground)
14 2. Pachisi Track (Pot, Track)
15 2. Pachisi Track (Chest, Goal)
16 Desert Shrine (Pot)
17 Isis (Tombstone)
18 Isis (Pot)
19 Pyramid (Chest)
20 Pyramid (Chest, Magic Key)
21 Pyramid (Ground, Magic Key)
22 Romaly Castle (Bush, Magic Key)
23 Ashalam (Blue Tile, Magic Key)
24 Isis Castle (Chest, Magic Key)
25 Portoga (Bush)
26 Portoga (Pot)
27 Baharata (Cupboard)
28 Baharata Cave (Chest)
29 Dharma (Statue, Magic Key)
30 Tower of Garuna (Chest)
31 Tedanki (Poison Marsh)
32 Lancel (Ground)
33 Castle Edinbear (Flowerbeet)
34 Castle Edinbear (Ground)
35 Shoal Shrine (Tile, Thirsty Pitcher)
36 Romaly (Water Bassin, Final Key)
37 Romaly Barrier (Pond, Final Key)
Number Location
38 Travel Door Shrine (Tile)
39 Olivia Promontory (Ground, Final Key)
40 Traveler's Inn (Cupboard, Thief Key)
41 Zipangu (Pot)
42 Zipangu (Pot)
43 Muor (Ground, Final Key)
44 Muor (Pot, Thief Key)
45 Sioux (Ground)
46 Sioux (Pot)
47 Tower of Arb (Chest)
48 Tower of Arb (Chest)
49 Pirates Base (Barrel)
50 Pirates Base (Ground, Final Key)
51 Lancel (Chest, Final Key)
52 Gaia Navel (Chest)
53 Gaia Navel (Chest)
54 Samanosa (Tombstone)
55 Samanosa Castle (Ground)
56 Samanosa Castle (Barrel)
57 Samanosa Castle (Pot, Final Key)
58 Samanosa Cave (Chest)
59 Samanosa Cave (Chest)
60 Greenlad (Cupboard)
61 Phantom Ship (Barrel, Sailor's Bone)
62 Phantom Ship (Barrel, Sailor's Bone)
63 Hobbit Shrine (Ground)
64 Shrine Jail (Pot, Final Key)
65 3. Pachisi Track (Grass)
66 3. Pachisi Track (Grass)
67 3. Pachisi Track (Pot, Track)
68 Luzami (Hole)
69 New Town (Chest, Phase 4)
70 Necrogond Cave (Chest)
71 Necrogond Cave (Ground)
72 Necrogond Shrine (Tomb)
73 New Town (Cupboard, Phase 5)
74 Liamland (Ground)
Number Location
75 Baramos Castle (Ground, Final Key)
76 Baramos Castle (Ground)
77 Alefgard Port (Ground)
78 Ludatorm (Ground)
79 Ludatorm Castle (Barrel)
80 Garin's House (Cupboard)
81 North Cave (Chest)
82 Domdora (Pot)
83 Domdora (Ground)
84 Domdora (Ground)
85 Mercado (Ground)
86 Spiritual Shrine (Ground)
87 West Cave (Chest)
88 Kol (Bag)
89 Kol (Water)
90 Kol (Stairs)
91 4. Pachisi Track (Flower)
92 4. Pachisi Track (Cupboard, Track)
93 4. Pachisi Track (Pot, Track)
94 Rubiss Tower (Chest)
95 Rubiss Tower (Chest)
96 Marsh Cave (Ground)
97 Rimuldar (Pot)
98 Rimuldar (Ground)
99 Rimuldar (Cupboard)
100 Shrine of Honor (Ground)
101 Castle of Dragon Queen (Ground)
102 Zoma's Castle (Electrofield)
103 Zoma's Castle (Ground)
104 Zoma's Castle (Chest)
105 Sky World (Chest)
106 Sky World (Chest)
107 Sky World (Pot)
108 Sky World (Pot)
109 Sky World (Chest)
110 Sky World (Chest)