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Path to the Cemeteries[edit]

At the start of the level, take care of the ankle biter generator to the right of you first. Below the generator is a barrel with the first hint scroll.

Hint Scroll
"Rotting stumps are easily broken."

As it mentions, there are various stumps you will run into that can be destroyed, which will uncover items or even switches. Above the generator is a barrel that has an apple in it. The chest to the left of the gate has a reflective shield in it. Proceed past the gate once it opens and avoid the spike trap before going through. On the way through, there will be ankle biter generators, two archers, and a suicide grunt. Deal with them and collect the red crystals along the way. Eventually you'll get back onto normal terrain and will run into the first two grunt generators of this level. Destroy them along with the ankle biter generator and get the keyring inside the barrel nearby.

Next to the gate is a switch that raises a platform right ahead of you. Deal with the grunt generators to the left and right of the fence. After they are taken care of, go past the gate while avoiding the spike trap and deal with the ankle biter generators up ahead. In the chest that was just raised, there is a pineapple inside. At the top left and top right areas, there are grunt generators to deal with, so make sure you take them out to stop them from spawning while you explore. Next to a upward coffin (that can be destroyed, but has nothing in it) is a switch that raises the grave in front of you, which has a potion. Right next to the switch is a stump that can be destroyed, which contains a single purple crystal. Above that grave is a barrel with a single key inside. To the left of the key is some treasure sitting on the ground that you can take. Near the left most grave at the top is a stump that can be destroyed. Underneath the stump is a switch that raises the grave right next to you, which has a blue and purple crystal to grab. Proceed to the top of the area to find the second hint scroll.

Hint Scroll
"This gate can be opened from the farthest corner."

The switch to open this gate is located in the most bottom right corner. If you haven't gotten it yet, go down there and flip it in order to continue on. Once the switch is flipped, go back to the gate to proceed to the next path. Be careful of the multiple spike traps located near the gate and on the path. There are some generators to deal with on the way, along with a suicide grunt and some ankle biter generators. Just like the previous path, deal with them and grab the red crystals along the side. Near the end of the path is two bomb throwers, so watch out for that. Past the path is another small graveyard with some more grunt generators to deal with, along with a gargoyle. Destroy the generators first so they won't distract you while trying to take out the bigger threat here. Once defeated, grab the golden fang it drops.

Near the entrance of this area is a hint scroll inside of a barrel.

Hint Scroll
"The rich foolishly try to take their wealth with them."

Right above the scroll is a stump that can be destroyed, which has a switch underneath. The switch raises a grave with a chest just ahead of you. The chest ahead contains growth. Make sure to collect the red crystals around here, along with the purple crystal hidden behind the tree. To the right, is a tomb. Destroy the door and go inside of it to find some treasure along with a switch. The switch on the wall raises one of the graves nearby. At the top of the tomb on the outside is a barrel, which has ham in it. Make sure not to hit the green toxic barrel, otherwise the ham will become poison meat. Go to the gate on the left and pick up the potion from the raised grave on the way. Flip the switch on the wall and kill the grunts that piled up on the gate if there are any. Deal with the generators past the gate and watch out for a suicide grunt up ahead. On the right are two crypts with items inside. Destroy the doors and grab the items inside. The one with a spike trap before it has x-ray glasses, and the other one has a keyring. Next to the right most crypt is a switch. Flip the switch to raise a grave in the previous area. Backtrack to that grave to get a green and purple crystal. There is also a switch on it, which raises another grave with two yellow crystals up above.

Grabbing the Parchment of Fire[edit]

Go back past the gate and proceed on. The first barrel you run into has poison meat in it, which you should ignore. Past the barrel is a general and a grunt generator. Deal with the grunts first and take out the general, but do not open the barrels or hit the explosive red barrel! To the left of the red explosive barrel is a red death, and to the right of the red explosive barrel is watermelon. Wait until you grab the anti-death before releasing the red death. You can grab the watermelon instead, however. Flip the switch on the wall right next to it to open up a gate on the path to the right. Grab the six red crystals and go into this area.

Destroy the ankle biter generator and kill the archer. Flip the visible switch to raise a platform past the stone wall, which is a hidden wall that can be destroyed. Right next to the switch is another hidden wall that has a switch to lower the gate next to the watermelon and red death. Flip that switch, but don't go back just yet. Hit the stone wall on the left to reveal a switch and a chest. Flip the switch to raise a platform nearby and open the chest for a thunder hammer. Go to the wall next to the ramp to reveal a wooden wall, which itself is another hidden wall. Destroy that wall to reveal a switch that opens up the path ahead. Go down the slope and grab the single red crystal. Flip the switch on the left to raise the platform up ahead. Deal with the generator and bomb thrower as well. Go past the bridge to find two blue crystals, but also hit the front side of the rock to reveal a potion. Backtrack to the gate next to the watermelon.

There are six crypts on this path before you get to the fountain up ahead. The most bottom right has a black death inside of it, which will drain your experience if he awakens and gets to you. Fortunately, there's a switch on the left that lowers the door below it, which contains an anti-death inside. If you didn't open the barrel with the red death, you can get 100 health back along with some free EXP from the black death; two birds for one stone! After you deal with the deaths, grab the chest in the second crypt on the left to get some treasure. Up towards the fountain are generators on both sides of the fountain. Destroy them all and hit the switch at the top. That switch will open the first crypt on the right down below, which contains a gas mask and another switch. Go down there, grab the gas mask and hit the switch. The switch will cause the fountain statue to turn around and pour water over the fire to put it out. It will also lower the top left switch platform at the top. Step on that switch along with getting the red crystal to lower the top right switch platform and turn the statue around again. Step on the top right platform switch to raise a platform towards the statue and to lower the Parchment of Fire. Grab the now accessible Parchment of Fire and go to the top left to find a switch that lowers the gate.

Path to the Exit[edit]

Kill any grunts that gathered towards the gate and watch out for a suicide grunt in the distance. On the way down the path, grab the red crystals and destroy the ankle biter generators. At the bottom, next to a green toxic barrel is a turbo boost. Follow the path and destroy any generators you come across, whether it's in front of you or on the other side of the fence. Up ahead you will find an apple next to a tree and a stump with a green toxic barrel next to it. Make sure you grab the apple before the green toxic barrel explodes otherwise it will turn to poison fruit. Next to the stump is another hint scroll.

Hint Scroll
"Behind a tomb you will find the key to the exit."

There is a tomb coming up with a switch that lowers the gate to the exit. Keep going straight until you run into the tomb. Inside of it is a key, which you can grab if you are short on them. Behind the tomb are some purple crystals along with a switch that lowers a gate up being guarded by a golem. Destroy the barrel next to the switch to get some bananas. Continue following the path while dealing with some generators until you run into a chest facing the other way. Inside the chest is a drumstick. Near the chest is a stump that you can destroy, which contains a keyring. Keep following the path and you will run into six red crystals, with a blue crystal on the other side of the fence, which you can get from the other side of the split path. Before going further ahead, go the right to find a bridge that has a Phoenix Familiar on it and a key gate. Watch the spike trap upon entering inside the gate. Inside the gate was the area you were previously in with the fountain. Kill the ankle biters and grab the cherries along with the purple and yellow crystals. Ignore the chest on the right as it's just a bomb. Now go back and you go up the hill while killing more grunts and destroying generators. Both sides have single red crystals, so make sure to grab those too. At the very top is a golem that guards the bridge. Take the out the golem and pass the bridge.

If you are playing the GameCube version, there is a Hand of Death item next to the green toxic barrel. Continue on the path and destroy any generators on the way. Up ahead is a bomb thrower with a purple crystal behind a log. Past there are some more bomb throwers and archers to deal with. On the way, there is another stump that can be destroyed, which has a purple crystal and a switch underneath. Step on the switch to raise a platform with two chests up ahead. The chest nearby just has poison meat in it, so ignore it. On the right near the wall is a hint scroll.

Hint Scroll
"When the righteous choose right, wealth comes their way."

This scroll is referring to the two chests that were just raised. Above the scroll is another stump that can be destroyed and it has a key. There is also a general and some generators nearby. Kill the general and destroy the generators to deal with the last of the enemies in this level. To the left is the platform that was just raised, which has two chests and a single cherry. The scroll says to choose right as in to pick the right choice, but also means it literally as in choose the "right" chest. The left chest has a bomb in it which will destroy the right chest that contains treasure in it.

Grab the treasure and go up the ramp to finally exit the level.