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Defendant Lobby No.6[edit]

Since it's such a tense adventure at Kura'in Village, this court case might be the detour you're after. So far since "Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Justice for All" there's very few women you have played throughout the series: Maya, Mia and most currently ... Athena. This is perhaps the last time you get to play a female defense attorney.

Unluckily for you, Phoenix Wright is over at Kura'in Village while Apollo Justice is stuck with Trucy Wright, getting ready to set up the magic show with Apollo acting as her assistant. That leaves you with Simon Blackquill from the last game, "Dual Destinies".

For those who don't know Simon Blackquill, he played a prosecutor in the previous game. He has a shared history with Athena and they both specialize in using psychology as their strength. For those who don't know about psychology, it's a simple matter of "mind games". In other words, it's using mental power and word play in order to get to the truth.

But back to the present, you have to defend Bucky, the 4th generation chef who does deliveries for Whet Soba Shop. Unfortunately, there are many problems you have to face: you're under-prepared because you just got here, Nahyuta the prosecutor is back to prosecute this case yet again, and Bucky's character rides a skateboard, is drunk, and tends to go, to put it politely, vomit off-screen.

Enough of this! It's time to give Bucky a not guilty verdict!

District Court - Courtroom No 4[edit]

The judge is shocked that Nahyuta has returned again. Edgeworth is simply busy so Nahyuta has to take over for him. He'll hand the evidence over to be put on the Court Record.

  • Backstage Diagram
  • Crime Scene Report
  • Autospy report: Taifu Toneido died between 2pm and 5pm. He died from suffocation but the reason behind is not known yet.
  • Whet Soba Deeds

Simon Blackquill, who is a regular at the Whet Soba Shop, will be the first to testify.

Simon's Testimony: What Simon Saw[edit]

Simon Blackquill
Simon Blackquill's Testimony
- What Simon Saw -
  1. I went to the theater yesterday, and arrived at... approximately 4 PM.
  2. I went straight to Master Toneido's dressing room to say hello.
  3. Bucky went into the dressing room thereafter, only to come storming out a while later.
  4. Master Toneido's junior disciple, Uendo, apparently then entered the room soon after.
  5. That's when Uendo discovered Master Toneido's body.

What Simon Saw: Cross Examination[edit]

You just have to press all the statements. The first statement has "Invitations" and after you finish gathering info, Simon's Statements has also been added to the Court Record.

After being scolded out of the bench, Geiro Toneido will take the stand. Geiro's character is quite unusual. She looks like a clown with balloons around her, even in her dress. She will give her account on the crime scene she's involved in.

Geiru's Testimony: Before The Murder Was Discovered[edit]

Geiru Toneido's Testimony
- Before The Murder Was Discovered -
  1. From 4 PM to a little after 4:20 PM, when Shisho's body was found...
  2. ...Simon and I were standing in the hallway in front of the dressing room.
  3. Before Uendo discovered the body, the only person who had gone in there was Bucky.
  4. Come to think of it, a little while before Bucky showed up, Jugemo was barking like mad!

Before The Murder Was Discovered: Cross Examination[edit]

Like before, you have to press all the statements. Simon's Statements will be updated and there will be another statement after you press the 4th statement.

  • I was in the yard, but the door was wide open, so I could keep watch on the dressing room.

Present the Backstage Diagram. You want to point to the circular door area near where the dog (Jugemo) is standing and the hallway to dispute that she can't "see" the dressing room she claims to watch.

Nahyuta manages to rally the audience to his side and is driving hard to push you to go home because of your inexperience. Athena tries to counter that having a non-eyewitness testimony is not enough to convict Bucky of murder. But Nahyuta submits the "Crime Scene" evidence, showing a photo of karuta cards with his dying message that reads "Buck Whets No.4". The "Crime Scene Report" has been updated.

It's tough if you've got someone like Nahyuta calling you out because of his driven nature of kicking you out of court, getting the audience to agree that you need a professional defense attorney for this case. Fortunately and for the first time, Prosecutor Simon Blackquill is now your aide and will help you with his professional psychology. After all, he likes going to the Whet Soba Shop and hates to see it closed.

So after a colorful exchange in which Simon calls Nahyuta a "sad monk", Geiru will leave and the next witness will come up to the stand. Uendo Toneido may be the most unusual character in the history of the Ace Attorney series. Put simply, it's very hard to cross examine the traditionally Japanese dressed character with a split personality, as you will see in a few moments. It is now time to dissect his testimony to see where it leads next in this trial.

Uendo's Testimony: Shisho's Dying Message[edit]

Uendo Toneido's Testimony
- Shisho's Dying Message -
  1. I noticed Shisho's dying message right away.
  2. The stiff cards were right there next to the stiff, you see.
  3. Hey now, enough with the silly puns already! Hee hee!
  4. Anyway, I got the meaning right away. I knew it must've been talking about Bucky!
  5. That was the master's final message, left as he was drowning in soba broth.
  6. It's so like Shisho not to write Bucky's name outright. "Plain and simple" wasn't his style.

Shisho's dying message: Cross Examination[edit]

Present Taifu's Autospy Report on statement 5. She points out that he hasn't suffered from drowning, as his lungs were empty. So that leads to a question you have to answer.

Question: Taifu's Tonaido's face was thrust into the bowl...

  1. Before the murder.
  2. During the murder.
  3. After the murder.

Choose "After the murder", explaining that the victim doesn't have broth in his lungs. Simon will ask Nahyuta about the kurata cards which you will see in the photo which will be updated to the Court Record. You can look at the photo up close but something's wrong since the broth covers most of the cards.

Question: These cards...

  1. Were rearranged.
  2. Contained a contradiction.
  3. Are kind of a riddle.

Choose "Were rearranged". Now to solve this puzzle, the next question comes about and you have to answer it.

Question: Where exactly should we be looking, Ms. Cykes?

  1. The pictures on the cards.
  2. The soba broth stains.
  3. The size of the cards.

Choose "The soba broth stains". Because of the stains, you have to decipher what the message truly says. When you finish the puzzle, the karuta cards which will be updated, should read "Owen 4th". But what could that mean? Nahruta would want Uendo to stay quiet but Simon is smart enough to get Uendo to open up so we'll get another testimony from him.

Uendo's Testimony: In The Dressing Room[edit]

Uendo Toneido's Testimony
- In The Dressing Room -
  1. After my performance, I went to visit Shisho.
  2. I call him from outside... but he didn't reply.
  3. When I entered the dressing room, I saw Shisho slumped over the table, motionless!

So there's nothing in this testimony, right? Athena senses discord in Uendo. Nahyuta tries to reject the therapy session but Uendo persists! Here's your chance to put Widget to work and unravel his testimony through emotions and evidence alike. After all, Uendo sure is a puzzling character to deal with.

Start by the last statement and choose surprise which is the yellow face icon. Uendo let slip about bumping into something. After the banter between Simon and Nahruta, you get a chance to point on the photo what Uendo bumped into: the TV on the top of the photo.