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You start off the level on the outskirts of town with a generator right next to you, which is much closer to you compared to the last level's starting point. You can go back towards the gate to destroy another generator and kill an archer to find a keyring inside of a lone barrel, which will unlock the gate up ahead if you are short of keys.

Past the locked gate are four red crystals, an archer shooting at you, and a general. Grab the crystals and deal with the archer and general. To the left of the bridge and under a tree is a red explosive barrel next to a generator and another archer. Destroy the barrel to kill the archer and the generator, or a bunch of grunts if they happened to come up from the generator. There is also a barrel with a health item inside, right above there. To the right of the bridge is a generator and a barrel with treasure inside.

Hint Scroll
"Not all food can be found at ground level."

Inside the burning house is a bunch of ankle biters along with the first hint scroll. You'll find out what this means in a bit. After exiting the burning house, destroy the ankle biter generator and kill the bomb thrower. Note the red barrels down below along with the grunts that probably have surrounded it on the other side of the fence. Before going down there, go up to get above the burning house to deal with more ankle biters and to find a potion in a barrel along with a purple crystal and a switch. The switch lowers the floor inside of the burning house. Go back inside of it and down the lowered floor ramp to find a health item and a green crystal. Although not noticeable, there is a switch in there that will lower another platform outside revealing a chest. Go back outside and open the chest to get some meat.

Going back down to the red barrels mentioned earlier, destroy them to open up the fence, or open it up yourself if it didn't open. Be careful of the trap on the other side of the fence as well. There are some ankle biters and generators to deal with, so quickly dispose of them. There are four red crystals to grab here along with a barrel between two red barrels. Assuming it didn't get destroyed in some crossfire or accidental shot, this barrel contains a speed powerup. Going down some more, there is another fence that can be destroyed. In this area, there are some more grunts and generators to take care of. Go up to find a barrel with a potion inside and two health items on the way to a dead end with a generator. Going back down, you can grab the Phoenix Familiar next to a trough with some green liquid(?) inside of it, which has a generator to the right of it. Continue to the right and you will see a locked gate with another trough near a red barrel. Destroy the red barrel to go behind it to a barrel with a health item. There is another barrel in front of it, but that contains poison fruit so you will have to go back. Down below is a generator and a bomber thrower nearby. Go all the way bottom and left to find a barrel with a keyring inside and a generator up left next to a chest that contains treasure.

Go back up towards the locked gate while avoiding the trap. Inside the stable are some grunts and an archer towards the back. There are hidden walls on the left with purple and blue crystals inside. The second wall has a red explosive barrel on the other side, so shoot the wall from a distance. Grab those crystals along with another secret towards the top, which looks like a door. Shoot the door to reveal a switch and chest. Grab the chest with treasure inside and flip the switch. The switch drops some barrels in the town, which is coming up shortly. Grab the blue crystal in the corner next to some burning hay if you haven't already. Now go up the ramp while avoiding the trap and grabbing more red and purple crystals. At the top is a generator and to the left is a crate, which may or may not have anything in it depending on if you are playing multiplayer or not. Go up to flip the switch in order to lower the bridge. On the other is some grunts with two generators in the room. Destroy them and a barrel to find a keyring inside. Before leaving at the top, grab the chest that contains a health item.

Go up and across the top while avoiding some more traps to take a ramp down to the bottom floor. Down here are some more grunts with a generator and an archer. Down below next to the broken window is another generator and a lone red crystal. Up above behind the table is a barrel with junk inside. On the right is an ankle biter generator. Go down to leave the burning building to find another ankle biter generator and to enter the town.

The Town and Tracks[edit]

Go down to fight some grunts and destroy a generator. Up above the trough is a chest with some treasure in it along with a breakable wall that has a health item inside. Down below the burning cart are some red explosive barrels. The first two you find are safe to destroy, however a bit down are two more explosive barrels that are right next to a potion, so grab the potion before destroying them. Down in this area are the two barrels the switch from a while ago dropped, which contain a keyring and the Thunder Hammer. Go towards the left to find a generator to destroy. Go to the left towards the fence to find another lone red crystal. Now go back up and keep going to get to the entrance of another house. Before you get to there, a chest is in front of a red crystal. The chest contains a bomb, so just ignore it.

Inside this house is some more grunts with generators to deal with and some red crystals to grab along the way. Go up to the top and walk on the thin wood walkway. In front of you is a target switch. Hit this switch to lower a door down below where you just were. Down below is golden item. Now go back up and across the walkway with red crystals to grab. After crossing, destroy the ankle biter generator and open the barrel ahead to get a hint scroll.

Hint Scroll
"Death to those who dare steal from the hangman."

You will see this in a little while, so keep that in mind for now. To the left is some poison fruit in a barrel along with a chest that contains Levitation. Go up to find a red crystal and a bunch of ankle biters that need to be killed. To the right are two barrels that contain a Turbo Boost and a keyring. Open up the locked gate to find some more ankle biters and their generators that need to be destroyed. To the left of the gate are some purple crystals. Grab them and go to the right and down a ramp. Near the end of the ramp is a suicide grunt, so destroy him from a distance. Past the ramp is another generator along with two switches on the sides of a crane. Make sure you hit the floor switch first as the lever switch will cause the crane to cover it making it impossible to get after! The floor switch lowers a chest right next to you and the lever switch causes the crane to grab the boxes and put them near the top allowing you to cross to the other side.

Avoid the floor trap and cross the makeshift bridge with two red crystals on it. Destroy the generator and grunts near the elevator. Be careful not to destroy the potion as you will need it for the red death nearby. Down the elevator is a chest to the left, which contains some Steak. To the right you'll notice the stationary death. You can deal with him right now, or just go down the tracks. Go down the tracks while being careful of the train car that passes by now and again. On the tracks are some purple and red crystals too that you can grab. To the right of the tracks are some crates that can be destroyed. One of them has some Bananas inside. On the wall is a switch, which opens the wall to the chest you lowered earlier. Before going back up, go to the left of the tracks to find two red crystals and a barrel with Fire Breath inside. Go down to find a ankle biter and grunt generator. Be careful not to overshoot the grunt generator as it will hit the green toxic barrel, poisoning the Steak if the barrel it was in was opened. Go back down towards the track entrance, but on the left of the wood platform to find another ankle biter and grunt generator. There are some keys to pick up along with a blue crystal. The barrel nearby just contains junk, so you can ignore it. Now you can go back up the elevator and open the chest that was revealed to get a random item.

Go back down the elevator and deal with the red death if you haven't already. Go up the ramp to the noose to find a switch that opens up the floor beneath it and lowers a platform with a green crystal nearby. Once you grab the treasure, the red death will activate if you haven't dealt with him. Go to the end of the tracks to find a purple crystal and a keyring inside of a barrel. Be careful of the poison fruit sitting nearby. At the top in front of the church entrance are two barrels with a cherry and an apple inside. To the left near a red explosive barrel is a chest that contains a Stop Time, which is convenient as there is a golem coming up. Go up the only open path above and defeat the golem using the Stop Time or without it and continue on while grabbing the red crystals along the way with another hint scroll.

The Church[edit]

Hint Scroll
"There is more than bats in the belfry."

Follow the path towards the graveyard and deal with the archers behind some of the tombstones. The chest next to the green toxic barrel contains a Pineapple. Grab the purple crystal nearby as well. Continue along the path to get into the destroyed church with a generator near the altar. Around the benches are some more ankle biters and grunts to deal with. There is a wooden door next to them that can be destroyed, which was what the hint scroll was trying to hint about. It contains a chest with treasure, a blue crystal in the corner and a switch to lower a platform to get to the secret level. Keep following the path and destroying grunts in your way. In this second small graveyard, there is a poison fruit to the left near the wall and a cherry inside of a barrel next to a green toxic barrel to the right. Down below is a gargoyle, which can be quite deadly if you mess around. Kill the gargoyle and make sure to grab its golden item. To the left of the small graveyard are three sets of floor spike traps, so be careful not to get hurt by them. At the bottom of the churchyard is a barrel that has poison fruit in it, so you can ignore that. At the top of the churchyard are some generators and ankle biters to take care of. Take care of them and make sure to grab the ribs in the barrel sitting by the corner of the ramp.

Up the ramp is a chest that contains a potion. Continue going up to find some yellow crystals and the secret level door at the very top of the church, which will take you to the secret level named Crops. If you successfully beat it, you will unlock Medusa. After finishing the secret level, go back down the church and finally exit the level.