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Layton, Luke and Emmy have secured a room at the hotel of Great Ely Street, but it is still a while before nightfall. With some time before the specter shows up, Layton decides to explore the rest of North Ely.

A tour of North Ely[edit]

Before you leave the hotel room, be sure to tap the cushion on the armchair as well as the lamp on the bedside table for hint coins. Exit the hotel. Luke will suggest to go visit Pike Lane first before moving on to Murray Street. Pike Lane is quite close by. Go left first to reach a café. Tap the bucket beside the pool of water, the clock of the stone arch and the sandwich board by the café for hint coins. Check the pool of water for Puzzle 013. Enter the café and talk to Paddy, then check the menu written on the chalkboard for Puzzle 014. For hint coins here, tap the yellow basket, the blue card on the left table and the light above the left table.

Move south from the café to arrive at Pike Lane. Tap the cloth covering some crates, the yellow awning and the manhole cover for 3 hint coins. Talk to Dom for Puzzle 015, which will net you a new toy train course: Dom's Express. Check the river running through Pike Lane repeatedly to get the Curious Fragment, another addition to your collection. Go south from here and you will return to North Ely Park. An old man called Clarence is now standing here, but talking to him doesn't yield anything useful.

Now go down the left path to enter Murray Street. Talk to Bobbi here for Puzzle 017, then tap the bush at the left side of the path repeatedly, the pipes under the bridge and the gap between the windows of the leftmost building for hint coins. Cotinue forward. Here, Luke will suddenly spot a cat and chase after it, temporarily leaving your party. You must follow Luke, who Layton notes have ran to the west. There are 3 hint coins here, hidden in the tricycle, the signs on the lamppost and the roof of the door of the first apartment. Now go left to chase after Luke!

A fish and a cat[edit]

You see Luke briefly before he continues the chase. Before following him, tap the boat next to the pier, the patch of moss closest to the screen and the lower window of the leftmost yellow building. Go forward and you will finally catch up to Luke. He has lost the cat, and will rejoin your party. For the hint coins, tap the log of wood on the stump, the fish-shaped sign and the tap by the waterwheel. Go left to arrive at an odd lab. Tap the farther pool repeatedly, the valve next to the lab door and the board spanning the closer pool for hint coins. Enter the lab and talk to Marion the scientist for Puzzle 019. Marion is here to research the unique fish within the canals of Misthallery, and will request your help to observe the fish. She will give you a fish that you can name, unlocking the Fish Tanks minigame. You will also get the starting Pleasant Garden tank.

In the lab, tap the exhaust fan, the metal drain and the blue bucket beside the fish tank for hint coins. Then, check the object below the exhaust fan repeatedly for the hidden Puzzle 146. Marion has mentioned that the cat might belong to an eccentric person living in a hut deep within the forest. Back at the Forest Path, you can now walk down another path, which will take you to an odd house. Tap the upper left bunch of pears, the roses near the right side of the screen, and the mailbox for hint coins. Then, tap the small waterfall repeatedly for another hidden puzzle, Puzzle 147. Check the house. Emmy will barge in before everyone else, and meets Granny Riddleton, a mysterious old lady who keeps any unsolved puzzles you might have missed. However, she has decided to go on a vacation to maintain her complexion, so she has her cat, Keats, to fill in her role instead. Now, you can talk to Keats whenever you want to solve any puzzles you might have missed. Tap the base of the tree, the hanging dolls and the blue pot on the shelf for hint coins. Finally, tap the treehouse door repeatedly to add the Old Bottle to your collection!

A foggy night[edit]

Having explored all of North Ely, everyone has gotten a little hungry, so Layton suggests heading back to the café on Pike Lane for dinner. As you pass by the Central Pier, you will see Bucky, who can now take you along the canal between the South Pier and the Central Pier. In fact, you should go back to the South Pier right now, as there is a puzzle waiting for you at the Triton Estate. Go into the parlor at Luke's house and talk to Doland for a quickPuzzle 016, then return to North Ely by boat. Back at Central Pier, check one of the lampposts for Puzzle 018. Go right and talk to Hugo for Puzzle 020. You won't have to worry about any more puzzles after this on your way back to the café.

At Paddy's Place, the group has a fantastic feast, and night has already arrived after they have finished. As you've been told before, there is now thick fog covering every corner. The direct path back to the hotel is blocked by a police officer, so you'll have to take the long route back. Go from North Ely Park to Great Ely Street. Stop by the Hat Shop and talk to Mr. Browne for Puzzle 021, which will convince him to evacuate and also net you another fish tank, the Quiet Crossing. Now hurry back to the hotel room to trigger another cutscene.

The specter has appeared as expected, with the events playing out in exactly the same way as the opening of the game. The specter wreaks havoc on all the nearby buildings, thenleaves a huge scratch on the hotel that knocks everyone down and cuts off the lighting. As Layton tries to chase after the specter, Luke stops him in fear before calming down with Layton;s reassurance. They can still hear flute-playing in the distance, and the specter can't have gone far. Outside, Luke spots a giant shadow moving toward Great Ely Street. Go south to follow the specter!

The hat shop seems to be the target of the specter, as it has been absolutely obliterated, while all the nearby buildings are also badly damaged. As you reach Great Ely Street, Emmy sees the glowing eyes of the specter. They can still hear the flute-playing, presumably coming from the park. You can't find anything in Pike Lane, nor in Murray Street, where Hugo will now be. Talk to Hugo, who will state that the flute seems to be very loud with an echo, making it difficult to pinpoint its exact source.

Luke will now explain the legend of the specter's flute. It is said that a flute can summon a specter, but if it was used for impure motives, the specter will start destroying anything in its path to create its own paradise. Professor Layton will now list out the clues about the specter's possible origin. The specter likes to hide in the canals, and it leaves a trail of water wherever it goes. Layton also recalls hearing a grunting, growling noise when the specter appeared. Luke mentions that he heard about an old antique flute that was recently auctioned off in a black market. Is that related to the flute in the legend? You will get Mystery 04: Flute Music. However, given that it is still the middle of the night, Layton suggested getting some rest before setting out to investigate this black market.