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Tehm'pul Temple[edit]

PW SoJ Rites Guide.png

It's been two weeks since Phoenix has arrived at the Kingdom of Khura'in. He came to visit Maya once her training is done. But before it can be complete, Maya still has to perform one last ritual. Ahlbi soon appears, and says that today is the Purification Rite. Maya gets to be Lady Kee'ra in the rite. Lady Kee'ra was a female warrior who fought to establish Khura'in. Ahlbi then gives Phoenix a book he found in the library. It has information about today's rite. Rites Guide added to the Court Record.

Move to the Plaza of Devotion

Plaza Of Devotion[edit]

It seems to be really cold up there. There are prayer flags held on strings around the plaza. They are soon interrupted by a woman. A cutscene is played. Phoenix doesn't recognize this woman, but when she pulls down her hood, she's revealed to be Maya Fey!

Talk to Maya

Maya: Maya has heard of Phoenix's debut in the Khura'in court. She has also completed the "Special Meditation Course for Increasing Spiritual Power". Apparently, the high priest's wife if supposed to play as Lady Kee'ra . But since she has a baby, the high priest chose Maya to be her instead.

Guardian Deity: Lady Kee'ra was a real person, and the people of Khura'in worship her as a guardian deity. They believe she'll come whenever they're in danger. She is portrayed in a sacred robe with a dagger.

PW SoJ May 9th Newspaper.png

The Rite's Popularity: Apparently, there have been actual sightings of Lady Kee'ra; Which attracted more people. She's been seen capturing members of the Defiant Dragons. Sightings of Lady Kee'ra go back about 2 years. But this is the first time when an actual picture of her was taken. It was shown on today's newspaper. Maya thinks this is the "real deal" and not a cosplayer, since rebels are trained in combat. May 9th Newspaper added to the Court Record.

The sound of bells are heard. It's a sign that the high priest is coming, since he wears bells around his ankles. Maya has to leave now. Ahlbi then talks about Acolyte Zeh'lot. He's a desciple of the high priest, and lives and trains at his house. The Purification Rite now begins. Phoenix goes into the prayer pose. Alhbi says that have to stay like this until tomorrow. However, Phoenix blacks out.

High Priest's House[edit]

Phoenix wakes up in the High Priests's House. They must've carried him up here after he collapsed. Ahlbi is there, watching him. Ahlbi then says that Maya...has been ARRESTED!

Plaza Of Devotion[edit]

Phoenix sees Maya being placed under arrest by the police. Then Ema appears. Apparently, Maya has been arrested for the murder of the high priest.

Talk to Ema

What Happened?: The high priest was murdered during the rite last night. His name is Tahrust Inmee. It happened at the Inner Sanctum. Ema says that only Maya and Tahurst could've been there, since it's very high up. Maya was also the first one to discover the body. Phoenix decided to defend Maya in court.

PW SoJ Autopsy Report.png

Ema: Ema was sent by a prosecutor here after being told that the latest techniques in international forensic science could be seen here. But of course, that was nothing but a lie. The prosecutor apparently takes court cases from around the world. He's the same one who was in the case about Trucy. He's also going to be the prosecutor in this case as well. Ema then gives Phoenix the autopsy report. Tahrust's Autopsy Report added to the Court Record. Tahrust died of blood loss from a deep stab wound. The murder weapom is believed to be Lady Kee'ra's Dagger. It's use during the rite, however it's missing from the crime scene. Phoenix then asks if he can go to the crime scene, and Ema gives them permission, even thought she's not supposed to.

It turns out, Ema and Alhbi both can't go to the Inner Sanctum.

Move to Inner Sanctum

Inner Sanctum[edit]

Once Phoenix arrives, he sees a girl standing in front of what looks to be a pool of blood. Examine the girl. It turns out to be Rayfa. She came to pray for the high priest. The Inner Sanctum is one of the most scared spots in all of Khura'in.

Talk to Rayfa

Investigating The Incident: Rayfa is convinced that Maya killed the high priest. She's also still sore about that last trial, and isn't convinced by anything Phoenix says.

The Defense: Phoenix asks to investigate the crime scene, however Rayfa thinks that he's a criminal and has come to forge evidence. Phoenix tries to reason with her, when Rayfa said she came up with a wonderful idea.

The Most Wonderful Idea: Rafya's idea is to oversee Phoenix and watch his every move. She thinks that because of this, she can catch and prevent any misdeeds. Phoenix agrees if it's what it takes to defend Maya. Rayfa also believes that it was just a stroke of fortune that Phoenix won against her, the other day.

Examine the left lanterns. The one in the front seems to be broken, while the one in the back is still lit. Examine the left mountain wall. Rayfa says that there's a prison at the top of this mountain, where Lady Kee'ra places the rebels. Examine the middle mountain painting. It's a picture of Lady Kee'ra. The red character on her brow stands for death. The red marks on the Tahrust are of a monk. Tahrust's Autopsy Report updated in the Court Record. Examine the center, gold statue. Phoenix wants a closer look.

PW SoJ 1-1 Bloodstained Letter.png

Examine the robe. It belongs to Lady Kee'ra and was the exact same one as the REAL Lady Kee'ra's robe. It also smells like incense. Examine the pool of blood. There's an old legend that the spring will run red upon Lady Kee'ra's return. Examine the statue. It's covered in blood. The high priest must've been stabbed with lots of force to draw this much blood. Examine the blood-stained paper. It seems to be a note that's been written by the Defiant Dragons. Bloodstained Letter added to the Court Record. Rotate left.

PW SoJ 1-1 Ritual Curtain.png
PW SoJ 1-1 Sanctum Prayer Flags.png
PW SoJ 1-1 Inner Sanctum Photo.png

Examine the ritual curtain. It surrounded the Inner Sanctum during the rite. Ritual Curtain added to the Court Record. The entrance was closed, meaning no one could get in. Examine the hanging flags. They look like prayer flags that are sewn together. Sanctum Prayer Flags added to the Court Record. Rotate to the left. Examine the broken lantern. Phoenix decides to take a closer look. Examine the snow. A huge amount of it was removed. Examine the lantern. The wind guard for it has been broken. Phoenix decides to take a photo of this specific section. Inner Sanctum Photo added to the Court Record.

Examine the rock. It must've fallen from higher up. If you step onto it, you can see over the curtain. You can see a slightly smaller mountain near the Inner Sanctum. The stairs from the Plaza of Devotion seem to be the only way to get up here. Examine the statue. Phoenix wants a closer look. Examine its eye. Its eye seems to be missing.

Talk to Rayfa

Inner Sanctum: Rayfa refuses to tell anything about Phoenix. When Phoenix challenges her knowledge, she calls Nayna over to help her. The spring is where Lady Kee'ra came to cleanse her body. The Purification Rite is a ceremony that traces its origins back to those days. Cleansing Lady Kee'ra's robes in the water lends one courage for the next battle. The high priest and his family take control over the Inner Sanctum.

The High Priest's Family: Tahrust Inmee lived with his wife and Puhray Zeh'lot. They found Puhray outside of the kingdom's borders. The wife of Tahrust was supposed to play the role of Lady Kee'ra, but was instead appointed to Maya, because she's expecting a baby.

Lady Kee'ra: Lady Kee'ra was the younger sister of the Holy Mother. However, she couldn't channel spirits. But her skill with her dagger surpasses everyone else. Lady Kee'ra keeps peace with her dagger. She wore a sacred robe and covered her face with a mask. Her enemy are the rebels, but currently, they are the Defiant Dragons, led by Dhurke.

Move to Plaza of Devotion

Plaza Of Devotion[edit]

Phoenix tries to find Ema, but a man appears. The man asks if they've met before. Although they have not, Phoenix introduces himself. He doesn't know who this man is though. He acts a bit strange, like he has amnesia or something.

Talk to this man.

Who Are You?: The man has trouble remembering why he's here. He also asks if Rayfa is Lady Kee'ra, which means he's Khura'inese. Afterwards, he starts shoving lizards into his mouth, and shows them a weird dance. Rayfa believes he's suffering something worse than loss of memory. He soon leaves.

Ema soon appears. She claims that Prosecutor Sahdmadhi is OK with Phoenix examining the crime scene. She also claims that Prosecutor Sahdmadhi thinks Phoenix should give up and quit the trial. Ema then gives Phoenix a gift. It's a bottle of luminol. She also gives Phoenix a copy of the crime scene photo. Inner Sanctum Photo updated in the Court Record. The police are also done questioning Maya, which means that Phoenix can pay her a visit. Ema soon has to leave, but not before eating some Snackoos and talking about Prosecutor Sahdmadhi.

Move to Detention Center

Detention Center[edit]

Maya seems very tried and sad. They talk for a bit, before Rayfa butts in and tells them to hurry up.

Talk to Maya.

The Incident: Tahrust Inmee was very kind and friendly towards Maya. But...Maya can't totally deny the murder accusation. She claims that she felt really sleepy during the Rite. The next thing she knew, Tahrust was dead. She thinks that if someone possessed her during the Rite, murder could've been a possibility, even if it is a very slim chance. Rayfa thinks that this "training" is just for prestige.

Training: Maya is training to become the master of the Kurain Channeling Technique. However, Rayfa doesn't believe that such a person could perform such things. Phoenix begins to tell Rayfa that Maya can channel spirits, before Maya interrupts. Apparently, Maya wants to keep her spirit-channeling skills a secret. Maya then says that she saw something that looked strange during the Rite.

DD Testimony.png

What You Noticed: Maya claims that the water inside the spring was dark red during the Rite. As dark as blood! Phoenix says that he noticed this already, but Maya says that it was dark red BEFORE the high priest was killed! It's just like the ancient legend: The spring shall run red upon Lady Kee'ra's return. Maya's Statement added to the Court Record. There's one more thing that Maya wants to talk about.

One More Thing: Maya shows Phoenix a letter. She found it when she woke up at the Inner Sanctum. There's a red stamp on the left-hand side, which is the mark of Lady Kee'ra. The letter tells Tahrust to not perform the Rite, and is signed by Lady Kee'ra! This letters sounds like a threat/warning. Maya then tells Phoenix to "keep it real".

PW SoJ 1-1 Lady Kee'ra's Warning.png

Keeping It Real: Maya thinks that the one who dressed up as Lady Kee'ra is the same one who sent this warning letter. Which means that the one who pretended to be Lady Kee'ra might've killed the high priest! Maya didn't show the letter to the police yet. Then, Phoenix notices something. On the letter, there are multiple spots where three holes appear near the top. Lady Kee'ra's Warning added to the Court Record.

Visiting is soon coming to an end, as the police still have a few questions to ask Maya. But...Maya claims that she doesn't need a lawyer. Maya doesn't want to risk being found guilty, causing Phoenix to die. But Phoenix stands by that they'll make it through together somehow. Maya soon leaves. Phoenix wants to learn more about the modern day Lady Kee'ra.

Move to Bazaar


After you arrive, you are greated by Ahlbi! Then, Rayna falls to the ground after hearing that Ahlbi believes in you and Maya.

Talk to Ahlbi

The Rebel Hunter: Everyone is excited and is talking about the Lady Kee'ra sightings. Ahlbi then says that there's been a prison breakout and there's an escape prisoner on the loose. The criminal is one of the rebels Lady Kee'ra hunted.

The Escape Prisoner: The prisoner is known as Dhurke's right-hand man. He also is a former soldier and carries around a knife. However, the police were unable to track down the criminal. Ahlbi then says something about a terrible incident.

Terrible Incident: Before Ahlbi was even born, the previous queen was assassinated! Her name was Queen Amara, and it was Dhurke who supposedly killed her. Only someone very dangerous, dark, and brave could've performed such a deed. That is also why everybody is on edge. With the escaped prisoner on the loose, who knows what he'll do.

Afterwards, Ahlbi gives Phoenix an arrow. His pet dog found it, and it's the Warbaa'd Arrow. Rayfa seems to have recovered and takes the arrow. It's a three-pronged arrow and looks just like the legendary weapons lady Kee'ra once used. It was found near the victim's house. Warbaa'd Arrow added to the court record. Phoenix then asks Ahlbi to take him to the high priest's house.

Move to High Priest's House

High Priest's House[edit]

This is the same place where they brought you after your back caused you to pass out. You see a woman standing in front of an altar. Examine the woman. It turns out to be the wife of the high priest.