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Ema's Testimony: Rundown of the Case[edit]

Ema Skye
Ema Skye's Testimony
- Rundown of the Case -
  1. The murder weapon was a clock called the "Time Keeper."
  2. The victim was hit with it from behind, and he fell over, right into the lantern.
  3. The defendant was spotted then, standing in front of the body holding the murder weapon.
  4. The victim was struck twice, by the way.

Autopsy Report added to the Court Record.

Rundown of the Case: Cross Examination[edit]

Present the Photo of Victim on the second statement.

Is it possible that the victim's body was moved after he fell into the lantern? Select It's not possible.

Present the broken bits of the lantern on the body in the photo.

If the murder actually occurred before the reception, it opens up the possibility that... Select He was killed somewhere else.

Present the Photo of Victim. Present the flower petals on the body in the photo.

Present the Photo of Hold.

Ema's Testimony: The Prosecution's Rebuttal[edit]

Ema Skye
Ema Skye's Testimony
- The Prosecution's Rebuttal -
  1. The victim could not have been killed before the reception.
  2. The autopsy report states that the estimated time of death was after the reception.
  3. And that estimated time of death is correct. There's no way it could be wrong.

The Prosecution's Rebuttal: Cross Examination[edit]

Present the Fog Machine on the third statement.

Hold Entry Record added to the Court Record.

Select Larry Butz.

Larry's Testimony: Nick Is A Jerk Face![edit]

Larry Butz
Larry Butz' Testimony
- Nick Is A Jerk Face! -
  1. Nick, you big, fat, stinkin' jerk!
  2. How can you doubt your best bud?! We've known each other since elementary school!
  3. W-W-Well, get this, pal! Our friendship's over!

Nick Is A Jerk Face!: Cross Examination[edit]

Press the third statement.

  • Anyone could tell there were two Pegabulls by looking at the Flying Chapel's pamphlet!

Present the Flying Chapel Pamphlet on the new statement.

Select No, of course not.

Larry's Testimony: Moving the Lantern[edit]

Larry Butz
Larry Butz' Testimony
- Moving the Lantern -
  1. It's just like Nick said, I'm the one who moved the lantern.
  2. I was poking around the reception hall before the main event and saw a lantern was broken.
  3. There was a note on it that said, "Exchange with the one in the hold. --Ellen."
  4. So I decided to do Elly a favor.

Broken Lantern updated in the Court Record.

Moving the Lantern: Cross Examination[edit]

Press the fourth statement.

Select It's important.

  • I tried to sneak into the reception hall, but I got caught and locked up in a cabin.

Press the new statement.

Present the Broken Lantern.

Present the red bouquet of flowers in the photo.

Somebody must've orchestrated this strange phenomenon. And that somebody is... Select Everyone at the reception.