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Rest Stop Shop
Air Racket400g
Mythril Rod560g
Glass Armlet250g
Silver Gloves720g
Mythril Gloves980g
Steepled Hat260g
Magus Hat400g
Rubber Helm250g
Iron Helm450g
Bronze Vest670g
Linen Cuirass800g
Phoenix Down150g
Echo Screen50g
Eye Drops50g

After a disc change, the scene switches back to South Gate, where the guards are still bickering about the suspicious look of Steiner and the relative merits of various varieties of pickle. Following that, we rejoin Steiner and Dagger, still on the train up the Aerbs Mountains, trying to get to Alexandria.

Rest Stop[edit]

* Kupo Nut
  • Phoenix Down

After disembarking, go through either entrance to the northeast to reach the Summit Station Rest Stop. At the bottom of the screen, a shopkeeper sells some valuable weapons and armor, in addition to the usual items. Pick up anything you do not yet have and stock up on supplies. If you have a little extra Gil, pick up some extras for future syntheses, and see the sidebar for a way to invest your Gil in a scheme with guaranteed return. Don't forget to equip upgraded weapons, armor, and accessories, both new an old, and reshuffle Abilities for battle.

Cotton Robe trick
Pick up a few extra (or a lot extra) Steepled Hats for 260g; soon, a player will be able to combine them with 130g Wrists to synthesize Cotton Robes, each of which sell for 1000g in one of the few forms of arbitrage in Final Fantasy IX.

In the lower-right corner of the room, Nazna the Moogle stands next to Steiner, offering the ability to save and tent. You have a letter from Grimo to Nazna, so select the Mognet option to get a Kupo Nut, assuming you delivered your last Nut in Disc One. After reading the letter, pick the Mognet option again to be asked to deliver a letter to Mochos.

Talk to the gentleman behind the counter to the left to trigger the departure of the train to Lindblum—and to hear someone miss it! Before you follow the voice, open the chest below the desk for a Phoenix Down, then exit through the door nearby.

On the platform, Dagger will see a few familiar faces head into the Rest Stop. Follow them.

Back in the rest stop, Steiner is picking a fight with Marcus and Cinna, members of Tantalus. Break up the fight by talking to both sides individually. The train to Alexandria will arrive, so follow everyone onto the platform and onto the train.

Train to Alexandria[edit]

Watch the scene on the train until you regain control. At this point, talking to Marcus triggers an event that stops the train and leads to a boss fight against yet another blast from your past:

Black Waltz 3
HP: 1300, AP: 5, Gil: 864, Steal: Steepled Hat, Lightning Staff, Flame Staff

The third Black Waltz has gone slightly crazy in attempting to accomplish his mission, but just like in your last battle with the creature, it will not attack Dagger, even if she is the last character standing.

This is the same Black Waltz you fought on the airship to Lindblum; he hasn't really buffed up much in the meantime, so it's a significantly easier fight than your last two boss battles. Mostly, he attacks with the same entry-level elemental spells he did before, but intersperses those with physical attacks and a new, deadly status effect: Freeze. While frozen, a character cannot move; it is like petrify in this regard, but unlike those afflicted with petrification, frozen characters who are hit with a physical attack are instantly knocked out. The only ways to cure freeze are to use a valuable Remedy or to wait it out, hoping that character does not get hit. Because Remedies are rare at this point, the best strategy is to simply inflict Black Waltz with Darkness, increasing the likelihood that his physical follow-up attack will miss the frozen character.

Marcus joins the party for this battle, which will help direct damage away from Steiner, but his outdated equipment and paltry defense make him an easy target. Take advantage of Dagger's invulnerability to keep him fully healed. As a thief, Marcus brings the Steal command to your Zidane-less party. Black Waltz carries some valuable equipment, but the most valuable item—a Flame Staff for Vivi—is extremely difficult to capture without Zidane's Bandit skill. Try for it, but use your own judgement on the value of a single item compared to your entire real-life afternoon. (You'll be able to buy the Flame Staff soon after anyway, in Treno)

Have Steiner defend and Dagger heal while Marcus steals. Once you have the items you're looking for, have the gentlemen give all they've got (and Dagger, too, if everybody's in good shape; if you equipped a good racket, she's packs a much bigger punch than she used to). In the end, dancing with the Black Waltz is no cake walk, but it's a welcome respite from the tougher boss battles.

Alexandria Station[edit]

Part-time worker Mary's
Phoenix Down150g
Echo Screen50g
Eye Drops50g

Disembarking the train on the Alexandria side, you will notice that Part-time worker Mary has finally opened that shop she's been talking about, though it's just your basic set of supplies for sale.

Heading north, you will quickly run into a fork in the road. Your story destination is Treno to the right, but if you are trying to make some extra Gil off the Cotton Robe trick—or if you just really want an Elixir—first go left to return to Dali.


* Elixer

This is an optional detour, but a necessary one if you are trying to perform the Cotton Robe trick. Go left at the fork and talk to the gate attendant twice to let you proceed onto the world map. Travel northwest to reach the village. Once there, the first building on your right is the inn, where you can save and rest (for 100g—talk to the kid in the room with the beds). The first building on the left is Eve's weapons, where you want to buy the same number of Wrists as you did Steepled Hats at South Gate. Her inventory is exactly the same as last time you visited. After that, follow the path to the northeast for your one and only chance at the treasure chest the old woman normally works around. Take the Elixir inside and head back to South Gate.

South Gate[edit]

* 1610g

Have the guards open the gate for you again, then at the fork, take the path to the right this time. Cross the bridge (jump over the broken section with Cross button). On the far side, before moving to the next screen, take the stairs downward for a chest with 1610g. Continue onward. Show the guards your gate pass to be allowed back onto the world map, this time on the Treno side.