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Dan tells you to head to the medical area to collect a jump upgrade.

This sector introduces you to the crack skill, and also contains a mandatory jump upgrade.


Proceed to the door and crack it. Be sure to crack the secure crate as well, it contains a necessary item (the Resonance detonator). You can also combine items if you already have the necessary Tasen and Crack skills. Upgrade as necessary and head down the lift.

Head to the right, and up the lifts. Once you are as high as you can go, jump down the small shaft, and head down the elevator shaft on the right. Far below, you should see a teleporter; take it to go behind the cracked wall you were seeing.

Head up, and go up the shaft. You'll need to head right first and open the security door with a terminal. Then head left to pick up the jump upgrade.

Return to Floor 14 (where you first took the lift up) either by backtracking, or through the ventalation shaft (in which case, you take the teleporter to return.) Jump onto and follow the path above.

If you have Crack 3, you can open the door directly, otherwise, you'll have to head up to manually open the security door.

Head to the right again, and jump down the shaft. Keep heading down to the bottom, and exit to the right.


The ribbon is located in the ventilation shaft to the left of the Jump upgrade.

Ribbons can only be found if you retrieved them from the previous sectors. If, for example, you didn't collect the ribbon in Sector 1, the ribbon won't appear.


Requires: Strength 4 or Tasen 3

The poster is near the end, just after you get past the secure door and glass window. When you go down the first shaft, you will see a blocked passage on the right wall. The passage is blocked by an explosive crate, so it can be taken out with the machine gun. Jump down to the left, and fire across the gap.

Alternatively, kick the Tasen soldier down, and trick him to firing a rocket at the wall.


Requires: Health 2, Tasen 6, Jump 2

Just after the ventilation shaft, there is a ledge that is too high for you. If you head to the left of the room, a rocket turret springs up; use the rockets from the turret to rocket-jump onto that ledge. Head down the elevator shaft to return to the start location, and jump up onto the upper path. Follow this path until you pick up the rocket launcher.

Continue and return to the place were you first saw the cracked wall (just left of the teleport destination), and blow it with the rocket. You can now reach the supercharge.


To the west of the poster is a display showing "Hello world!". This can be cracked (Crack 2 required) and will then say "Cracked by Iji, losers".

At the extreme top of the map is an area guarded by a Tasen Elite, containing some useful ammo. Crack 3 is required to enter the area. Dan will warn you against proceeding.