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Normal weapons[edit]

Weapon Requires Description Damage
1 Shotgun None Fires a wide, short-range pellet blast. 72 (8 *9 armor)
2 Machinegun Tasen 3 Fires weak but accurate long-range bullets. 10 armor
3 Rocket Launcher Tasen 6 Fires a single rocket. 2 HP
4 MPFB Devastator Tasen 10 Fires three high-explosive MPFB projectiles. Can cause knockback. 9 HP (3 * 3HP)
5 Resonance Detonator Pickup Works exactly like your kick attack, using Strength, except it hits everything around you in a sphere. Can hit ducking enemies. 1 HP
6 Pulse Cannon Komato 3 Fires a short-range pulse beam. More powerful than machinegun. 6 armor (3 * 2 armor)
7 Shocksplinter Komato 6 Fires a fast "Shocksplinter" projectile. The main projectile fragments into six smaller splinters on impact. 2 HP + 180 armor
8 Cyclic Fusion Ignition System Komato 10 Fires a short-range beam that cuts through enemies. 15 armor

Modified weapons[edit]

Weapon Requires Description Damage
1 Buster Gun Crack 3, Shotgun, Machinegun Like the Shotgun, except it fires three times as fast. Consumes machine gun ammo. 72 armor (8*9 armor)
2 Splintergun Crack 7, Machinegun, Shocksplinter Fires armor-damaging splinters rapidly. 30 armor
3 Spread Rockets Crack 5, Shotgun, Rocket Launcher Fires three spread-out rockets. Consumes 3 rocket ammo. 6HP
4 Nuke Crack 9, Rocket Launcher, MPFB Devastator Deals instant moderate damage to all enemies on the screen, but is less powerful than the MPFB Devastator. Capable of defeating Komato assassins in one shot, and defeating Asha for the first boss fight. Consumes 3 MPFB ammo. Causes knockback. 5HP
5 Resonance Reflector Crack 4, Shotgun, Resonance Detonator Reflects rockets, MPFB, shocksplinter etc. Loses kick effect of Resonance Detonator. 0
6 Hyper Pulse Crack 6, Resonance Detonator, Pulse Cannon Damages enemies, and uses your Strength to knock them flying when their armor has been drained low enough. This weapon can destroy Shield doors. 8 armor (4 * 2 armor)
7 Plasma Cannon Crack 8, Pulse Cannon, Shock Splinter Fires an instant long-range beam that can hit enemies in a line. 3 HP
8 Velocithor V2-10 Crack 10, MPFB Devastator, Cyclic Fusion Ignition System Fires a continuous beam that cuts through enemies and walls. Will stun all normal enemies except the Annihilators and Assassins. 35 armor

Unique weapons[edit]

Unique weapons are considered secrets that are difficult to attain.

Weapon Requires Description Damage
Banana Gun Pickup in Sector 9. All weapons. Fires a banana, consuming 1 of each ammo. Acts as a thrown grenade and can hit targets below. 3 HP
Massacre Zero kill count. A top-secret weapon with massive destructive power. It is only provided to you as a pickup if you reach the end of Sector X without killing any opponent. Unknown
Null driver Pickup within Sector Z. It will cause the whole tile set of the game to become randomized, usually such as replacing them with those from cutscenes or other character sprites. Makes things hard to distinguish. Only available within Sector Z after completing all tasks on the Records screen. Unknown


With the exception of the Shotgun, Resonance Detonator, Resonance Reflector, Null Driver and Massacre, your weapons will consume ammo. Each basic weapon uses their own ammunition supply, which can be picked up throughout the map. Modified weapons will generally consume the same ammunition type as their original version.