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In Iji, skills are improved as you gain levels (by collecting Nano), and can range from their starting level of 1 to the maximum of 10. When you upgrade a skill to it's maximum, you also gain the associated trait, that gives an additional bonus.

Name Description Trait Description
Health Gives 2 health per point. Suppression Reduces health loss from attacks that remove more than 1 health.
Attack Determines power of all weapons Improved Autoloading Decreases reload time by 20%.
Assimilate Determines ammo capacity and armor recovery Advanced Recovery Health/armor pickups will recover 1 additional health.
Strength Kick strength, for breaking doors and kicking enemies further Cybernatic Endurance Increases invulnerability time by 50%, and removes recoil from MPFB Devastator.
Crack Improves cracking ability against doors, enemies, and weapons Electronic Mastery No penalty on failed cracks.
Tasen Allows more advanced Tasen weaponry Vengeance +1 ammo to Tasen ammo pickups.
Komato Allows more advanced Komato weaponry Glory +1 ammo to Komato ammo pickups.