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Each boss has a special Legendary Weapon to which they are especially vulnerable. Often, these weapons are hidden in another realm and are typically not found until much later in the game. Because they don't significantly impact the difficulty of a boss and they can only be used once (you must retrieve the weapon again if you want to use it), they are usually ignored until the boss can be defeated through conventional means. For instance, the Lich is the boss of the first realm, the Forsaken Province, and the first that the player can battle. However, the Legendary Weapon to which he is most vulnerable, the Good Book, isn't found until the Sky Domain, the fourth realm. By the time players retrieve the Legend Item, they are much more prepared to go back and defeat the Lich.

The console version of the game allows players to skip fighting boss characters on their first play through a realm. This allows them to progress through the game and become stronger before facing off against a boss, as even with a Legend Item these foes are extremely tough.

The Legend Items, the boss they apply to, and where they can be found are:

Legend Used Against Found In Effect
Parchment of Fire Ice Boss (Yeti) Haunted Cemetery, Forsaken Province Creates a wall of fire to counter the Yeti's ice attacks.
Javelin of Blinding Sky Boss (Plague Fiend) Volcanic Cavern, Mountain Stabs the Plague Fiend's one eye and reduces his accuracy.
Ice Axe Mountain Boss (Dragon) Castle Barracks, Castle Realm Freezes the Dragon solid.
Good Book (a.k.a. the Book of Protection) Province Boss (Lich) Sky Shipyards, Sky Realm Shoots a ball of light and slows down the Lich with holy flames.
Scimitar of Decapitation Castle Boss (Chimera) Gnarled Branches, Forest Realm Beheads the Chimera's lion head, significantly damaging the beast.
Toxic Bellows Forest Boss (Spider Queen) Mystic Pyramid, Desert Land Reduces the Spider Queen's size and power.
Lamp of Dark Obstruction Desert Boss (Genie) Erupting Fissure, Ice Domain Creates a dark cloud to blind the Genie.
Lantern of Revelation Dream Boss (Shadow Wraith) Haunted Grounds, Dream World Blocks all of the Shadow Wraith's shadow attacks with its superior light.
Soul Savior Skorne (First Encounter in the Desecrated Temple) Desecrated Temple Deflects Skorne's attacks right back; found and used in the Desecrated Temple.