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It is rumored that the specter's flute was sold at an auction in Misthallery's mysterious black market. Even Luke has no idea where the black market actually is. There is a regular market across a rope bridge, so Layton suggests to go there to get information.

To the black market[edit]

Since the specter last night destroyed Layton's original hotel room, you start the chapter off in Room 301. There are no hint coins to be found in this room, but there is a puzzle. Tap the desk next to the window for Puzzle 022. After that, repeatedly tap the left bed to get the Soft Feather, another object for your collection. Exit the hotel room and talk to Bobbi to get the Puppet Theater minigame. She will also give you three actions for the minigame, "gripped", "slice", and "rinsed". Exit the hotel and talk to the officer outside for Puzzle 023, which will net you the puppet action, "turned up". Move left and talk to Aldus for Puzzle 024, then enter the café and talk to Paddy for Puzzle 025, which gives you the "poured in" puppet action.

Go south until you get to North Ely Park, where Layton will say that he feels like someone is following them. Talk to Clarence for Puzzle 026. Solving it will reward you with the Dream Train toy train course. Before you continue south to the rope bridges, take a detour west. Talk to Jasmine to trigger Puzzle 027, after which you will receive the Bustling 'Burbs tank. Go north and talk to Hugo for Puzzle 028. Now you can continue to the market. You can go west and take Bucky's boat south, or just move there by yourself.

By boat or on foot, make your way to the crossroads. Talk to Finch here to trigger Puzzle 029. Finch says that a nearby factory has been closed down recently, and some of the worker's kids can be found in the market. Tap the souvenir shop in the background repeatedly for another collectible item, the Ceramic Bowl. It could be worthwhile to check out the closed factory. Go east to the library, which you can now enter. Keats is also here in case you have any unsolved puzzles. Inside the library, check the lone black book on the shelf, the white space of the center bookshelf at the back and the paper stuck to the counter for hint coins. Tap the books at the counter repeatedly to find the Rare Tome for your collection. Talk to Olga for Puzzle 030, which will net you the "licked" puppet action.

Move right twice to get to the staircase bridge. There is nothing of interest here other than some hint coins. Check the roof windows of the left building, the bush next to the right building and the top window of the right building to obtain them. Continue east to the factory. Luke says that this factory used to make steam cars, but it was closed down as it was polluting Misthallery's water canals. Tap the lower chimney on the left, the tiny arch of the top right building and the upside down pyramid for hint coins. Talk to Sebastian, who will give you Puzzle 031. Then, check the right wall of the gate for the hidden Puzzle 148. Now, go all the way west to Luke's house. Talk to Beth in the foyer for Puzzle 032.

The children of the market[edit]

Go south from the crossroads back to the rope bridges. Go west to reach the market entrance. Aunt Taffy, the old lady here doesn't sell candy to adults, but she does give away candy to the children in the market. Here, tap the market sign, the top window of the orange building and the yellow lollipop on Aunt Taffy's stall for hint coins. Check the bushes next to Aunt Taffy repeatedly to get the Lithograph added to your collection. Enter the market, then check the blue umbrella, the orange bag in the right stall as well as the vegetables with purple bulbs for hint coins. Talk to Marilyn for Puzzle 033. She'll say that many often ask about the black market, and that its leader is an intimidating man.

Head north to the center of the market. Check the barrel near the right shop entrance, the portrait inside the left shop and the banana bunch hanging in the fruit stall for hint coins. The boy here is called Tweeds, who only talks about Aunt Taffy's candy. Check the fruit stall for Puzzle 034. Continue north and tap the blue framed picture, the red bottle on the shelf and the caps in the right store for hint coins. Talk to Nabby to try to get information about the black market. Once that fails, Layton will guess that the black market is hidden. You can now go to Market East and Market West from both Market North and Market Center.

Go to Market East. This location is notable due to the mice that often appear here. While they very rarely appear elsewhere, they seem to emerge almost always whenever you enter this area, making it a good place to farm mouse badges. Keets is also here for accessing missed puzzle. Check the leftmost square on the window frame, the barrel by the shop and the hanging sign for hint coins. Tap the vines repeatedly for a hidden puzzle, Puzzle 149. The children don't have any useful information, but talk to them regardless. Head to Market West. Tap the tilted sign repeatedly, the lower wooden x below the boy and the blue door at the back for hint coins. Talk to both boys. Badger, the boy on the top, says that Aunt Taffy knows "everything".

Search for Raven Medals[edit]

Return to the Market Entrance and talk to Aunt Taffy. She does know about the black market, but forces you to solve Puzzle 035, which nets you the "simmered" puppet action. Aunt Taffy tells you that Tweeds said a black raven runs it. Go back into the market to talk to Tweeds. Market South appears to be empty, so go to the Market Center. Suddenly, a man in a bird costume appears. He runs as Layton and Emmy give chase, but he is so fast that he can seemingly teleport between doors. At the end of the chase, he introduces himself as the Black Raven, the leader of the black market. He says that you must prove yourself to access the black market, and leaves a note saying to "Piece me back together". You will get Mystery 06: Black Raven.

Talk to Tweeds for Puzzle 036, which gives you the Tweed's Trip course. Tweeds will help you solve the black raven's challenge, and gives you a medal with part of a raven on it. Layton deduces that you need to find three more Raven Medals. Go to Market West and talk to Badger to trigger Puzzle 037, with the "sautéed" puppet action as the reward. He tells you to search for a chimney quartet. Go to Market South and you can see four chimneys on a building in the distance. Tap those chimneys repeatedly for the second raven medal. Talk to the children at Market East, who hints that a medal is hidden in an umbrella. Tap the umbrella of Aunt Taffy's store repeatedly for the third raven medal. Go to Market South and talk to Louise to get Puzzle 038, which will net you the last Raven Medal!

Go to Market North and talk to Nabby. He will give you one more challenge in the form of Puzzle 039. Solving it gets you the Calming Arches tank. Nabby will remove some junk to reveal a hole in the ground leading to the black market. Go down into the tunnel and check the rock below the left lamp, the mossy rock in the water and the right lamp for hint coins. Tap the stream repeatedly for the hidden Puzzle 150. Move left to enter the black market. Tap the sign on the stall with the red roof, the barrel and the hole in the cave wall for hint coins. Go through the red double doors at the back.

The Black Raven[edit]

You will enter a pitch black room. A spotlight activates and centers on the Black Raven. Here, check the section red carpet closest to you, the microphone on the stage and the railing of the window closest to the red curtain for hint coins. Now, talk to the Black Raven. Layton asks the Black Raven about the flute, and threatens to expose his identity if he doesn't. Layton suggests that the Black Raven is actually multiple people, and noted that they made a fatal mistake during the chase around the market.

Puzzle: Black Raven's identity[edit]

This is a very simple puzzle meant to progress the story. Layton will raise some questions and you have to answer them. You might have already figured out who the Black Raven is as well, and this puzzle will help you prove it.

Question: "How did the Black Raven move through the market?"

  • A. He is a world-class sprinter.
  • B. He has some supernatural powers!
  • C. There is some trick, right?

Question: "How did the Black Raven do it?"

  • A. He used springs on his feet.
  • B. Mirrors were everywhere!
  • C. Many people were involved.

Layton will now state the Black Raven's fatal mistake. During the chase, Layton noticed that the Black Raven had candy inside his robe, which was absent when he emerged from another door. You know that Aunt Taffy doesn't sell candy to adults.

Question: "How did the Black Raven get candy?"

  • A. They are children.
  • B. They bribed Aunt Taffy.
  • C. They stole the candy.

The Black Raven is actually an act that involves all of the children in the market. Each of them will wear a costume and hide in different spots around the market to create the illusion of the Black Raven teleporting. The Black Raven in front of you reveals himself to be Crow, the last of the children in the market. Mystery 06 is solved!

The calamity witch[edit]

Crow recalls a flute being sold at the black market, and invites you to the backstage to discuss further. Go through the curtain to enter the backstage. Check the tied up white cloth, the ceiling lamp and the base of the brown statue for hint coins. Tap one of the crates at the left corner of the room repeatedly for the Bad Art collectible item. Finally, talk to Crow.

Looking through the records, Crow discovers that a flute similar to the specter's flute of legend was auctioned off a year ago. A wealthy man called Barde from Highyard Hill bought the flute, but dies not long after getting the flute. Crow also warn of Barde's daughter Arianna, who some say is the calamity witch. Anyone who speaks ill of her is said to be struck by misfortune. You will get Mystery 07: Cursed Witch and Episode 04: Black Raven Day.

Your next destination is obviously going to be Barde Manor. Return to the crossroads. Luke says that Barde Manor is the mysterious building shrouded in fog on top of Highyard Hill. He also mentions Mr. Greppe, a wealthy man who helped provide financial aid for victims of the specter attacks. Luke states that Mr. Greppe often visits Paddy's Place, so go to that café. At Paddy's, talk to Mr. Greppe, the one sitting at the table. He isn't in the mood to talk, and it is implied that he ran for mayor against Clark Triton.

Finding Mr. Greppe didn't yield anything useful, so your only objective now is to head to Barde Manor. Travel to the Apartment Row and attempt to go north. Emmy is uncertain about whether the rumors about the calamity witch is true. For the investigation into the specter, you might find out soon enough...