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Personalities are a game mechanic added to the remakes of Dragon Quest III which effect character attribute growth. The Hero is assigned one of 30 personalities through a test at the beginning of the game and recruited members are assigned a personality based on their starting attributes. Personalities can be changed throughout the game with the use of book items and by equipping certain pieces of equipment. There are a total of 45 possible personalities. Note that in most Dragon Quest games, attributes are determined randomly at level up, or according to a specific distribution of growth.

In the sections below, the names of personalities from the Game Boy Color version of Dragon Quest III are used. These are the only 'official' names for personalities as the Super Nintendo version of the game was never officially translated. However, most fan translation names are similar to the ones used in the Game Boy Color version.

Personalities and attribute effects[edit]

Books modify the personality permanently; accessories modify the personality as long as they're equipped. If a personality cannot be obtained using any item, then it's only available for a character at game start; "not starting hero" means that the Hero cannot start the game with it.

Name STR AGL VIT INT LUCK Sum Notes Item
Ordinary 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% +0% Not starting Hero
Tomboy 110% 110% 80% 90% 90% -20% Female only
Not starting Hero
DQ3 SNES Book.png Tomboy Book
Unique 110% 60% 110% 50% 80% -90% Not starting Hero
Defiant 95% 105% 105% 95% 95% -5% DQ3 SNES Book.png Defy Book
Sexy 110% 120% 105% 115% 120% +70% Female only DQ3 SNES Book.png Naughty Book
Cowardly 90% 70% 90% 120% 120% -10% DW3 ring.png Flee ring (cursed)
Lonesome 100% 90% 80% 110% 110% -10% Pierce
"Strong" personalities
Name STR AGL VIT INT LUCK Sum Notes Item
Valiant 140% 70% 100% 80% 70% -40% DQ3 SNES Book.png Hero Guide
DW3 ring.png Hero ring
Amazon 130% 90% 100% 80% 80% -20% Female only
Not starting Hero
Jock 130% 80% 100% 70% 80% -40% Not starting Hero DQ3 SNES Book.png Muscle Guidebook
DW3 ring.png Strength ring
Bully 120% 90% 90% 60% 70% -70% Tattoo
Macho 115% 100% 110% 90% 60% -25%
"Agile" personalities
Name STR AGL VIT INT LUCK Sum Notes Item
Quick 100% 140% 100% 100% 100% +40% Not starting Hero Agl. scarf
Silly 100% 120% 95% 115% 110% +40% DQ3 SNES Book.png Joke Book
Mohawk wig
Fearless 95% 120% 115% 100% 100% +30% DQ3 SNES Book.png Brave Book
Agile 90% 120% 90% 100% 80% -20% Not starting Hero DW3 ring.png Speed ring
Foolish 85% 115% 80% 80% 90% -50%
Careless 80% 115% 100% 70% 70% -65%
Vain 105% 110% 95% 105% 95% +10% DW3 ring.png Ruby ring
Selfish 95% 105% 90% 90% 90% -30%
"Vital" personalities
Name STR AGL VIT INT LUCK Sum Notes Item
Tough 115% 90% 140% 80% 70% -5% Power belt
Ironman 105% 80% 130% 90% 80% -15% Not starting Hero
Lewd 105% 95% 120% 105% 90% +15% Male only DQ3 SNES Book.png Naughty Book
DW3 rosary.png Gold necklace
Solitary 100% 110% 120% 110% 70% +10% DW3 ring.png Punk ring
Timid 110% 60% 120% 110% 90% -10%
Diligent 110% 85% 120% 90% 70% -25% Toughness
Lazy 115% 60% 120% 65% 110% -30%
Stubborn 100% 60% 120% 60% 70% -90% Stone wig (cursed)
Carefree 100% 75% 110% 105% 105% -5%
Eager 105% 90% 110% 100% 80% -15%
Meddler 105% 85% 110% 80% 70% -50% Not starting Hero
"Intelligent" personalities
Name STR AGL VIT INT LUCK Sum Notes Item
Sharp 100% 120% 80% 140% 90% +30% Not starting Hero DQ3 SNES Book.png Smart Book
Smart 95% 100% 100% 130% 90% +15% Int. specs
Logical 80% 105% 90% 125% 80% -20%
Alert 90% 110% 90% 120% 100% +10% DQ3 SNES Book.png Cheater Guide
Romantic 95% 110% 95% 115% 100% +15% DW3 rosary.png Rosary
Kindly 105% 95% 105% 110% 95% +10% DQ3 SNES Book.png Kindly Book
DW3 ring.png Love ring
Honest 100% 90% 100% 110% 90% -10%
Helpless 95% 100% 90% 105% 100% -10% DQ3 SNES Book.png Wimpy Book
"Lucky" personalities
Name STR AGL VIT INT LUCK Sum Notes Item
Lucky 100% 110% 100% 100% 150% +60% Male only
Not starting Hero
Gold beak
Ladylike 100% 80% 95% 110% 140% +25% Female only
Not starting Hero
DQ3 SNES Book.png Lady Manual
DW3 crown.png Tiara
Happy 90% 100% 90% 100% 130% +10% DQ3 SNES Book.png Lucky Book
Bunny tail
Weepy 90% 90% 100% 110% 115% +5% DQ3 SNES Book.png Tragic Tale
Twisted 70% 120% 70% 110% 130% +0% Not starting Hero
Naive 100% 90% 90% 70% 110% -40%


The sexy personality (or "Vamp" in the iOS version) is often regarded as the best due to its +70% composite attribute bonus. Many choose to use female characters over males, since this personality is exclusive to Females.

However, not all attributes are equal. Due to the way the game's attributes are calculated, Vitality and Intelligence give the biggest bonuses for every extra point you earn. For reference...

Base Damage = (Attack - Defense/2)*modifier Modifier = .39-.59

Agility = The game multiplies each character's and monster's agility by a random percentage (0-100%), then chooses the highest resulting AGL, executes this character's action, chooses the second best AGL, executes the action, and etc.

HP = Vitality * 2

MP = Intelligence * 2

Chance of Being Hit By Status Ailments = (384 - LUCK) * (32-160, depending on the specific status ailment) / 65536

The end results of this is are thus: Each point of Strength increases your Damage by ~0.5 points, each point of Agility increase one's chance of going first by variable amounts (depending on the enemy's Agility relative to yours), each point of Luck increases your status resistance by ~0.05-0.24% (depending on which specific spell is being used against you), and each point in Vitality and Intelligence gives +2 extra points into HP and MP respectively.

Vitality and Intelligence, therefore, give far more value per point than the other attributes. And while the "Sexy/Vamp" has decent Intelligence, its Vitality pales in comparison to personalities such as the "Tough", "Solitary", and "Timid" personalities. In addition, its bonuses, while generally high across the board, are not as high in any attribute as the game's more "specialized" personalities.

For these reasons, you will want to be careful before assigning it to any particular classes. HP is arguably the game's most valuable attribute; and some classes are specialized enough to where they don't actually benefit from all of the bonuses of the "Sexy" personality. The Warrior, for example, will always be going last in every battle; it makes very little difference whether they have 60% Agility growth or 140% Agility growth.

Hero personality quiz[edit]

Starting personality graph

At the start of a new game, the hero is asked a series of questions by an unknown source. These questions determine the hero's starting personality. The player is asked to enter their real name and birth date, however these inputs have no effect on the resulting personality test. The first question is randomly chosen from the 5 possible starting questions. Any of the 30 possible personalities can be obtained from any of the 5 starting questions. In total, there are 43 different questions that can be asked, including 1 question which can be asked twice.

At the end of each possible question chain is an imaginary scenario in which the hero must decide what to do. These scenarios determine the final personality. There are 8 different scenarios that can be played depending on the player's answers to the questions. Some scenarios have up to 5 possible personality results depending on the actions of the hero during the scenario.

The 32 possible starting personalities for a hero are:

Strength Agility Vitality Intelligence Luck 2 attr.
Valiant (x140%)
Bully (x120%)
Macho (x115%)
Silly (x120%)
Fearless (x120%)
Foolish (x115%)
Careless (x115%)
Vain (x110%)
Selfish (x105%)
Tough (x140%)
Lewd (x120%)
Solitary (x120%)
Timid (x120%)
Diligent (x120%)
Lazy (x120%)
Stubborn (x120%)
Carefree (x110%)
Eager (x110%)
Smart (x130%)
Logical (x125%)
Alert (x120%)
Romantic (x115%)
Kindly (x110%)
Honest (x110%)
Helpless (x105%)
Happy (x130%)
Weepy (x115%)
Naive (x110%)
Sexy (Agl x120% & Luck x120%)
Defiant (Agl x105 & Vit x105%)
Cowardly (Int x120% & Luck x120%)
Lonesome (Int x110% & Luck x110%)

The 13 personalities which the hero cannot start with are:

  • Agile
  • Amazon
  • Ironman
  • Jock
  • Ladylike
  • Lucky
  • Meddler
  • Ordinary
  • Quick
  • Sharp
  • Tomboy
  • Twisted
  • Unique

Recruitable member personality[edit]

Characters which are created and recruited at Luisa's Place have different mechanism to determine their personality. Each character class has its own set of base attributes.

Warrior (M) 9 2 9 2 3
Warrior (F) 8 3 8 3 3
Fighter (M) 14 9 7 3 2
Fighter (F) 12 11 7 4 3
Wizard/Mage (M) 3 6 4 7 3
Wizard/Mage (F) 2 7 4 7 3
Priest (M) 4 5 4 6 3
Priest (F) 4 5 4 6 3
Dealer (M) 5 1 6 6 4
Dealer (F) 5 2 5 7 4
Jester (M) 4 3 6 2 10
Jester (F) 4 3 5 3 10
Thief (M) 6 10 5 5 8
Thief (F) 5 12 5 6 8

As each character is created, the player is given the opportunity to use five seeds to further raise the character's attributes. Each seed will increase the single attribute by 1-3 points. The seeds can be distributed manually or randomly by the computer if the player chooses that option. After the final starting attributes have been determined, a calculation is performed to determine the personality.

The base values from the above table are subtracted from the final starting attributes to get the "bonus" values, i.e. the amount by which each attribute exceeds the base value for the character's gender and class. The five attributes are ranked from highest to lowest bonus. If two attributes have an equal bonus, the base attribute value is used to break the tie. Finally, a personality is chosen based on the class, the highest bonus, the value of that bonus, the second-highest bonus in some cases, and random chance.

Highest bonus is Strength (STR)
Warrior/Fighter STR >= 11 Valiant/Jock/Amazon
STR >= 7 Jock/Macho/Tomboy/Bully
VIT is 2nd Bully/Unique/Lewd/Amazon
AGI is 2nd Fearless/Tomboy/Careless/Defiant
Otherwise Lewd/Naive/Carefree/Honest/Ordinary
Mage/Priest STR >= 11 Jock/Amazon/Fearless
STR >= 7 Stubborn/Meddler/Jock/Macho
VIT is 2nd Eagar/Diligent/Unique/Selfish
INT is 2nd Defiant/Vain/Cowardly/Lonesome
Otherwise Naive/Lazy/Honest/Tomboy/Kindly/ Ordinary
Dealer/Jester/Thief STR >= 11 Jock/Defiant/Tomboy/Macho
INT is 2nd Sharp/Solitary/Alert
VIT is 2nd Fearless/Amazon/Bully
AGI is 2nd Foolish/Agile/Silly
Otherwise Lonesome/Romantic/Weepy/Helpless/Selfish/Ordinary
Highest bonus is Agility (AGI)
Warrior/Dealer/Jester AGI >= 12 Quick/Fearless/Agile
AGI >= 7 Agile/Foolish/Selfish/Defiant
INT is 2nd Alert/Silly/Twisted
STR is 2nd Bully/Tomboy/Macho/Solitary
Otherwise Careless/Vain/Lonesome/Weepy/Ordinary
Fighter/Thief AGI >= 10 Quick/Fearless/Agile
AGI >= 7 Fearless/Agile/Foolish/Solitary
STR is 2nd Defiant/Macho/Tomboy/Vain
VIT is 2nd Macho/Eagar/Lewd/Twisted
Otherwise Solitary/Romantic/Fearless/Weepy/Ordinary
Mage/Priest AGI >= 8 Agile/Alert/Foolish
STR is 2nd Defiant/Vain/Careless
INT is 2nd Logical/Weepy/Silly/Sexy
Otherwise Cowardly/Naive/Helpless/Romantic/Ordinary
Highest bonus is Vitality (VIT)
Warrior/Fighter/Dealer VIT >= 10 Tough/Ironman
VIT >= 6 Diligent/Eagar/Stubborn/Lewd
STR is 2nd Jock/Unique/Carefree
Otherwise Honest/Meddler/Lazy/Timid/Ordinary
Mage/Priest VIT >= 11 Tough/Ironman/Eagar
VIT >= 6 Eagar/Stubborn/Diligent/Lewd
INT is 2nd Kindly/Meddler/Defiant/Sexy
Otherwise Lonesome/Cowardly/Naive/Carefree/Ordinary
Jester/Thief VIT >= 11 Tough/Ironman/Unique
VIT >= 6 Eagar/Stubborn/Unique/Lewd
STR is 2nd Bully/Fearless
Otherwise Lazy/Solitary/Sexy/Silly/Romantic/Ordinary
Highest bonus is Intelligence (INT)
Warrior/Fighter INT >= 10 Twisted/Smart/Logical/Romantic
INT >= 6 Vain/Romantic/Cowardly/Ladylike
Otherwise Naive/Helpless/Silly/Kindly/Ordinary
Mage/Priest INT >= 10 Sharp/Smart
INT >= 6 Smart/Alert/Logical/Romantic/Cowardly
Otherwise Weepy/Kindly/Helpless/Lonesome/Honest/Ordinary
Dealer/Thief INT >= 10 Sharp/Smart
INT >= 6 Alert/Smart/Vain/Logical
Otherwise Solitary/Romantic/Diligent/Careless/Ordinary/Meddler
Jester INT >= 10 Sharp/Smart
INT >= 6 Alert/Sexy/Lewd/Silly/Logical
Otherwise Lazy/Carefree/Helpless/Solitary/Ordinary
Highest bonus is Luck (LUC)
Warrior/Fighter LUC >= 12 Lucky/Ladylike/Happy
LUC >= 7 Happy/Romantic/Lazy
Otherwise Naive/Helpless/Vain/Silly/Careless/Ordinary
Mage/Priest LUC >= 12 Lucky/Ladylike/Happy
LUC >= 6 Happy/Naive/Helpless/Lazy
Otherwise Vain/Careless/Weepy/Cowardly/Timid/Ordinary
Dealer/Thief LUC >= 12 Lucky/Happy
LUC >= 6 Happy/Meddler/Helpless/Selfish/Carefree
Otherwise Vain/Naive/Weepy/Kindly/Honest/Ordinary
Jester LUC >= 9 Lucky/Ladylike
LUC >= 6 Happy/Naive/Helpless/Sexy/Lewd
Otherwise Lewd/Sexy/Weepy/Lonesome/Silly/Carefree/Lazy/Selfish

How to get the personality that you want[edit]

  • Choose a personality and find which primary attribute bonus needs to be boosted.
  • Boost primary attribute.
  • Spend remaining points on tertiary attributes (the ones that don't help the class much).

When recruiting party members the best thing to do is to save between making party members. Choose the class you will be recruiting, then choose a fully positive personality for the class that you are recruiting, for example, the Honest personality for Priests/Clerics (which is primarily Str, Vit, and Int focused). Some personalities are better for building a particular attribute and are meant for advanced progression strategies (e.g. focusing on a personality that gives the highest bonus for a particular attribute).

After you've chosen the personality that you want, look in the above tables to see which primary attribute needs to be given seeds in order to get it. Although the requirements for getting the personality you want may result in skewed starting attributes, that is a minor inconvenience. Now, if you have a Priest/Cleric that you want to have, for example, the personality type of Honest, you have to make sure the following conditions are met (this is also outlined in the tables, above):

  1. STR must be the attribute with the highest bonus from applying seeds. Make sure you do not add more than 6 points to STR.
  2. Neither VIT nor INT can have the second highest bonus from applying seeds.

The easiest way to make sure the second condition is met is by not spending any points in it. A better way is to make sure STR has 3-6 points (1-3 seeds) in it, then add 2-5 points (1-2 seeds) to another attribute that doesn't affect personality (in this case AGI and LUK). The final seed can then, probably, be safely be added to INT or VIT (in some cases the final seed will apply 2 points and mess the whole thing up).

The result is a slightly skewed set of attributes, but after a couple of levels they will be on track again.

Altering personality[edit]

Personality can be altered during the game in two ways: a character can equip a piece of equipment which forces a specific personality, or a book item can be used which changes the character's base personality. Book items can be found throughout the game, with many hidden in bookcases and pots in towns. The most highly valued book is the sexy book which is obtainable through one of the wishes Divinegon grants.

SNES to GBC personality translations[edit]

The following table shows the different translations of the personality names in the SNES and GBC versions of Dragon Quest III. Note that this table uses the DQ translations English patch.

Hyper Quick
Sharp Sharp
Lucky Lucky
Silly Twisted
Worldly Diligent

DQ3 SNES Book.png Books[edit]

In the World you will find various books. By reading it the Personality of the Reader will change.

For Info on Accessory see: Items
Book Personality
Muscle Guidebook Jock
Tomboy Book Tomboy
Cheater Guide Alert
Smart Book Sharp
Joke Book Silly
Book Personality
Kindly Book Kindly
Lady Manual Ladylike
Lucky Book Happy
Brave Book Fearless
Naughty Book Lewd/Sexy
Book Personality
Wimpy Book Helpless
Hero Guide Valiant
Tragic Tale Weepy
Defy Book Defiant