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As you walk toward Treno, the city of nobles, the skies will turn orange, then darken, as day turns to night. Your destination sits obvious before you, but like usual in Final Fantasy IX, there is more to do before you go there.

Friendly Ghost[edit]

As you walk around the plains near Treno, you are likely to run into a friendly ghost who asks for an Ore. Similar to the friendly mu before it, using the item on him (and not performing any hostile actions) nets you 10 AP and a Hi-Potion for now and sets you up for a bigger reward later.

Quan's Dwelling[edit]

FFIX Quans Dwelling Title.jpg
*Ether (×3)
  • Scorpio

To get to the cave Quan (remember that name?) calls home, go past Treno, into the forest, and then go as far east as you possibly can. A small cave opening sits in the mountain face.

Inside, Quan isn't home, but he won't mind if we take a few of his items. Follow the path, and when it splits, go right to get an Ether from a chest. Then take the left path that goes behind the pillar and leads to a rope. Go down the rope, pick up another Ether from the chest, and drink from the hot spring to restore your HP and MP. Check the south side below the spring to get the Scorpio. Then go back up the rope and enter the next room. Here, climb the ladder on the left. At the top, press Cross button to get a third Ether. There are no more items, but there are some interesting markings on the north side of this room, and Dagger makes some comments about the clock and the sea on the balcony to your right. When you are done exploring, return to the cave entrance and head toward the city.