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Meanwhile, back in Misthallery, Layton decides to investigate why everyone in town seems to fear or hate Mr. Barde.

To the Golden Garden[edit]

Move out of the police headquarters and west to the Twisted Light. Luke will say that the light was damaged by the specter, and gives Layton a notebook on the locations of specter attacks. Talk to Hans to be told that Mr. Greppe figured out Mr. Barde had committed suicide. Go to the Grand Plaza and talk to Otaki-san, who ways that the police chief is known as Third Eye Jakes as he can predict specter attacks. He thinks that Chief Jakes went to the Golden Garden, and Luke will tell you that the Golden Garden is to the west.

Talk to Maggie while you're at the plaza to get Puzzle 062. You will obtain the Evening Park tank upon solving it. Maggie says she came to Misthallery to see the specter. Chief Jakes generously paid her hotel fees after the room she was staying in was destroyed by the specter. She will also say that the Golden Garden is currently deserted. Move west to the Quiet Townscape. Talk to Sean here to get Puzzle 063. Then, move forward to reach a new area.

As you arrive on a badly damaged path, Luke will say that the sinkholes here only appeared after the specter attacks started to occur. Tap the black streak in the left rock wall repeatedly, the pile of the rocks at the foot of said rock wall, and the rock pillar at the end of the closest bridge for hint coins. Tweeds is here, and you can talk to him for Puzzle 064, which will net you the mixed puppet action. After that, check the rock face at the back multiple times for the hidden Puzzle 155. Continue forward.

You're now at the Excavation Base for the dig team at the Golden Garden. Check the left tent flap, the sole light and the cave on the right rock wall for hint coins. Talk to the person at the base. He will introduce himself as Dugan, part of the dig team. Many of his colleagues left out of frustration. He will give you Puzzle 065, which will reward you with the Dugan's Dodge track. Dugan will also say that there are no traces of human civilization at the site, and that the Golden Garden may even predate human civilization. Layton speculates that there must be a water source deep below the dig site. Move forward to the dig site.

After surveying the area, Layton confirms that there are no traces of human civilization here, and mentions that Luke's father is an expert in geology. Luke says that his father changed once he became mayor, and the specter attacks begun. Tap the ignition device to cause an explosion in one of the caves. Check that cave repeatedly to add the Silver Ore to your collection. Search the lowest cave on the screen, the lone cave at the left, and the patch of grass near the detonator for hint coins. Finally, check the center cave to get Puzzle 066. Move south and talk to Dugan again for Puzzle 067. He says that he is the only one digging at the site, but some of his teammates are staying at the hotel.

Puzzles galore[edit]

There are a ton of puzzles available now, so you should take some time to explore and solve them. Move south until you reach the Apartment Row. Talk to Hugo here for Puzzle 068, which will net you the Hugo's Trouble track. Move to North Ely Park and talk to Clarence for Puzzle 069. Go north and talk to Dominica for Puzzle 070, getting the rubbed puppet action once you solve it.

Move south and west until you reach Great Ely Street. Talk to Charlie for Puzzle 071, which will net you the wielded puppet action. Interestingly, he thinks that the specter is actually protecting the town, trying to fight off something bad. Bucky is here as well. Talk to him to activate Pier 6. Go north and talk to Mr. Browne for Puzzle 072. Go north again and enter the hotel. Talk to Joseph for Puzzle 073, then talk to Bobbi for Puzzle 074, which gives you the arranged puppet action.

Meeting up with Emmy[edit]

Go to the library. Talk to the librarian Olga. Layton want to see the newspaper for the day Mr. Barde passed away. If you have solved 50 puzzles, Olga will comply with Layton's request. Strangely, Mr. Barde's death is not mentioned at all in the paper. Emmy will now return with Inspector Grosky, who will quickly rush off to investigate.. According to the police report on Mr. Barde's death, he committed suicide by jumping off a cliff, leaving a will. There was only one eyewitness of his death, who turns out to be Clark Triton, the sole heir to Mr. Barde's land in his will. There is also no mention of the specter attacks in London's newspaper despite the severity of them. Layton decides to track down Grosky as well as meet with the town's police chief. You will get Mystery 08: Evan Barde.

While you're in the library, check the moving red object at the back. It turns out to be Goosey, who will give you Puzzle 075. You will get the moved puppet action is you solve this puzzle. Once you exit the library, Layton will say that Emmy can return to London any time by taking the Laytonmobile parked at the entrance to Misthallery. In fact, that is actually your next destination!

More puzzles abound[edit]

Go right to the East District and talk to Finch for Puzzle 076, which will net you the hung puppet action. Don't forget to talk to Bucky to activate another pier location: Pier 5. Go right again and talk to Sebastian for Puzzle 077. Go left multiple times until you're back at the Crossroads. Move left to the Triton Estate and enter it. Talk to Beth inside for Puzzle 078. She says Mr. Barde owned most of the land in Misthallery, and only ever talked to Clark.

Back at the Crossroads, go south. Talk to Bucky here to activate Pier 4, even though the canals are dozens of feet below. Move left to the market entrance and talk to Aunt Taffy for Puzzle 079. Travel to the black market and talk to Shackwell for Puzzle 080. Finally, return to the bridges and travel south to where the Laytonmobile is parked. Check the wooden box repeatedly to add the Sticky Spoon to your collection. Tap the Laytonmobile and drive to Gresenheller U.

At the university's lobby, talk to Dean Delmona for Puzzle 081. Enter Layton's office and talk to Rosa for Puzzle 082. Now drive to Scotland Yard and go up to the reception. Talk to Monica for Puzzle 083. Exit Scotland Yard and move left. Talk to Augustus for Puzzle 084. Continue onward to the museum entrance and talk to Mick for Puzzle 085, which will net you the covered puppet action. Finally, enter the museum, go upstairs and talk to Chappy for Puzzle 086.

Chief Jakes[edit]

Return to Misthallery and move toward the police department. Stop by at the Twisted Light and talk to Hans for Puzzle 087. After that, talk to Bucky, who will inexplicably activate Pier 7 here despite the lack of canals. Go to the police HQ and enter it. Talk to the officer at the reception and he will say that Chief Jakes has returned. You can now move left.

Go left to another hallway. Check the pot of the left plant, the trophy of the center hallway, and the blue sign by the door for hint coins. Move forward to enter Chief Jake's office. Jakes is obviously not happy to see you. He doesn't think Mr. Barde's death is related to the specter. He will confirm that Mr. Barde was thought to have commited suicide because Clark witnessed him jumping off a cliff, and that he left a will. Before you exit the office, Chief Jakes says that he is known as Third Eye Jakes because he, as he claims, can "see everything". He wants the professor to leave Misthallery within 24 hours! As you leave, he will break into an evil laugh. You will get Mystery 09: Chief Jakes.

With Chief Jakes being very uncooperative, your only remaining course of action is to ask Clark himself. While in the hallway, go back inside Chief Jakes's office. Check Chief Jakes's desk, the grandfather clock, and the portrait painting for hint coins. Then, check the fireplace for Puzzle 088. Finally, tap the left flag repeatedly to add the Bent Cuff Link to your collection.

What Clark saw[edit]

Go back to the Triton Estate and go upstairs. Enter Clark's study and talk to him. Clark will state what you know already, that he saw someone fall off a cliff. However, he was surprised to find out that it was Mr. Barde who died, and that he had left his land to Clark. He intends to pass the land on to Arianna and Tony after they're old enough, but laments that Arianna probably won't live long enough due to her illness.

Suddenly, Doland appears and informs that dinner if ready. Clark invites everyone for dinner with him, and insists that Layton picks out a bottle of wine at the cellar. Outside Clark's study, Layton will say that he isn't that familiar with wine, but thinks Clark wants to show him something downstairs. Go to the lower floor and tap the blue door next to the staircase to enter the cellar.

Luke states that the cellar has been off-limits for him lately. Just then, Emmy notes that she may have heard something odd. Even though nothing looks out of the ordinary, Layton can't help but feel that something is missing. Doland will check on you. When asked about Mr. Barde, he says that Mr. Barde charged high rents on whoever lived on his lands. He also says that there are rumors that Mr. Barde was pushed off by one of his tenants. Layton will thank him and state that you wouldn't be staying for dinner.

Check the boxes on the shelf, the crate with a logo on it, and the single upright barrel for hint coins. Next, tap the bag on the floor repeatedly for the Dirty Cape collectable. Then, check the crate of wine bottles on the floor for Puzzle 089. Exit the estate. Outside, Layton suggests that someone is manipulating information about Mr. Barde's death and the specter attacks. Luke deduces that only Chief Jakes can be behind this.

Move south to see that Hanna has followed Inspector Grosky here. She says that Grosky has just found a lead and hurried off to the Crossroads. You will get the Hanna in Love episode. Move to the Crossroads to trigger a cutscene. Layton, Luke and Emmy are surrounded by three thugs, who Emmy handily knocks out. She thinks that Jakes might have sent them to get us out of town. Just then, Inspector Grosky will come and say that Chief Jakes just gave him a lead. Jakes accused Layton and Emmy of being the ones controlling the specter. Realizing that he has been fooled, Inspector Grosky quickly runs back.

Neither member of the police have been of much help in your investigation so far. Chief Jakes is definitely hiding something, and you don't have much time to find out the truth behind the specter. Does Chief Jakes really have an omniscient third eye?