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After making the simple mistake of looking outside, you've regained your composure and are now ready to speak with Krotera.


If you avoided killing Tasen, Vateilika will offer you a truce; the Tasen won't attack if you avoid touching them and don't act aggressively. Obviously, attacking the Komato will not break the truce.

Head down the lift to the bottom, and go down the ventilation shaft. Head right to the next building, and head upward. Eventually, you should reach a teleporter that brings you to a new set of aliens, the Komato. Continue heading upward to the top floor, and head right.

The elevator to the exit is to the right, and leads you to Elite Commadner Krotera.

Elite Commander Krotera[edit]

Krotera gives a quick speech about you not knowing anything about the Tasen and Komato. After this, he will engage.

Krotera himself is straight forward: he will kick boxes blocking his path, and shoot his machinegun and heavy weaponry. However, there are turrets that constantly spring up that provide him with additional support fire.

While it's possible to attack him directly, it may be faster to kick the turrets into him.

Occasionally, he will charge a powerful attack that launches many MPFB projectiles. When you see this, try to quickly jump over him.


After going down the elevator, climb into the ventilation. Jump over the first room and enter the second; the ribbon should be there.


Requires: Strength 4 and 2 Health

Near the end of the map, you should see a lone soldier. Kick her to the lower floor to the left and use her to assist a rocket jump. Once you are out the window, proceed to the left and get the poster.


Requires: 6 Crack, 3 Komato.

In the section with the three Komato troopers, collect the Pulse Cannon and modify it to produce the Hyper pulse. Head to the top-right of that section, and break down the shield door with your new weapon.


In the bottom left corner of the map, there's a pair of high security doors; you need Strength 10 and Crack 10 to get through them. It's easiest to perform a nanofield reboot to enter that section, and learn about the posters.