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Basic Controls[edit]

Key Action
 ↑  Jump
 ↓  Duck
Z Kick
X Fire (walking or standing only)
C Crack/Use
Enter Abort crack/view stats
ESC Menu/Skip chat or cutscenes
Keypad Move camera position
1 2 3 4 Tasen weapon selection
5 6 7 8 Komato weapon selection
Q W E R Komato weapon selection (alternate)
A D Cycle weapons
S Toggle modified weapon
Hold F2 Main menu
Hold F4 Retry sector/boss
Hold F12 Quit game


Name Activation Location Description
Air braking or when flying N/A If you are knocked back, you can slow down your movement.
Teching C Sector 7 Activate before receiving damage to minimize knockback effect.
Reboot Hold  ↓  then C C C C Z Sector X Resets stats to initial values, refunding points spent on them. Most health and ammo are lost, and you can't regain HP from health upgrades for the rest of the sector. Armor, however, is reset to full. You can't use this during a boss fight.
Retribution C Sector 8 Activate after being damaged to create a powerful retalitory attack. Can only be used if you have less than 5 HP, and consumes 1 ammo of each type. Usable only once per boss or sector.