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Game Boy Advance[edit]

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  • Z button: two player combo attack. "You can team up with a second player and unleash a powerful combo attack against your enemies. One player must have their Turbo Meter full in order to perform this attack, then simply walk up to a second player and press L button."
  • Left dpad/Right dpad: scroll left or right through your inventory.
  • Up dpad: open inventory slot. Activates a disabled item. Makes the item name appear.
  • Down dpad: close inventory slot. Disables an activated item.
  • Start button: pause the game. Show the options menu.


  • Neutral control: move character; aim.
  • Neutral control+A button: melee combo attacks. "Characters have linked attacks that inflict greater damage to enemies and generators only during hand-to-hand combat."
  • A button: quick attack. "It's fast, but does less damage than a slow attack."
  • B button: defend. Causes you to be stuck in a defensive stance for 1 second.
  • Tap X button: use potion. "Your character can activate a magical blast damaging all enemies and generators within its radius. The more powerful your magic stat, the larger the blast radius will be."
  • Hold X button: throw potion. "You can throw magic potions at your enemies like a grenade."
  • Double tap X button: magic shield. "Your character uses a potion to create a magic shield around him that will damage anything nearby"
  • Y button: slow attack. Contrary to what the manual says, pressing Y button in any way does not initiate a turbo attack. "It's slow, but does more damage than a quick attack."
  • A button+B button: turbo attack. "With a full Turbo Meter (yellow or red), you can unleash a powerful attack. The turbo bar indicates the strength of that attack. Yellow wields a close area attack useful when surrounded by enemies. Red creates a deadly forward wave attack." Full turbo attacks are extremely useful for clearing enemies in front of you. These attacks penetrate walls.
  • L button: charge. "L button allows you to run past enemies for a quick escape if necessary." Drains your turbo meter slightly; only lasts 1 second.
  • R button: hold to strafe.


  • Neutral control: move character; aim.
  • A button+Y button: turbo attack.
  • Y button: defend.
  • X button: magic.


  • Neutral control: move character; aim.
  • Neutral cstick: aim and shoot. Can be combined with Neutral control to strafe and fire in any direction without pausing.
  • A button+R button: turbo attack.
  • R button: defend.
  • B button: magic.

Playtation 2[edit]

  • Neutral lstick move.
  • Cross button shoot attack.
  • Square button do larger shoot attack.
  • Circle button magic.
  • Triangle button special attack.


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