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There are various names that can be entered to give players access to special characters or character sets with unlimited special items. To access these cheats, simply create a new character and enter the code in the Name blank.

Character Codes[edit]

These negate the change feature in the character management screen, making it so that you can only play as the character defined by the code. Some seem to be intended to represent the programmers, while others are simply comical or look nifty. Using these cheats does not effect the gameplay (each character is governed by the rules of the character they are replacing and has the same base stats and strengths/weakness of that charter, as if it's just that character in a costume). These new characters are also referred to by Sumner ad the narrator as the character they're replacing (DARTHC is called "Green Knight", DES700 is called "Yellow Wizard", etc.).

Costume Code
Sky General SKY100
Garm GARM99
Lich[1] GARM00
Desert General DES700
Sumner[2] SUM224
Castle General CAS400
Mountain General MTN200
Wearing Rat Hat RAT333
Province General TWN300
Cheerleader CEL721
Japanese School Girl AYA555
Battlefield General BAT900
In Black Outfit and Bald DARTHC
Bald in Street Clothes STG333
In Street Clothes ARV984
In Street Clothes and Cap DIB626
In Black Karate Suit SJB964
Ninja TAK118
Quarterback RIZ721
Waitress KAO292
Stick Figure with a Cap and big human head KJH105
Stick Figure with Mohawk PNK666
Stick Figure with Smile STX222
Ice General ICE600
Bondage Suit NUD069

A number of characters are generals of the realms. Note that MTN200 stands for mountain as in the Mountain Kingdom. There is no consistency in the numbers but they always end in 00. This works for all of the general type characters. DES700 is the desert general, BAT900 is the battlefield general, TWN300 is the town(province) general, ICE600 is the ice general, CAS400 is the castle general, SKY100 is the sky general. The question is, is it possible to unlock the dream and forest generals?... the numbers 500 and 800 have been left out in the pattern. Makes you wonder.

Item Codes[edit]

These codes give you an unlimited acount of the specified items, regardless of which character (warrior, jester, etc.) you use in that saved game profile. Some are more helpful than others (the infinite Pojo code seems to have been put into the game just for comic effect).

Effect Code
Permanent Pojo the Chicken EGG911
Permanent Reflect Shot REFLEX
Permanent Super Shot SSHOTS
Invincibility INVULN
Permanent Anti-Death 1ANGEL
Permanent Full Turbo PURPLE
Permanent Invisibility 000000
Permanent Shrink Enemy and Growth DELTA1
Permanent Triple Shot MENAGE
Permanent X-ray Vision PEEKIN
Permanent Speed Powerup XSPEED
Permanent Rapid Fire QCKSHT
Start game with 10,000 gold 10000K
Full potions and keys ALLFUL


  1. Like the boss, but scaled down for playability.
  2. Does not give maxed-out stats or start at level 99.