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After you report fighting a powerful Komato robot, you need to advance. You have one of two doors available, but both go in the same general direction. Head to the right, and climb into the ventilation.

You should see a logbook concerning Annihilators - these are powerful opponents which can inflict damage through raw power, and are equipped with a Hyper Pulse, Shocksplinter, and a Plasma Cannon. One is located at the bottom of the shaft. When you see it, run quickly to the right and dodge its projectiles.

You can't use the trapmine on yourself.

When you head up the lift, another Annihilator comes from the right. However, head to the left and up. You should find a trapmine that can be placed on a teleport destination to disable it. Once you have it, go down and head to the right and climb up. Jump down the shaft to reach a locked lift.

Dan will report on the intercom that the lift needs to be powered up. You can do that by using the terminal to the left of the two teleporters; but it will take a few minutes before you can use the lift. Enemies will teleport in from the two teleport destinations; a total of 4 Komato Troopers and 2 Berserkers. You can use the trapmine on one of the teleporters.

Once the lift is ready, head up to the top of the next room; a Phantom Hammer will strike through the facility. Jump down into the floors below, and jump down the shaft to the right. Work your way up to the right, dodge the Annihilator, and climb up to the exit. If you saved the trapmine then use it on the teleporter here to save Dan's life.


Located in the ventilation area, in the upper section.


Requires: 2 Health or Nuke

When you go up the first lift, head left and climb up. You should see a glass window over a ledge - get the nearby Komato Trooper to assist you jumping across with his Shocksplinter, or stand on the ledge, turn away from the gap, and fire the Nuke.

Once you are across the ledge, climb up.


Requires: 6 Crack.

In the upper large chamber, there is a turret. Kick it down to the lift on the left, and then kick it into the bottom-right corner of the lower large chamber. You also get a special egg as well.


The vending machines are still operational, and contain various cans of "all natural" beverages.

A terminal within Sector 8 can unlock the Annihilator Beta within Sector X. It is to the right of the lift which is protected by two inbound teleporters.