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Beginning of the Dungeon[edit]

Start the level by walking down the flight of stairs and by destroying a generator right on the wall. Walk down another flight of stairs and grab the blue crystals on the side. Keep walking down the stairs until you see a floor spike trap on your right. An explosive suicide grunt will come up the stairs, so deal with it quickly. Kill the bomb thrower on the other side of the spike trap, and open the barrel for a potion. Destroy the cell looking door next to the lit torch on the wall to reveal a hidden room with some treasure behind a closed gate and a key in front of it. Walk down the last pair of stairs and destroy the generator on the wall.

Before opening the locked gate, head down toward the key that is being guarded by some kind of tentacle monster. Grab the key and take care of another bomb thrower and an archer on the other side. Open the barrel to find the first hint scroll of this level.

Hint Scroll
"A Gargoyle is guarding access to much gold."

This scroll is talking about a switch that will raise a platform somewhere later on. So for now, avoid the floor blade traps, then open the two locked gates and get ready to face a gargoyle that the scroll just mentioned. On the chest to the left of the second floor blade trap is a fire wall shield. First, take care of the generator on the wall next to the switch, then deal with the gargoyle and grab the golden icon it drops. Flip the switch to raise a platform with a yellow crystal and a barrel of treasure up ahead. The secret level door that the gargoyle was guarding leads to the secret level named Space. Grab the green crystal near the edge and avoid the barrel as it only has some poison fruit inside.

Walk up the stairs and grab the blue crystals over the bridge. Walk slowly to have enough time to kill an explosive suicide grunt that is coming your way. Kill off some grunts that follow it and destroy their generator. Walk down the stairs and kill some more grunts and another generator. Open the barrel near the edge for some junk, and grab the keyring next to the stairs. Open the locked gate and then kill off some anklebiters and their generator right in front of the now open door. Kill off an archer near the chests, and walk around the chests to deal with another anklebiter generator. The chest on the left has a pineapple, and the chest on the right is a random potion chest.

Middle of the Dungeon[edit]

Continue on the path and grab more blue crystals across another bridge, then deal with some more grunts and anklebiters along with their generators. Open the barrel against the wall to find a banana bunch. The chest next to the barrel has some x-ray glasses inside. Finally, grab the 3-way shot that is guarded by another tentacle monster. Before moving on, destroy a fake wall that was in front of the x-ray glasses chest to reveal a small hidden room with a green crystal, hint scroll, and a switch.

Hint Scroll
"Retrace your steps and be rewarded by a dead man."

Remember that fake wall we hit at the beginning of the level? If you want some extra treasure, backtrack to grab it, if not, move forward. Walk across another bridge with blue crystals on it and then deal with an archer and some anklebiters just a little downward. Open the first barrel across the bridge to get a key. The other three barrels have another key, a keyring, and a turbo power-up inside. Avoid the floor spike trap and then walk up the flight of stairs slowly. There is a general creeping around at the top, so try to activate it and run back down as there's quite a number of enemies up above. Grab the keyring the general drops and then destroy some anklebiter generators back up the stairs. Avoid the first chest right in front of the stairs as it is a bomb chest. Up above is a grunt generator, so deal with the grunts and few anklebiter stranglers that may be up there, but most importantly, DO NOT DESTROY THE RED EXPLOSIVE BARRELS! There is a black death that is standing still! There is no need to bother it since there isn't a halo in this level, so just ignore it to save from wasting a potion. Instead, walk up one of the two bridges (with one of them having a cherry), and take care of the archer in that area. There is an anklebiter generator up there, so deal with that and then grab the yellow crystal and barrel of treasure that you raised from earlier. If you still have x-ray glasses, use it to get the item you want from the random chest that is right next to a switch, preferably a halo to steal some EXP from that black death.

End of the Dungeon[edit]

Flip the switch to lower the exit to the level. Walk back down and walk across the bridge with a locked gate, and then deal with some anklebiters and grunts. After you take care of the generators, open the chest for some treasure and then grab the yellow crystal sitting in the corner. Climb up the flight of stairs and kill a bomb thrower on the way up. Flip a switch on the way up to raise a platform where you grabbed a yellow crystal. Backtrack down and grab the black crystal on the platform. Behind the black crystal is a fake wall that is hiding a small room with a key, green crystal, and switch. Grab the items and then flip the switch to lower a meal back where you grabbed the x-ray glasses from the chest in front of another hidden room. Backtrack and grab the meal if need be, then come back and go to the top of the stairs to where the exit is. Kill off some grunts and anklebiters, then destroy their generators. Grab the green crystal and then exit the level.