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Nintendo Research & Development 1
MergedNintendo Software Planning & Development in 2004
Parent companyNintendo

Nintendo Research and Development 1 (R&D1) was Nintendo's oldest development team. Its creation coincided with Nintendo's entry into the video games industry, and the original R&D1 was headed by Gunpei Yokoi. The developer has created several notable Nintendo series such as Metroid, Ice Climber, Kid Icarus and Wario Land.

In 1986, several developers left R&D1 to form Intelligent Systems, which became another first party developer for Nintendo.

R&D1 developed the hugely successful Game Boy line, which was released in 1989. They developed some of the line's most popular games, such as Super Mario Land, and created the character of Wario.

After Yokoi's resignation in 1996, the group was led by Takehiro Izushi. In 2005, Satoru Iwata restructured Nintendo's development resources and placed all of the internal software teams (including R&D1) under Entertainment Analysis and Development.[1]

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