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There are three types of anomalies. The planet events may not actually be anomalies, but they require the same type of response.

Unknown Anomalies[edit]

These are triggered by flying into a yellow "Unknown Anomaly" triangle on the starmap. They sometimes appear at the center of a nebula. Most events, if not all, can only occur once per game. Some events will help you, but others can hinder you.

  • Abandoned box Gives you 1000 dy if you open it.
  • Clone Pod Taking the clone on board gives you a crewman who looks like your captain, has the same traits as your captain, but has no gear or augments. The crewman also has the Doomed trait, so he or she will eventually die.
  • Damaged Pod Rescue gives you a crew member with the Doomed trait. (Pausing before selecting the option will result in not getting the crewman.)
  • Derelict Station There are two different stations that can be encountered. One offers up to five Repair Plates, a Red T-Shirt, a Standard Armor helmet, a Stove, a Navigation, an Engineering, and a Scanner. The other has up to eight War Relics, seven Valuable Scrap, four Data, and three Abductors. Either way, Derelict Stations are always worth checking out.
  • Distress signal As of v1.089b, clicking Investigate causes the game to freeze. In previous versions, it would result in an attack by pirates.
  • Inertia modifier Increases ship speed by 1 for a limited time. The bonus can be lost prematurely if you land.
  • Lost Ark Three Simple Bots guard an assortment of coins, Data, Valuable Scrap, and Repair Plates.
  • Munitions Container Damages your ship for 50 HP if you try to salvage it.
  • Settled Asteroid Attempting to land will destroy the colony.
  • Slujj's Women If you try to report Slujj, he will give you an Overloader.
  • Strange Sickness If you see what happens, one crewman (possibly the Captain) will get sick. The sickness eventually goes away on its own, or you can remove it by landing on a planet. If you end the misery, one crewman will die.
  • Temporal Stone Gives you the Temporal Stone augment.
  • Unknown Worm Hole This moves you somewhere on the map.

Special Asteroids[edit]

These behave like unknown anomalies except that they always yield an asteroid on which you can land. They usually have Precious Gems and sometimes have Raw Dynium. Unknown Asteroids have a 50/50 chance of dealing 50 damage to your lead ship. Do not try to board them with a leading scout or shuttle. Sometimes ordinary asteroids will give you a Minefield event that does 25 damage to your ship.

Planet Events[edit]

These occasionally trigger when you land at a planet.


Colony B[edit]

  • Tech Cache Searching the pile will cause 20 damage to your ship.



  • Pinned Animal Saving the animal leads to it bouncing away. Leaving it leads to it whimpering.


  • Ancient Art Taking it yields one Ancient Artifact.


  • Mutated Attempting to hire the mutant will claim to damage the crew.
  • Radiant Pool Investigating will make your crew move slower for a short time.


  • Life Finds A Way Seven Spit Lizards spawn at the ship and run to the left.



  • Kursha Rebel The Kursha has a tactical skill of 20.

New Terra[edit]

  • Nest Eight scorpions spawn at your ship, then run to the left. If you want to fight a few, disembark and guard immediately so that some turn around.



  • Rare Gases Attempting to bottle the gas will damage the crew.
  • Hive Life Killing the organisms has no effect on game play.


  • War Treasure This can safely be collected for 5000 dy.