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In the cutscene, you can see Trucy being chased by a dragon, apparently named Mr. Reus, and she traps the dragon with a hat. You might mistake her as in "Alice in Wonderland". You can see her blue dress and the blonde wig in her dressing room.


Apollo and Athena are watching the Magic Show, and seem to really be enjoying it. The show goes into intermission before the next act. They decide to go to the dressing room to visit Trucy during this time.

Dressing Room[edit]

In the dressing room, Trucy signs a contract with a staff member. Her magic show will become a two day TV special! Apollo and Athena congratulate her and motivate her for the second act of her show. Bonnie arrives to inform Trucy of preparations to start the next act and Apollo and Athena head back to the stage.


As the second act goes on, Trucy's magic demonstration cuts short as the body of Mr. Reus falls out of a stage coffin. Bonnie and Trucy ran away with the dragon cutout falling from its tether.

Penrose Theater[edit]

People were shocked at this event and a man you run into introduces himself as Mr. Retinz. He is "the man behind it all" and seems to be desperate to enter the theater.

Move to Wright Anything Agency.

Wright Anything Agency[edit]

Apollo and Athena wonder what Wright is up to. The news broadcast discusses Wright's success in Khura'in and report the events that transpired at Trucy's show. The case is described as an involuntary manslaughter. But it gets worse: Trucy has been arrested for murder!

Move to the Detention Center.

Detention Center[edit]

Talk to Trucy:

The Incident: The coffin was supposed to be empty when Trucy stabbed it - why was Mr. Reus in there? And what caused the dragon to come down?

PW SoJ Stage Diagram.png
  • The Magic Trick: Trucy reveals the secret behind her trick. She hid under the floorboards waiting for her moment to shine. Stage diagram is added to court record.
  • The Great Mr. Reus: Mr. Reus used to be a member of Troupe Grammarye, but left after an injury 13 years ago. Trucy seems to be hiding something, though.

Percieve Trucie's eyes when she say's that she's "fine". After her admittal, Present your Attorney's Badge.

Talk to Trucy:

  • The Truth: Trucy's not entirely sure she isn't to blame. She could have sworn she'd switched the sword for the rubber copy, but with Mr. Reus dead as a result of her mistake she begins to doubt herself. Also, this is the first time you see her cry as you console her and decide to defend her against the charges laid on her. Of course as a comic relief, Athena is crying too.

As the police take her away for further questioning, she asks Apollo to grab a black notebook from the bag in her dressing room for her.

Move to Penrose theater.

Penrose Theater[edit]

Ema Skye makes her appearance, now a fully fledged forensic investigator. She informs you that Trucy's case is now being treated as a homicide rather than involuntary manslaughter as the prosecution has found evidence to prove so.

Talk to Ema.

  • The Incident: There is evidence to prove Trucy murdered Reus in the hands of the prosecution, however Ema doesn't know what it is. In addition, the prosecutor is from the kingdom of Khura'in, as the prosecution office had a shortage and was willing to take just about anyone.
  • Ema: Ema discusses her path to becoming a forensic investigator. Even though she was absent in "Dual Destinies", you probably remember her in two games "Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney" and "Apollo Justice Ace Attorney". Play those two to learn more about her character.
  • The Prosecution: The prosecutor facing Apollo tomorrow is a known traveler, Nahyuta Sadmadhi. Apollo heard of him.

Ema will grant you access to the crime scene at the stage.

Move to the dressing room.

Dressing Room[edit]

PW SoJ Show Script.png
PW SoJ Thirteen-Year-Old Poster.png
PW SoJ Trucy's Notebook.png

Examine the bag on the far right of the screen. Trucy's notebook isn't where she said she'd left it. Examine the blue book in the center of the screen. Show Script is added to the court record. Examine the posters on the far left of the screen. Thirteen-Year-Old Poster is added to the court record. Lastly, examine the table on the left below the posters to add Trucy's Notebook to the court record.

Move to stage.


PW SoJ Crime Photo.png

After a conversation with Ema, examine each part that would be ticked. Most notable is the camera on the right at the start for the TV footage. Then move around to reach the coffin area. Examine the sword. It appears to be the murder weapon since it's covered in blood. Ema says no fingerprints were found on it. Apollo believes that someone switched the the rubber sword with the metal sword. When Apollo asks himself when the culprit could've done this, select the second option. Move to the coffin area again, and examine the coffin. Ema asks you to examine it, since she hasn't done it herself. When taking a closer look, examine the body outline. Ema gives you a photo of what seems to be a dead Mr. Reus. It looks like he was stabbed in the back. Crime Photo added to the court record. Next, examine the bottom of the coffin. The bottom of the coffin opens up to the understage passage. Examine the back of the coffin. There's a secret door there.

PW SoJ Fingerprinting Results.png

Afterwards, Ema teaches you how to dust for fingerprints. There's a handprint on the most left and right side (Ema will automatically direct you here). Once you've finished dusting the fingerprint, logically choose Mr. Reus to analyze it with, because he was inside it the whole time. When done, move to the opposite side of the coffin and being dusting there. Those prints also belong to Mr. Reus. Now, you being dusting the outside of the coffin. Begin dusting the upper right section of the face. Choose Bonny de Famme to analyze it with. On the recording, you can see that she's the one that closed the coffin. Afterwards, begin dusting at the top of the coffin, on the right-hand side. However, the prints don't match with anyone. Apollo notices that Mr. Reus's fingerprints are positioned oddly. Looking at his prints, makes it seem like he was facing backwards. The theory is that he tried to avoid the sword at first, but ended up getting stabbed in the back. Fingerprinting Results added to the court record. Ema then lifts up the curtains on Apollo and Athena's .

PW Fire Bucket.png

Examine the backstage area. Examine the red bucket. It seems to be a fire bucket that Mr. Reus bought when he found out about the fire trick he was going to perform. However, the inside is lined with dust. Fire Bucket added to the court record. Examine the winch. They were used to hold up "a weird puppet" and the dragon set piece. Examine the coffin, guillotine, and the understage sign. The entrance to the understage passage however is locked. Examine the ladder, which brings you to the catwalk. Examine everything that can be examined. The so-called "weird puppet" turns out to be Mr. Hat. His cape looks like it was slashed with a blade for some reason. When you climb back down, Apollo discusses what he learned and what could've happened. But then, a man appears out of nowhere. Examine the man. It turns out, he's the same man you've met before: Roger Retinz!

Talk to Roger Retinz.

  • Roger Retinz: Apparently, Roger was the producer for the filming of this show.
  • The Incident: Roger says he has an alibi, saying he was at the TV Studio the whole time. He also says the people who work there can back him up. He also wants to make sure that Trucy is found guilty.
  • Magicians: Roger doesn't seem to like magicians. He thinks the Gramaryes are criminals.He also accuses Trucy of killing Mr. Reus. It seems likes he has a grudge against Troupe Gramarye.

Move to Dressing Room

Dressing Room[edit]

Inside, you meet a girl. Her name is Bonny de Famme. She's the same girl you were talking to earlier. She also says she's a big fan of Trucy.

Talk to Bonny

Bonny: Bonny is also a magician who is famous for her teleportation trick and her "bunny-appearing-from-hat" trick. She looks up to Trucy and thinks she's the best.

The Show: Bonny was also on stage with Trucy. She claims she always does her teleportation trick right...but something doesn't seem right here...


Pan the camera to her right hand - it shakes and move her hat a bit, revealing the red eyes of her bunny, when she says she always does it correctly. When given the chance, select the third option.

Talk to Bonny again

The Show: It turns out Bonny accidentally placed Mr. Hat to the right instead of the left. Which means, Trucy would've had to appear on the left side. Apollo asks for permission to investigate the underway passage, and Bonny grants them access.

PW Contract.png

All of a sudden, Roger appears. He asks if Apollo and Athena are part of the same agency as Trucy is, and then gives them a contract. It's between Take-2 TV and Trucy Wright. It says, "If, through the fault of the second party, the show must be canceled in part or in full...the second party will pay...THREE MILLION DOLLARS? Contract added to the Court Record.

Move to Detention Center

Detention Center[edit]

Trucy is showing the security guard a magic trick, which may or may not be a good thing.

Talk to Trucy

The Contract: Apollo shows Trucy the contract. She remembers signing it, but doesn't remember the owing three million dollars part. Trucy thinks there's some foul play considering she never saw this part, even after looking the contract up and down. Apollo bets that it's because of Roger Retinz

DD Testimony.png

Bonny's Mistake: Trucy was in the underground passage when Bonny told her about her mistake. Mr. Hat was supposed to be under Trapdoor #1, but was instead under Trapdoor #2. The stage lift he was on was already raised. Trucy couldn't lower it by herself, so she ended up pushing it aside, and replacing it with the stage lift under Trapdoor #1. Trucy also remarked that she told nobody of this incident. Trucy's Statement added to the Court Record.

Present Trucy's Notebook. The notebook used to belong to Magnifi Gramarye. It was used like a diary, and he jotted down ideas in it. The Troupe Gramarye Creed is also written in there. It was passed down from generation to generation. Gramarye Notebook updated in the Court Record. Apollo also tells Trucy that he found it mixed with Mr. Reus's belongings. Apollo thinks that he might've been trying to steal it, but Trucy diagrees.

Move to Dressing Room

Dressing Room[edit]

PW Clipboard.png

Examine the clipboard that is sitting on the desk. It's the clipboard that Trucy used when signing the contract. Apollo decides to take a closer look. Examine the front. You can open it up. Examine the right, bottom screw. The screw is loose and different from the others. Apollo removes it. Angle yourself so that you can see the back of the clipboard. Examine the back panel. Upon removing it, a black sheet of carbon paper is revealed. Which means when Trucy was signing the contract, there was a hidden one beneath it. Which allowed them to copy Trucy's signature from one contract to the next. Clipboard added to the Court Record.

Move to Stage


Examine the backstage area. Examine the understage sign. The door to the understage passage is unlocked!


PW SoJ Sword Stand.png
PW SoJ Stage Lift 2.png

Examine the sword stand. There's a sword that looks just like the murder weapon in the stand, except it's made out of rubber. Sword Stand added to the Court Record. Examine stage lift #2. It's the same one that Trucy had to move. Stage Lift #2 added to the Court Record. Examine the hat, writing on the wall, stage lift #1, and the ladder. The ladder leads up to the stage. All of a sudden, you hear voices. It turns out to be Bonny & Roger. Apparently, Bonny's sweet personality is just a façade. You can hear her insults. It looks like they're working together to take down Trucy. Athena decides to check up on Roger's alibi.

Move to Take-2 TV Studio

Take-2 TV Studio[edit]

PW SoJ Show Footage.png

Examine the man in the center. He gives you the show footage, after you tell him that you are Trucy's lawyers. Show Footage disc retrieved from the staff member's back pocket. Examine the screens. After investigating this place, it's clear that Mr. Reus was at the studio during the time of the murder.

Move to Wright Anything Agency

Wright Anything Agency[edit]

As soon as you arrive, you see repossessed stickers placed over everything! Roger then appears. He says that if the agency can't give them money, he has the right to... seize everything!

Office Seizure: Roger plans on selling all of Wright Anything Agency's property. He also plans on taking the office. He also says that Apollo should think where they're standing right now. What now?

Where We Stand: Roger turns on the TV to a program that's broadcasting LIVE right outside their building. Roger soon leaves after rubbing it in Apollo and Athena's faces.

Mr. Wright calls, asking if Trucy is ok. Apollo tells Phoenix everything. Phoenix says that Apollo has to defend Trucy tomorrow, so that the Trucy and the office can stay. Phoenix thinks that Apollo will do fine, after seeing him grow over the past few years. After an exchange of kind words, Phoenix hangs up.

We're just going to have to wait for tomorrow to see what happens...