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There are 100 hidden packages in GTA Vice City. They look like small green statues, and are often found behind buildings or in hidden areas. If you collect enough packages, bonus items will appear in front of Tommy's mansion and inside the Ocean View Hotel. Collecting all the packages is required to complete the game 100%. These are the bonuses for collecting packages:

  • 10 packages: Body armor.
  • 20 packages: Chainsaw.
  • 30 packages: Colt Python pistol.
  • 40 packages: Flamethrower.
  • 50 packages: .308 Sniper Rifle.
  • 60 packages: Minigun.
  • 70 packages: Rocket Launcher.
  • 80 packages: Sea Sparrow helicopter (behind Tommy's mansion.)
  • 90 packages: Rhino tank (in Fort Baxter.)
  • 100 packs: Hunter helicopter (available at Fort Baxter and the helipad in Ocean Beach) + $ 100,000.

This link is a map showing all hidden package locations: