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Four Iron[edit]

Avery Carrington asks you to kill a person. The man you're supposed to waste is enjoying a round of golf at the Leaf Links Golf course. First go to the clothes shop and acquire the club wear. Then head to the Leaf Links golf course. Weapons are not allowed inside the golf course. So when you pass though the entrance, you will find that all your weapons have been taken away. They spawn at the entrance. So you can take them back on your way out. When you enter a Caddy (Golf Cart) you, will automatically get a golf club, provided your melee weapon slot is free. If you'd like to keep your weapons inside the golf course, you can park a car to the left side of the club's entrance, jump on it, and then jump over the fence. Once you're in follow the blip to your target. He has a lot of bodyguards with him, so be careful. If he sees you, he will start running towards a Caddy, drive it to the entrance, and get away in his car. So you have to kill him as soon as possible. Use whatever weapons you have to best possible level. If you have the sniper rifle, you can kill him with a few shots from a distance. Remember that he takes more shots than the average pedestrian. When he is dead, your job is done.


  • $500
  • Country Club outfit now available at Leaf Links

Demolition Man[edit]

Avery wishes to demolish an office building to ensure his real estate empire. Drive to the TOPFUN van near the office building, and enter the vehicle to gain control of the RC helicopter.

Before you pickup the bomb, you should spend some time familiarizing yourself with the helicopter controls. You can even fly into the building and eliminate the workers and security guards so that they will pose no threat during the mission.

When ready, pick up the first bomb. Fly it to the building, and drop the bomb onto one of the four oil barrels. To reach the other targets, you can fly you the central staircase, which is initially marked by a purple circle, and is to the right. This central staircase provides access to all four floors, and also has a gap that allows you to skip the third floor and fly directly to the fourth.

The target on the second floor is to the right, behind a wall. The third floor target is on the far right of the staircase, and the fourth floor target is a bit to the left. You can plant the bombs in any order, but the farthest one should be done last to ensure you meet the time limit.

Reward: $1000.

Two Bit Hit[edit]

This mission is only available after Phnom Penh '86, where the Vice City mainland ia accessible.

Avery Carrington wants you to go crash a funeral of the Haitian gang lord who was killed by the Cubans. Avery instructs you to crash the funeral by dressing up as a Cuban "hombre" and mix it up with the mourners. First, get yourself some Cuban gang colors at Little Havana, then drive to the blip on the map and the hearse will leave the scene. Shoot up the hearse by doing a drive-by on it, but watch out for the exploding coffins (if you run over one you'll be in flames).