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In this Asset mission you will be planning a bank heist. But first, you will need to get some people to help you pull off the job.

No Escape[edit]

First off, you need a safe cracker. Ken tells you, that a cracker named Cam is currently in police custody. Tommy decides to break him out. Head down to the nearby police station and enter it (holding no weapon). Enter the locker room on the left and the marker to change into a police uniform. Head the stairs up and collect the key card and the hidden package while you are there. Try not to shoot the cops there for now.

Head down to the cells. You may now kill the cop there, because as soon as you step into the marker, you will get a four-star wanted level anyway. Kill all cops who will run towards you and slowly head upstairs. To your left there is one of the black doors through which cops will come out periodically. Kill those, who were upstairs before and head to the exit. Always have the black door in mind and remember, that at the counter there were three more of them. Also beware, those outside are able to shoot inside (and you are able to shoot them).

Kill all non-respawning cops then head out. Kill the cops there and run to the nearby parked car with Cam. Drive fast to the nearby Pay'n'Spray to get rid of the wanted level, then drive Cam home to finish the mission.

Reward: $1,000.

The Shootist[edit]

Now you have safe cracker, you need someone to shoot your way through if needed. Cam recommends Phil Cassidy (of GTA III fame) who will be at the downtown "Ammu-Nation". Drive there and enter the back room and the stall with Phil. He challenges to a duel.

The duel has three stages: Moving targets at the shooting stall, appearing ones in a street level and moving ones in a street level. You will have to reach at least 60 points in all three combined to win.

Start with the shooting range. Three targets will move with each one having 5 shootable parts. The nearest one is worth 1 point per part, the middle one 2 points and the far one 3 points, so you will want to shoot the far one often. Once one is completed, it will slide into the wall and be recharged.

Shoot the near one and relieve it of it's four body parts so you can shoot through it then shoot the middle and far one as often as you can. Try to steady your aim and try not to waste ammunition. Once 2 minutes are over or you have no ammo left, the round is over. You should manage 40-50 points in this one.

The second one has GTA III art work appearing at different windows, the objective is the same, shoot as many as you can within the time and ammo limit. Each one is worth 1 point.

The third stage has them same art work but this time it's moving. The objective is the same though.

If you manage more than 60 points, Phil will join your team.

Reward: $2,000.

The Driver[edit]

For the getaway Tommy needs a driver. Phil recommends Hillary and calls him. He tells Tommy he will do it but he has abandonment issues and will only do it if Tommy beats him in a race.

This one is quite hard because you have only a Sentinel while Hillary has a Sabre Turbo. The race itself is easy, just pass all checkpoints before Hillary does. Oh and the police will give you a two-star wanted level for illegal street racing. Try to get past Hillary fast and they will most likely ram him instead of you.

If you have trouble to get past Hillary, you can hide a fast car along the track (south of the Malibu at the bridge, the race will go right past it) and change cars in mid race (don't park it nearer or it will disappear when the race begins). Also Hillary doesn't drive as well in the rain and is more likely to crash giving you an even better opportunity to beat him.

Reward: $3,000.

The Job[edit]

Now for the job itself, have full armor and health. There are four stages in this mission:

Before you start[edit]

Drive with the gang in the taxi to the location indicated on the radar. Hillary will take the taxi and drive away and Cam and Phil will follow you. Head to the bank and go left. There is a small alley here. Jack a nice car on the road behind it (west of the bank) and park it in the alley for later. Then take Phil and Cam into the marker and enter the bank. A cutscene will play and Tommy has a .357.

Cracking the safe[edit]

Change to the M4 or better yet, M60 and head upstairs with Cam. In the office, there will be two guards (you need to head in few steps for them to appear), shoot them, then head up the remaining steps. There is a guard behind the railing to the right, shoot it's head. Another one is in the door frame. Kill him, then enter the elevator. In the safe room, another guard will step out, kill him fast, then enter the marker. Cam tells you, he needs the manager, so head back up.

The manager is in the back office hiding behind a desk (to the left, there is a security room with an armor upgrade if you need it). Threaten the manager and head down to the safe again with him. Cam will work on it and Tommy goes back to check on Phil. Someone rang the alarm and you will get a four-star wanted level.

Defending yourself[edit]

Head down to Phil and step in the marker, gun ready. The S.W.A.T. team will enter the building and you should be able to kill them all. Phil will remark it, when you are done. Head back up to get the armor, if you need it. If Cam was killed, take the briefcase. Then head out in the marker.


Hillary will appear and will be shot very soon. Kill all the S.W.A.T. members you can find, then head right to the car you parked before. Enter the car with Phil and Cam (Cam may die in this mission) and reverse back into the streets behind the bank and head north to the Pay'n'Spray in Little Havanna to shake the wanted level. The S.W.A.T. will still annoy you though, so drive fast south past them to Cam's place and park in the garage to finish the mission. The final cut scene will vary if Cam died on the mission.

Reward: $50,000. The Malibu will now generate $10,000 / day.

The bank heist outfit and a machete will now be available in the office of the Malibu.