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After the cutscene in Jury furry, there will be a man that gets run over. Take his hammer, take a car and go to the locations. When you get to location one, (closer to Kent Rosenberg's office) take the hammer and hit the man ONCE! Then, he will go in his car and get in a accident with a truck. Then, take your hammer and keep smashing the car he is in, (if you see a cop stop for a while then keep going.) and keep smashing it until he gets out of his car and runs. Then, go to location 2. (Marked a yellow triangle on your map) go up ramp and you will see a car. (Whenever you see a triangle pointing up it means the object is above you.) Smash the car with your hammer or demolish it with a fire arm, and wait until a man appears saying "I can't beileve this is happening!" After that cutscene you will be informed that you have passed the mission.