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Wright Anything Agency[edit]

Apollo & Trucy are at the Agency, watching a report about a hijack during a TV Show in Khura'in, caused by the Defiant Dragons. Apollo is telling Trucy about how he knows Dhurke, the one who hijacked the show, when Dhurke himself shows up at the Wright Anything Agency! Trucy asks how Dhurke and Apollo are related, and he responds, saying that they are fatehr and son! Apollo isn't too happy that Dhurke is here, especially after not visiting for such a long time. Dhurke has come to see his son...AND ask for help. Talk to Dhurke.

Dhurke: Dhurke introduces himself to Trucy. Trucy seems to like Dhurke's personality, but Apollo disagrees. Trucy then brings up the subject of Dhurke being the father of Apollo.

Foster father: Apollo grew up in the Kingdom of Khura'in. Trucy's a bit flustered that Apollo hasn't mentioned anything about this. Dhurke also questions why Apollo hasn't talked about his childhood. It's been ten years since Apollo and Dhurke have met. It's been so long, that Apollo has began forgetting Khura'in and his childhood on PURPOSE.

Request: Dhurke wants to have the Founder's Orb. It's a scared treasure of Khura'in.