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Love Juice[edit]

This is a simple mission. Love Fist wants you to pick up ingredients for "Love Juice". Get a fast car and drive out to the Pink Marker and honk your horn. The dealer will come out and take your cash and speed off on a motorcycle, you have to chase him down, kill him, and get the drugs. This is why you'll need a fast car, pull alongside him and do a drive-by, or knock him of his bike and run him over, but do not use explosives to kill him! If you do you will destroy the drugs that you came for and have to start all over again.

After you get the drugs you will get a call on your cell phone from Kent Paul saying that the band wants some "company", so you have to go and pick up Mercedes from her apartment. Once you pick her up you will have to get her back to the band before they have to be on stage. This shouldn't be too hard if you have a fast car or motorcycle. Stop in the Pink Marker and Mission Complete!

Psycho Killer[edit]

A Stalker is making threats against Love Fist and now they fear for their lives. They send you as a decoy to lure the Stalker out. Drive the car to the Pink Marker, and the Stalker will reveal himself and you have to kill him. Just do a drive-by on his car and make it explodes to kill him. Mission Complete!

Publicity Tour[edit]


20 Gamerscore points
Complete the "Publicity Tour" mission.

Another Psycho is after Love Fist. Once you get in their car a tape will play saying that you cannot stop or the car will explode. Drive around until the band finds the bomb in a bottle of Boomshine. They will eventually disarm the bomb. Drive them to the show to complete all the Love Fist missions!

Note: You can not attempt this mission until you complete all the Biker Missions.