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Caution! This page contains all the hints and solutions for every puzzle from 76 to 100. Scroll carefully or you might spoil the answer of a puzzle for yourself. The solutions are hidden behind spoiler tags, so only take a peek if you're desperate.

Puzzle 076[edit]

Name: Swap Meet
Trigger: Talk to Finch
Location: Staircase Bridge
Chapter: 7
Picarats: 50

Description: Starting with A and moving clockwise,this circle of people is arranged in the following order: female, female, male, female, female, male, male. Swap just two people to create a new arrangement where, starting with A, you will create the same male-female pattern whether you count every person or every other person. Can you make the swap?

  • Hint 1: Try imagining the group as a row instead of a circle. That might make things a little clearer in your mind.
  • Hint 2: You can make a lot of swaps that result in similar patterns. But don't forget that to solve this particular puzzle, you must start counting form the person labeled A.
  • Hint 3: Swap out the person labeled C...but with whom?
  • Super Hint: The new pattern you must create is female, female, female, male, female, male, male The order will also be the same if you only count every fourth person. Once you make your swap, try counting it off.
Answer: Swap C with D.

Puzzle 077[edit]

Name: How the Bells Toll
Trigger: Talk to Sebastian
Location: Closed Factory
Chapter: 5
Picarats: 35

Description: Below are three bells, each of which has one red and one blue hammer attached. Beneath each bell is a counter, and each one is rigged such that its count will increase according to certain rules whenever the bell above it is struck. The counters have already reached the numbers shown below. Can you figure out how to use the red and blue hammers to ring the bells and make all three counters display the same number?

  • Hint 1: Each time you ring a bell with a red or blue hammer, the counter goes up by a fixed amount. Try to work out these amounts by using each hammer and noting the outcome.
  • Hint 2: Regardless of the bell, the same-colored hammer will always increase the counter by the same amount. If you ring the bells and watch the counters carefully, you should be able to work out the function of each hammer.
  • Hint 3: There is a way to make all three numbers match in just six moves. Once you work out the pattern, look for the simplest possible method reaching the same number on each counter.
  • Super Hint: The lowest common value for all three bells is 16. Now that you have a goal set for you, all that's left to do is work out which hammers to hit in order to teach it.
First, sound the upper bell with the red hammer. Second, sound the lower-left bell with the red hammer. Third, sound the lower-left bell again with the blue hammer. Fourth, sound the upper bell with the blue hammer. And fifth, sound the lower-right bell with the red hammer 2 times.

Puzzle 078[edit]

Name: Lucky Table Cloth
Trigger: Talk to
Location: Foyer
Chapter: 4
Picarats: 60

Description: Your lucky tablecloth is damages and you want to salvage it. You must start by cutting off the shaded area. Next you must make two straight cuts along the dotted lines and up with three pieces. Sewing these pieces together will give you a smaller square tablecloth with five complete four-leaf clovers! Draw two lines on the cloth to show where you should make your cuts.

  • Hint 1: Try thinking about where the cloth needs to be joined to create five complete four-leaf clovers. That should give you some ideas for how to form the square.
  • Hint 2: One of the pieces will contain exactly four squares of material.
  • Hint 3: One of the lines you need to cut starts from top-right side of the shaded square area that you cut off first and travels down diagonally to the right. The piece created by this cut is an isosceles triangle.
  • Super Hint: The second cut starts from the lower-left corner and heads up diagonally to the right. If you combine this cut with the one described in Hint 3, the three pieces created can be combined to create a rectangular tablecloth with five four-leaf clovers on it!
Cut the tablecloth according to the picture.

Puzzle 079[edit]

Name: Sweet Sums
Trigger: Talk to Aunt Taffy
Location: Market Entrance
Chapter: 8
Picarats: 50

Description: "My children have been very kind to each other lately, so I decided to give them some candy as a reward. I have four jars of candy, A, B, C, and D. The combined number of candies in jars A and B is equal to twice the number in jar C. The combined number of candies in jars B and D equals twice the number in jar A. If you take three candies from jar D and put them in jar A, jar A will contain twice the number in jar B. Which jar contains six pieces of candy?"

  • Hint 1: All you need to do is figure out which jar contains six pieces of candy. Even if you can't work it out using complicated mathematical calculations, you should still be able to solve it by figuring out an alternate method for determining the number of candies in each jar.
  • Hint 2: Here's the puzzle in equations:
    1. A + B = 2C
    2. B + D = 2A
    3. A + 3 = 2B
    4. D 3
    This might help you spot a detail that you may have missed.
  • Hint 3: A + 3 = 2B
    2B must be an even number because 2 is one of its factors. That means A + 3 is also an even number. Subtracting 3 from an even number will always result in an odd number, which means A must be odd. So if A (odd) + B = 2C (even), then what is B, an odd or even number?
  • Super Hint: Odd + Odd = Even | Odd + Even = Odd
    From this simple rile, you can figure out that the number of candies in jar B must be odd and that the number in jar D must also be odd. This means that all of the jars except A contain an odd number of candies. Therefore, the number of candies in jar C must be...
Jar C contains the six pieces of candy.

Puzzle 080[edit]

Name: Paint the Plinth
Trigger: Talk to Shackwell
Location: Black Market
Chapter: 7
Picarats: 55

Description: You must paint several cubes that will form a base platform when put together. All cubes are the same size, you have to paint the visible sides of the base. For example, if you painted a base made up of two cubes, you would only paint four sides of each cube. If you wanted to make a base made up of cubes painted on one side, two sides, three sides, four sides, what is the lowest number of cubes you would need? You can place cubes on top of each other.

  • Hint 1: If you place just one cube on the ground, then five sides will be showing. If you place a cube next to it, both cubes will have four sides showing. Try out some other configurations, and think about which sides of each cube would be showing.
  • Hint 2: What configuration would you need to paint a cube on only one side? You would need to surround the cube so that only the top surface is showing.
  • Hint 3: Once you've worked out how to paint a cube on only one side, the next task is the cube with two sides painted. You will need to cover three sides of that cube in addition to the side facing the ground.
  • Super Hint: You need four cubes to cover the sides of the cube you paint on one side. You can use one of these four cubes as the cube you paint on two sides-- simply place two more cubes on either side of it. The basic configuration is actually all you need to get cubes painted on one side, two sides, three sides, and four sides.
The lowest number of cubes you'd need is 7 cubes.

Puzzle 081[edit]

Name: Stick & Move
Trigger: Talk to Dean Delmona
Location: Lobby
Chapter: 7
Picarats: 45

Description: A man is moving a water jug using a round stick and a long plank. If the circumference of the stick is 20 cm, how far ahead, in centimeters, would the water jug be after one complete turn of the stick? This is assuming that the plank, stick, and jug do not slip out of place or get stuck.

  • Hint 1: Remember that the stick isn't staying in one spot--it moves forward 20 cm in one turn. Think about what else is moving.
  • Hint 2: The position of the plank changes with the position of the stick and vice versa. What does the man have to do to the plank to make the stick move?
  • Hint 3: Even as the stick moves forward, it's still rolling toward the back of the plank. Think about what this means for the final position of the jug. If it's too hard to imagine, try it out using a round object nearby.
  • Super Hint: The plank rests on the stick. When the stick moves 20 cm along the ground, it slides the plank 20 cm forward at the same time. Taken together, this is the total distance moved by the jug.
The water jug would be 40 cm ahead.

Puzzle 082[edit]

Name: Block Ostrich
Trigger: Talk to Rosa
Location: Layton's Office
Chapter: 7
Picarats: 30

Description: Rearrange the pieces making up the shape of Layton's hat into the shape of an ostrich. You can move, flip, or rotate the pieces in any direction.

  • Hint 1: Let's start with the ostrich's head. Grab the piece that makes up the left portion of the brim of Professor Layton's hat. This piece will fit perfectly in the space formed by the ostrich's head.
  • Hint 2: Use the L-shaped piece to make up the ostrich's legs. Be careful how you handle them--a kick from an ostrich is powerful enough to take out a lion!
  • Hint 3: Now it's time to put those flightless wings in place. Flip the piece shaped like a backward "J" and rotate it so it can fit into the body section. Then take the smaller of the two remaining pieces and place it in the space you just created.
  • Super Hint: Only one piece left! Simply flip that piece and rotate it until it fits into the remaining space for the neck and shoulders. Now there's an ostrich that can flaunt its feathers proudly!
Place the blocks according to the picture here.

Puzzle 083[edit]

Name: Silver Marbles
Trigger: Talk to Monica
Location: Second-Floor Desk
Chapter: 7
Picarats: 35

Description: To solve this puzzle, you need to remove all but one of the silver marbles below. You can jump a marble horizontally or vertically over an adjacent marble and into an empty space to remove the jumped-over marble from the board. Also, you can move or jump over any marble except those marked with an X.

  • Hint 1: To begin with, the leftmost marble in the third row from the bottom needs to be moved to the right.
  • Hint 2: After following Hint 1, the next marbles to move are the ones second and third from the right in the third row from the bottom. These marbles will now be on the third row from the top. Jump the one in the second column from the right over to the central column.
  • Hint 3: Continuing from Hint 2, the next step is to remove the marble in the very center by jumping over it form the left. You can then move the top marble of the central column down to take its place.
  • Super Hint: Did you follow all of the other hints? If so, you should be almost there. First of all, jump the marble in the very center to the right. Then take the marble on the far left of the central row and jump it to the right. Next, jump the marble in the second bottom row of the central column upward. Only a couple of moves left now. Try working those out on your own.
First, move the second marble from the 3rd row (3rd row from bottom) to the 5th row. Second, the left-most marble to the right. Third, the same marble from the first to the 3rd row. Fourth, the current left-most marble to the right. Fifth, the same marble from the fourth to the 5th row. Sixth, the marble from the 4th row next to the marble marked with an X, move to the left. Seventh, the marble from the 5th row move below. Eighth, the marble from the 2nd row move upward. Ninth, the right-most marble move to the left. Tenth, the same marble from ninth move above. Eleventh, move the top-most marble downwards. I hope that wasn't too confusing... ^_^

Puzzle 084[edit]

Name: Sixteen Tulips
Trigger: Talk to Augustus
Location: Florist
Chapter: 7
Picarats: 40

Description: You've planted 16 magic tulip bulbs in this 4x4 flower bed. Watering a space will cause all the magic bulbs in the same row and column to sprout if they are belowground, or recede if they're aboveground. Can you figure out how to fill the entire flower bed with tulips?

  • Hint 1: You could just keep trying different spots until you happened upon the answer, but that would take a while. This puzzle can actually be solved in as few as as five waterings, if you work out the most efficient method.
  • Hint 2: To get going, here's the first step: begin by watering the top-left corner. That'll make a lot of tulips bloom!
  • Hint 3: The second spot to water is in the third column from the left, third row from the top. After that you should water the spot in the second column from the left, second row from the top. You only need to water two more spots after that to fill your flower bed with beautiful tulips!
  • Super Hint: Continuing from Hint 3, water the spot in the top-right corner. You only need to water one more spot to finish! You probably already know which one it is.
Water the flower bed according to this picture.

Puzzle 085[edit]

Name: Bus Stop
Trigger: Talk to Mick
Location: Museum Entrance
Chapter: 7
Picarats: 55

Description: The buses at this stop leave at the times indicated by the schedule below. The first column marks the hour, and the next three mark the minutes. All the buses start at this bus stop and take exactly one hour to return. What is the minimum number of buses necessary to service this bus stop?

  • Hint 1: The key to this puzzle is that it takes a bus one hour to return to this stop. Look at the timetable, and figure out which times a single bus could cover.
  • Hint 2: If the first bus leaves at 7:05, it will return at 8:05. So different buses will be required for 7:15 and 7:40. Follow this logic to figure out how many buses are needed in total.
  • Hint 3: Three buses are needed from 7:00. Two of the buses return in time for the 08:10 and 08:20 departures, but an extra bus will be required to cover the 08:30 departure. How many buses are needed in all?
  • Super Hint: Four buses are required for the timetable to run smoothly until 8:30, but one extra bus is needed to depart at 11:10. You should be able to figure out if any more buses are needed for the rest of the timetable.
The minimum number of buses necessary is 5 buses.

Puzzle 086[edit]

Name: Window Boarder
Trigger: Talk to Chappy
Location: Museum, Second Floor
Chapter: 7
Picarats: 60

Description: You want to board up this broken window, but much to your dismay the only pieces of wood you can find have holes in them. Place the boards over the window so that the broken square part is completely covered and no holes show through. No boards may extend beyond the square window frame, but you can flip and rotate each piece of wood if necessary.

  • Hint 1: The three T-shaped wooden planks go in the top-left, top-right, and bottom-right corners of the window. As to which T-shaped wooden plank belong'll have to work that out on your own.
  • Hint 2: Place the J-shaped wooden plank with a hole in its bend in the top-left corner. Don't flip it, just rotate it 180 degrees before placing it down. Position it so hat the hole in the board lies over the middle pane in the top row. Next, take the remaining J-shaped wooden plank, rotate it 90 degrees clockwise, and place it so that the hole covers the pane in the bottom-right corner of the window.
  • Hint 3: Rotate the glove-looking wooden plank (sorry) with one hole 180 degrees and place it in the bottom-left corner. When oriented properly, the hole will be on the top right of the board. Next, take the glove-looking wooden plank (again sorry) with two holes and place it in the top-right corner. There's no need to flip or rotate it, just put it down as it is. The two holes in the board should lie against the right edge of the window frame.
  • Super Hint: Place the T-shaped wooden plank with no holes on the bottom right, the T-shaped wooden plank with hole on the top right, and the T-shaped wooden plank with two holes on the top left. Once you start trying to position these last few boards so that no holes show through, the rest should fit into place naturally. Now finish the job!
Place the wooden planks according to this picture.

Puzzle 087[edit]

Name: Flip Maze 2
Trigger: Talk to Hans
Location: Twisted Light
Chapter: 7
Picarats: 50

Description: Here's another double-sided maze! The goal is to move the ball to the end of the maze, which is marked by a star in the lower-right corner. When the ball is dropped into one of the holes, it will appear on the other side of the maze. This maze is a bit bigger than the last one. Can you get the ball to the star?

  • Hint 1: You've probably heard this hint before, but it's a good idea to use the Memo function to keep track of your progress for this type of puzzle. By doing so, you'll be able to keep track of where you've been and avoid going around and around in circles.
  • Hint 2: This isn't so much a hint as it is some goo, old-fashioned encouragements! If you stay focused and keep at it, you should be able to solve this puzzle. If you can't figure it out, then you can always use the next hint.
  • Hint 3: From the start, drop the ball through the hole down and to the right or the one straight down from the start. Whichever one you choose, you'll end up at the same junction.
  • Super Hint: Have you found the crossroads yet? It's on the path that runs slightly to the bottom right of the center. Drop the ball through the hole four squares from the bottom and three squares from the right. From here, the rest should be a breeze.
Get the ball to the star by following the picture.

Puzzle 088[edit]

Name: Fuel for the Fire
Trigger: Tap the fireplace
Location: Chief's Office
Chapter: 7
Picarats: 45

Description: In an average 365-day year, the family in this house burns one bundle of wood per day in the fireplace. In the three-month period starting this month, the family will burn three more bundles of wood than in the three-month period after it. From this information alone, can you guess what the current month is? Express your answer as a number.

  • Hint 1: In order for one three-month period to burn more wood than another, it must also have more days. Three more bundles of wood means three more days in the period.
  • Hint 2: What month has the fewest days in any given year? If you're having trouble, check a calendar.
  • Hint 3: On non-leap years, February has only 28 days,making it the shortest month. Which three-month period containing February has the fewest number of days?
  • Super Hint: The three-month period starting in February has only 89 days, fewer than any other consecutive three-month. That should be enough to work out the answer right?
The current month is 11/November.

Puzzle 089[edit]

Name: Proper Storage
Trigger: Tap the crate of bottles
Location: Cellar
Chapter: 6
Picarats: 50

Description: In order to store this fine wine in an appropriate manner, the following rules must be observed:
1. White wine should always be stored that there is only one bottle on any horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line.
2. Red wine should also be stored so that there is only one bottle on the same horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line.
3. The two bottles already in the crate cannot be moved.
Can you figure out a way to store it?

  • Hint 1: You can solve this puzzle in two ways, but whichever way you do it, it's easier to figure out using the Memo function. Start from either of the two immovable bottles, and draw lines to show where the other bottles cannot be placed.
  • Hint 2: If you try to put both of the red- and white-wine bottles at the same time, you will just confuse yourself. Figure out all of one type before going on to the next.
  • Hint 3: To solve this puzzle, you need to make sure there is a red- and white-wine bottle on each horizontal and vertical line.
  • Super Hint: Lets's concentrate on each color one at a time, imagining that the rows are numbered left to right and the columns top to bottom. Place a white-wine bottle in row 3, column 2. Now, place another in row 2, column 4. Place a red-wine bottle in row 4, column 2. Now place another in row 3, column 4.
Place the bottles according to this picture.

Puzzle 090[edit]

Name: Puppet Master
Trigger: Talk to Rosa
Location: Layton's Office
Chapter: 7
Picarats: 45

Description: Can you fit the pieces of Professor Layton's hat together to form the puppet's head without any of the pieces overlapping or leaving any empty spaces? The pieces can be moved, flipped, and rotated in any direction.

  • Hint 1: First, rotate the L-shaped piece and make it fit into the puppet's nose and mouth area. That should help you out quite a bit!
  • Hint 2: Take the left-hand side of the hat's brim, and move it to the four squares on the bottom right of the puppet's head so that the piece sticking out touches that eye
  • Hint 3: Flip the backward-J-shaped piece and rotate it so that the long part fits into the top-right corner of the head.
  • Super Hint: After following the previous hints, it should be obvious where to place the small two-blocks piece. Putting in the final piece should also be child's play!
Place the pieces according to this picture.

Puzzle 091[edit]

Name: Evacuate!
Trigger: Talk to Greppe
Location: Paddy's Place
Chapter: 8
Picarats: 50

Description: You need to evacuate the neighborhood, and fast! Luckily, you were able to recruit nine friends to help you out:
• Two whose voices carry for 3 squares
• Three whose voices carry for 2 squares
• Four whose voices carry for 1 square
Where should you place each person so that the evacuation message reaches every square of the neighborhood?

  • Hint 1: Try to think about how to place your friends so that there is as little overlap as possible (but a little overlap is still OK). The easiest way to avoid overlap is to place the people first and work from there.
  • Hint 2: Think of the neighborhood as a grid of 10 columns and 7 rows. Grab the two people whose voices carry the farthest and place them as follows:
    • In the middle square of the column farthest to the right.
    • Three squares up from the bottom in the column farthest to the left.
  • Hint 3: Place the three people whose voices carry two squares as follows:
    • In the very top square of the third column from the left.
    • On the second row from the top, fourth column from the right.
    • On the bottom row of the fourth column from the right.
    Use the remaining volunteers to fill in the gaps!
  • Super Hint: If you followed the previous hints, you should be able to complete the puzzle by placing the rest of the volunteers in the remaining spaces. The last few people may overlap, but don't worry about that. As long as the message gets out to everyone in the neighborhood, the evacuation will be a success!
Place the friends according to this picture.

Puzzle 092[edit]

Name: Key Quandary
Trigger: Tap the door
Location: Interrogation Cell
Chapter: 7
Picarats: 30

Description: Layton, Luke, and Emmy need to escape the police station! Luckily, Toppy has brought them a key ring, but only one of the keys fits the lock. Which of these keys opens the door? The door won't open unless the key can be fully inserted and turned.

  • Hint 1: Think about how you will turn the key once you insert it. There might be a trick to turning the key
  • Hint 2: The shape of the end of key B will keep it from fitting into the keyhole.
  • Hint 3: The bit on the end key C is too big to fit into the keyhole.
  • Super Hint: It's OK if you can't insert the key all the way until you've turned it. You may be able to insert a key and turn it partway before you insert it the rest of the way.
The key that opens the door is A.

Puzzle 093[edit]

Name: Escape Route
Trigger: Tap the arrow to try to go to Police Reception
Location: Police HQ Hall
Chapter: 7
Picarats: 40

Description: Layton, Luke, and Emmy need to get the key and reach the exit without alerting the guards. there is a path that will allow the group to pick up the key on their way to the exit without passing in front of any guarded doorway. Unfortunately, the corridors are all one-way, so they must walk in the direction of the arrows. Draw a path that shows how the group can make their escape!

  • Hint 1: Start the big escape by following these directions: right, down, down. That path avoids detection by the guards. Now how to get that key...
  • Hint 2: If you followed the previous hint, get the key by going in these directions: right, down, left. All that's left to do is to escape without being seen.
  • Hint 3:After you've followed the hints to reach the key, go in these directions: left, down, right, right, right. Just a little more winding around the rooms to avoid the guards, and then you'll reach the exit.
  • Super Hint: After you've followed the previous hints, go in these directions: up, up, up! From there, you should be able to figure out how to avoid the last few guards on your way to the exit!
Draw your escape route according to this picture.

Puzzle 094[edit]

Name: Policing the streets
Trigger: Talk to Hans
Location: Twisted Light
Chapter: 8
Picarats: 40

Description: Four police officers are assigned to guard duty. In order to maintain peace, the officers must keep a collective eye on every inch of pavement in town. They can see down every road as far as it extends, as long as it remains a straight line. Place each officer on a junction marked with a red X so that they can protect the entire town.

  • Hint 1: Place an officer on the top road at the second junction from the right. This will allow him to keep an eye on several roads, including diagonal ones.
  • Hint 2: Place another officer on the second road from the bottom, at the second junction from the left.
  • Hint 3: Place the third officer on the second road from top, at the first junction from the right.
  • Super Hint: The junction where you place the final officer doesn't have a diagonal road. The Memo function may help you determine which roads are already being covered by the three other officers.
Place the police officers according to this picture.

Puzzle 095[edit]

Name: House Hunting
Trigger: Talk to Maggie
Location: Grand Plaza
Chapter: 8
Picarats: 25

Description: "The houses in this town are numbered from 1 to 88. I asked a boy three questions to find out where he lives:
• Is your house number higher than 44?
•Can your house number be divided by four?
• Can I multiply a number by itself to get your house number?
The boy said yes to all three questions. What is the number of the boy's house?"

  • Hint 1: If you think about it, this puzzle isn't all that difficult. the key is to work out which question gives you the fewest possible answers.
  • Hint 2: Try to limit the number of possible answers by thinking about the third question.
  • Hint 3: Which numbers between 44 and 88 can be found by multiplying a number by itself? There aren't many to choose from.
  • Super Hint: You should have worked out the choices 49, 64 and 81 from Hint 3. If you know which number can be divided by four, you have your answer.
The boy's house number is 64.

Puzzle 096[edit]

Name: Seven Towers
Trigger: Talk to Otaki-San
Location: Grand Plaza
Chapter: 8
Picarats: 35

Description: Seven towers stand on a waterway, each connected by a bridge. One day the towers were tested to see which ones could be reached after crossing exactly six bridges, starting from shore A or shore B. It was discovered that all of the towers could be reached in this way except one. Keeping in mind that the same bridge cannot be crossed twice in one trip, which tower cannot be reached after crossing over exactly six bridges?

  • Hint 1: Use the Memo function to mark off any towers you can reach from either shore in exactly six moves without crossing the same bridge twice.
  • Hint 2: You can reach the bottom-left and bottom-right towers in exactly six moves, so neither of those is the answer.
  • Hint 3:You can also reach the towers on the far left and far right in exactly six moves. That leaves only three towers: the top left, the top right, and the one in the middle.
  • Super Hint: The tower in the middle can be reached in exactly six moves. That leaves only the towers on top right and the top left.
The top left tower cannot be reached after crossing over exactly six bridges.

Puzzle 097[edit]

Name: How Many Friends?
Trigger: Talk to Sean
Location: Quiet Townscape
Chapter: 8
Picarats: 30

Description: A girl is having some friends from school over for a party and wants to share her special chocolates with them. If she gives them out so that everyone has three chocolates each, there will be six left over. However, if she tries to give everyone five chocolates each, she'll be short y six chocolates. How many friends are coming to her party?

  • Hint 1: For these kinds of problems, you need to make some equations. Including the girl, the number of people at the part will be A. Then, if each person gets three chocolates and six are left over, the total number of chocolates can be expressed as 3A + 6.
  • Hint 2: It's not possible for all guests to be given five chocolates , because the girl is short by six. This means that the total number of chocolates can be expressed as 5A - 6. Since both this expression and the one from Hint 1 represent the number of chocolates, we can say: 3A + 6 = 5A - 6 Solve this equation to find A.
  • Hint 3: 5A - 3A = 6 + 6
    2A = 12
    A = 6
    The total number of people at the party, including the little girl, will be six.
  • Super Hint: If you thought the answer was six, you'll have to think again. Reread the question. It asks for how many friends will come to the party. That means you have to take the little girl away from the total. The answer is six people minus one.
5 friends will be coming to her party.

Puzzle 098[edit]

Name: Symbol Code
Trigger: Talk to Tweeds
Location: Descending Path
Chapter: 8
Picarats: 50

Description: All that is known about this secret code is what's written on the back of the piece of paper: "These symbols follow a rule and are listed in order from top to bottom." As shown by the question mark, the sixth symbol of the code is missing. Can you figure out which symbol, A-E, is part of the code?

  • Hint 1: Once you figure out the rule, it would be theoretically possible to create the 100th or 200th symbol in the sequence. Doing so, however, would be nearly impossible!
  • Hint 2: Don't get distracted by the shapes of the symbols. There's only one feature of each symbol that you need to worry about: Take C, for example. It's possible to swap C with the fourth symbol in the sequence without breaking the code's rule. See if you can figure out what features these two symbols have in common.
  • Hint 3: The symbols of this code represent numbers. In order from top to bottom, they represent 0, 1, 2, 3, 4... See if you can figure out how each symbol represents each number.
  • Super Hint: Try tracing each symbol. For most of them, there will be points where you can't go any farther forward. The first symbol in the sequence has none of these end points and represents 0. The next symbol has one end point, so it represents 1. How many end points would you expect the sixth symbol have?
The sixth symbol is D.

Puzzle 099[edit]

Name: A Watched Pot...
Trigger: Talk to Dugen
Location: Excavation Base
Chapter: 8
Picarats: 40

Description: As an appraiser of antiques browsed an antique shop, he was approached by the shopkeeper. "One of these four pots is known as the 9:15 Pot. If you can workout which one it is, the I'll believe that you're a top pot appraiser." Which pot is the 9:15 Pot.

  • Hint 1: These pots do all look rather suspicious, don't they? Look closely at the patterns on the outside of each before you make your decision.
  • Hint 2: There are digital and analog clock, and of course both kinds are capable of showing the time 9:15. How would that time look on either kind of clock?
  • Hint 3: So 9:15 could be a time in the morning or in the evening. Would it change things if this 9:15 were a time in the evening?
  • Super Hint: How would 9:15 p.m. look on a 24-hour clock?
The 9:15 clock is pot D.

Puzzle 100[edit]

Name: Cat Catcher
Trigger: Talk to Hugo
Location: Apartment Row
Chapter: 8
Picarats: 35

Description: A naughty tomcat has been causing trouble all over town. Now he's in spot B, hiding from his owner, who'es trying her best to track him down. The owner starts at spot A, but after she moves, the cat jumps to an adjacent spot. If the owner plans her route well,she'l be able to catch the cat on her fourth move. What path should she follow for her first three moves?

  • Hint 1: The cat's owner has four possible moves at the start. Two of these moves will guide her to the right spot. The key to think puzzle is that the owner will move before the cat. Try to figure out which is the best place to be if you want to catch that cat.
  • Hint 2: The best place to be if you want to catch the cat is in the spot that has the most connections. the cat has a number of positions it could land on by the third move, so the owner should aim at the one with the most options.
  • Hint 3: Where could the cat be after his third move? There are four possible places it could be hiding. once you know that, it should be obvious where the owner has to go on her third move.
  • Super Hint: By the third move, the cat will be at either C, E, F, or H. Regardless of where the cat is on his third move, there is only one place that guarantees the cat's owner can catch him on her fourth move.
She should follow the path as E-F-A.